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  1. So it’s unlikely we’ll see a 7-0 demolition of the Faroes then ??
  2. Listening to Clarke prior to Israel game - there was a sense of loyalty with him saying fresh legs, 3 games coming close together, fresh legs etc Out of loyalty will he start McBurnie to try get him his 1st goal for Scotland? I certainly hope he doesn’t !! Read somewhere goal difference comes into it and unsure if points against the Minnow Team count but are Moldova the lowest ranked Team in our group?
  3. Ryan Jack confirmed as pulling out of squad, Clarke to get on the phone and make that correct decision. Gilmour welcome to the Team/Squad........
  4. Back on topic, Che Adams must surely start on Thursday night now! McBurnie another blank and frustrating performance and his confidence must be shot to pieces....... Dykes + Adams together up front, or Adams just playing off/behind Dykes
  5. 100% agree with this, Armstrong for me is a starter and on current form ahead of McGregor in Midfield
  6. Is Ryan Jack currently injured + likely to miss all 3 Scotland games or could he potentially return for the last two games ?
  7. I have to agree, Armstrong has been an ever present (more or less) for Southampton this season. Adams + Armstrong starting against Austria would be the way forward
  8. Well, just to say Jordan Rhodes has scored more goals today than Oli McBurnie has scored all season....... Just saying
  9. Jordan Rhodes at it again, another lovely strikers goal I’d have him the squad for sure, not in favour with Steve Clarke but I can see a goalscorer when I see one! Surely Jordan Rhodes merits a call before McBurnie
  10. Cracking goal from Kenny McLean there..... Promising signs our players scoring, playing well and hopefully get through the weekend injury free
  11. Good to here Adams having a good game and also Armstrong chipping in with 2 assists Would like to see Dykes + Adams starting against Austria and Armstrong playing in Midfield
  12. Lyndon Dykes back on the scoresheet again
  13. Lovely goal from Jordan Rhodes And a nice delivery from Barry Bannan
  14. 100% correct with this post, continuing with McBurnie would be futile! His confidence is low and taking a risk with him in crucial Qualifiers is not the answer.....
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