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  1. Haven’t seen or heard of this youth goalie at Celtic ?!? Rory Mahady, I believe he went to Celtic as a 7year old from Burntisland Shipyard. I’m assuming he’s Scottish and has played in Victory Shield but that’s not to say he’s ours…… Manchester City have kept a 'very close eye' on Celtic talent, Rory Mahady, with the Blues sending scouts to watch him on 'several occasions'
  2. Be careful for what you wish for, admittedly they are defo due one from us but at this precise moment/time this is a fight I’d rather avoid……. We’ve got the Home Semi-Final which is Huge and fingers crossed the draw is kind to us, to get some luck and the winner of our Semi-Final to get the home advantage (fingers crossed) Of the unseeded Teams, I hope we avoid Poland, Czech Republic + Turkey Of the seeded Teams, in the same Path as us I’d want to avoid Italy, Portugal and Wales But just happy to have the Home Semi-Final first and foremost, Scotland will be glued to the Tele a week Friday
  3. Looking more and more likely that 15 points with a better GD will get you seeded Haven’t done the Math’s as my heed is hurting with too many permutations but 14pts unlikely to get you seeded now ??
  4. Was looking at that permutation in Group.H and these games are tomorrow night ! Like you say, prey Russia win by 2 goals against Croatia and hope Malta have a heavier defeat than Cyprus do ( Too many permutations ) Let’s just go out and take care of things ourselves and skelp Denmark on Monday
  5. Currently the Czech Republic have 11 pts and +3 GD and Scotland have 14pts +5 GD Can’t see the Czechs losing at home to Estonia in final game !? The thing is, they will know what score line they need for play off seeding, as they play on the Tuesday…..
  6. Never saw that result coming but didn’t realise Haaland out injured which didn’t help Norway’s cause ! Hoping Holland draw away to Montenegro, means they have to beat Norway on Tuesday (good for Scotland) And as mentioned, Wales to drop points tonight
  7. F**k Norway have just scored
  8. In fact, let’s hope Belarus f**k Wales over later on this evening ( fingers crossed )
  9. Let’s assume Belgium beat the Welsh ( fingers crossed ) Then Wales or Czechs can only finish on 14 pts and currently both Wales + Czechs Goal Difference is inferior to Scotland’s when you deduct the Moldova results/goals
  10. Group.G is a 6 Team group as mentioned and results / goals against Gibraltar won’t count ! Living in Fantasy but if Latvia cling on for a draw, Norway lose away to Holland and Turkey fail to take all 3 points away to Montenegro then this would help Scotland secure a seeded play-off position regardless of Monday nights result (I think)
  11. It is accurate but when you take away results/goals against Gibraltar then as it stands Norway’s GD is +2
  12. Tickets now released by SFA for remaining seats around Hampden
  13. Apologies mccaughey85, must have read that in the daily retard ! Appears only x1 cap at U-21 level, won’t be as bad then if he chooses his Mums wishes😉 Watched highlights earlier on BBC Match of the Day - he certainly played well, really well
  14. Haven’t seen the lad play, hearing good reviews about him though ! Scotland could potentially have a richness of full-backs RB position we have SoD N.Patterson C.Ramsay and this lad possibly ?? He has a Scottish Mother, that’s within the rules albeit he has played for 14mins as a sub for Engerland….. Could S.Clarke make a swoop and get him to turn out for Scotland If it’s good enough for England claiming D.Rice after he played for Ireland, then I say it’s fair game for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  15. I see they have represented Scotland at youth level but not made the step up to the U-21’s Not heard much about them or what the potential is ??
  16. But not a current Scotland player in the starting XI Patterson on the bench again, hopefully he gets some game time between now and Moldova 🤞
  17. He certainly seems to be making an impression !! Of all the names being touted, you’d imagine this guy is deserving of a call up.
