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  1. Very good post and very interesting to see potential results elsewhere to allow us that seeded spot or possibly Not getting that seeded spot !? Group.G is the group that could give us a chance, you mention GD but as it stands Norway GD is +2 ( x8 goals against Gibraltar removed ) Turkey GD is +1 ( x3 goals against Gibraltar removed ) Scotland GD is +5 ( x1 goal against Moldova removed ) The next criteria after GD is higher number of goals scored and looking at results this has Norway on 7 Goals, Turkey on 16 Goals, Scotland on 12 Goals !! Meaning Norway would have to score 4 goals in that game against Latvia to edge out Scotland if they were tied on points. From group results, Latvia haven’t shown results to suggest they will get pummelled 4 or 5 nil….. Norways remaining two games are (1) Latvia at home, would imagine a home win there and then (2) away in Rotterdam to take on Holland who are starting to look pretty impressive !! I’d imagine and hoping for a Holland win, which would be good for Scotland. This could and hopefully leaves Norway on 14pts with a GD less than ours…. Turkeys remaining two games are (1) Gibraltar at home so 3pts there and then (2) away to Montenegro and as mentioned above Turkey haven’t been great, it took a 99th minute penalty to see off Latvia in there last game! Scotland will be hoping Montenegro take something from this game🤞the last time Turkey and Montenegro played was 2-2 over in Istanbul, so there is a glimmer of hope. So if Turkey win out they will be on 15pts and resign Scotland to being unseeded (if we take nothing from the Denmark game that is) if Turkey slip up away to Montenegro, this allows Norway to finish 2nd on 14pts (if they lose to Holland away) Bottom line, Scotland take 4pts in there final 2 games and we should be seeded but take only 3pts from Moldova then we are reliant on Group.G permutations above
  2. That won’t be too far off the mark ! The only group that gives us a glimmer of hope in possibly getting that seeded 2nd place is Group.G For Scotland to get that seeding, a number of results have to happen !! Scotland beat Moldova and take at least a point of Denmark (this might not be required depending on results from Group.G but typically this game is after we play Denmark) see below Group.G Tuesday 16th Nov - hope Holland beat Norway and also Tuesday 16th Nov - Montenegro v Turkey play each other, which will be decisive! Turkey win they are on 15pts, if Turkey draw then Norway are 2nd placed on 14pts Scotland have the better GD so would edge out Turkey….. Ultimately it’s still in Scotland’s hands and like many have I written off our chances against Denmark at home, possibly 🙁 But I’ll fill my glass back up and say that we will get a result in that final game and the Play-Offs will consist of Seeds : Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Russia, Poland + Scotland Unseeded : Romania, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Turkey/Norway (Wales + Austria )
  3. I can see that now, cheers 👍 Would fill me with fear if we had to take 3 pts from that final game…… Take care of Moldova and we’re one step closer !
  4. By only taking 3 more points would take us to 20 points ( less 6 points ) meaning Scotland would be on 14 points, this guarantee’s 2nd place but doesn’t guarantee Scotland being a seeded 2nd placed Team !
  5. Win our last 2 games and we’ll be seeded Take 4 points from last 2 games and we’ll be seeded !! Sounds easy but that’s about the gist of it…..
  6. There are a few games where 1st and 2nd placed Teams still have to play each other in remaining fixtures, looking at games left to play this is how I think the groups and 2nd placed Teams will be……. Group.A Serbia 17/18 pts Group.B Sweden 18 pts Group.C Switzerland 17 pts Group.D Bosnia 11 pts Group.E Czech Republic 14 pts Group.F Scotland 14 / 15 / 17 pts ??? Group.G Turkey 15 pts Group.H Russia 16 pts Group.I Poland 17 pts Group.J Romania 13 pts
  7. Not TA Specific Can this be moved from this thread elsewhere please…….
  8. 100% Scotland to focus on that 2nd spot and to secure this before the Danes come to Hampden next month! Win our next 2 games a must but if we lost our final group game to Denmark it would IMO leave us unseeded ( most likely 7th as mentioned ) Someone mentioned earlier, if Austria can scrap an away draw in Denmark tonight then they won’t be gunning for that perfect 10 wins when visiting us next Month. However, if Scotland scrap a draw against the Danes (provided we take those 6pts prior) then this would most certainly ensure a Semi-Final at Hampden……
  9. Norway and Russia winning didn’t help Scotland reference seeding for Play-Offs However, Romania winning last night was exactly the result Scotland wanted over Armenia!! Group J will now have one of the lowest 2nd seeds, with Romania being that team I’d say. Romania currently on 13pts can only reach 19pts but 6pts against the 6th placed team will be deducted
  10. So 2 yellows carry forward into the next competive game !?! But this can’t be fair on Teams that have campaigned in a group of 6 Teams 10 games played as opposed to 8 for groups of 5 Teams ?? The chances are greater picking up that 2nd yellow and as a result can’t be fair……
  11. Exactly ! Hammer them both, well more so the Faroes as Goal Difference against the Faroe Islands counts and puts us in a better position 👍
  12. Curiosity got the better of me and I’ve had a look at the groups and forthcoming matches, if Scotland take maximum points in the next 3 games we’ll be seeded (tough ask) If Scotland take 6 points from next 3 games, then we are reliant from results elsewhere in the groups to get seeded!! As mentioned earlier - Groups D, E, H, J ( possibly G) are where we hope for results to go our way 🤞 Tonight Monday Oct 11th x6 results to keep an eye on !! 1. N.Macedonia v Germany ( need a German win ) 2. Norway v Montenegro ( Norway to drop points, unlikely but we can hope ) 3. Slovenia v Russia ( Slovenia win or avoid defeat to Russia ) 4. Latvia v Turkey ( Turkey to drop points ) 5. Romania v Armenia ( Romania to Win ) 6. Estonia v Wales ( Wales to drop points ) Tomorrow night Tuesday Oct 12th x4 results to keep an eye on !! 1. Albania v Poland ( Poland to drop points ) 2. Sweden v Greece ( Greece away win, or take a point ) 3. Lithuania v Switzerland ( Swiss to drop points, unlikely but handy if so ) 4. Ukraine v Bosnia ( a draw is good here ) unusual thing about Group.D is Ukraine and Bosnia still to play each other twice! So 2 draws or both win one each and Group.D is a lower seeded 2nd place Team…..
  13. It’s a given that for Scotland to make the play-offs we need to win the next 2 away games against the Faroe Islands and Moldova, however the trip to Chisinau gives me the fear! If Scotland take maximum points in these games it will leave us on 20pts which effectively means 14pts (points not counting against bottom team in a group of 6) I’ve not included the Denmark game, they are very very strong and a draw at home would be huge (kinda unlikely though) IMO it will be 50/50 if we get seeded or are one of the bottom 4 2nd placed Teams…. The only way I think for us to get a 2nd place seeding is by results going our way from Groups D, E, H, J ( and possibly G )
  14. I have a warm glow inside saying it’s our time to progress out of the group stages
  15. Fingers crossed a 25 man squad also, which may allow Gauld and Patterson to make the Euros
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