  18. He may well get a call up eventually/maybe but it won’t be this year! S.Clarke won’t be calling him up for November fixtures that’s for sure
  19. With the USA lifting Travel Restrictions for those double jabbed, I’m hoping Ryan Gauld gets a call up for November’s Double Header ! The date of lifting the restriction is perfect timing to allow Steve Clarke to make that decision and get him involved with the Squad. There are suspensions and potentially players not getting much game time between now and Moldova…… Dykes + Christie both suspended for Moldova as we know Che Adams hasn’t featured for Southampton yet (unsure on his injury) Ryan Fraser got 15 minutes for Newcastle but rarely used and had an okay performance (just) against the Faroes Stuart Armstrong not featuring for Southampton at the moment Billy Gilmour needs game time between now and Moldova Kevin Nesbit getting matches but hardly prolific, thinking he has 3 or 4 goals thus far this season?? I do like Nesbit as a footballer but Scotland can’t rely solely on him with possibly Fraser for the Moldova game! Is Leigh Griffiths worth a call up for this one, I’d feel happier with him than say McBurnie being recalled.
  20. Very good post and very interesting to see potential results elsewhere to allow us that seeded spot or possibly Not getting that seeded spot !? Group.G is the group that could give us a chance, you mention GD but as it stands Norway GD is +2 ( x8 goals against Gibraltar removed ) Turkey GD is +1 ( x3 goals against Gibraltar removed ) Scotland GD is +5 ( x1 goal against Moldova removed ) The next criteria after GD is higher number of goals scored and looking at results this has Norway on 7 Goals, Turkey on 16 Goals, Scotland on 12 Goals !! Meaning Norway would have to score 4 goals in that game against Latvia to edge out Scotland if they were tied on points. From group results, Latvia haven’t shown results to suggest they will get pummelled 4 or 5 nil….. Norways remaining two games are (1) Latvia at home, would imagine a home win there and then (2) away in Rotterdam to take on Holland who are starting to look pretty impressive !! I’d imagine and hoping for a Holland win, which would be good for Scotland. This could and hopefully leaves Norway on 14pts with a GD less than ours…. Turkeys remaining two games are (1) Gibraltar at home so 3pts there and then (2) away to Montenegro and as mentioned above Turkey haven’t been great, it took a 99th minute penalty to see off Latvia in there last game! Scotland will be hoping Montenegro take something from this game🤞the last time Turkey and Montenegro played was 2-2 over in Istanbul, so there is a glimmer of hope. So if Turkey win out they will be on 15pts and resign Scotland to being unseeded (if we take nothing from the Denmark game that is) if Turkey slip up away to Montenegro, this allows Norway to finish 2nd on 14pts (if they lose to Holland away) Bottom line, Scotland take 4pts in there final 2 games and we should be seeded but take only 3pts from Moldova then we are reliant on Group.G permutations above
  21. That won’t be too far off the mark ! The only group that gives us a glimmer of hope in possibly getting that seeded 2nd place is Group.G For Scotland to get that seeding, a number of results have to happen !! Scotland beat Moldova and take at least a point of Denmark (this might not be required depending on results from Group.G but typically this game is after we play Denmark) see below Group.G Tuesday 16th Nov - hope Holland beat Norway and also Tuesday 16th Nov - Montenegro v Turkey play each other, which will be decisive! Turkey win they are on 15pts, if Turkey draw then Norway are 2nd placed on 14pts Scotland have the better GD so would edge out Turkey….. Ultimately it’s still in Scotland’s hands and like many have I written off our chances against Denmark at home, possibly 🙁 But I’ll fill my glass back up and say that we will get a result in that final game and the Play-Offs will consist of Seeds : Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Russia, Poland + Scotland Unseeded : Romania, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Turkey/Norway (Wales + Austria )
  22. I can see that now, cheers 👍 Would fill me with fear if we had to take 3 pts from that final game…… Take care of Moldova and we’re one step closer !
  23. By only taking 3 more points would take us to 20 points ( less 6 points ) meaning Scotland would be on 14 points, this guarantee’s 2nd place but doesn’t guarantee Scotland being a seeded 2nd placed Team !
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