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  1. If you put the lottery on, realistically you're not gonna win but you hope you do? You're saying you hope we don't win/qualify as we dont deserve it. I'd say that's more negative than realistic
  2. You're obviously a glass half empty kind of a guy. IF we qualify we will qualify in the way that EUFA have set out for all slots to be filled. Whether it be by qualification group or nations league the slot there to be filled and if Scotland manage to fill one of them I'm gonna celebrate. You may see it as sneaking in the back door or being handed on a plate. I see it as what it is, a chance (that we earned) to qualify . Exactly the same chance that every other team had at the start of the campaign. You really should try to be more positive and upbeat
  3. Bono79


    that was a potential group of death, it now looks a lot better. What could've happened to now looks a whole lot better. We get through these 2 tough payoffs, then we have 2 home ties against like for like opponents and an away tie against the auld enemy. I've watched enough over the years to accept this as a chance to make up for lost years of missed chances. Negative cants need not reply.... I want to look on the positive side for once.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. Bono79


    Our potential group for euros England France Portugal Chances of progressing?
  5. Hi Davy Can I get 6 seats from larnaca please Ian
  6. Money sent for 3 seats Davy Thanks
  7. Goopti is cheap and easy to, used it for Slovenia.
  8. Looking for one ticket for a late booker. anybody help him out?
  9. Hi maizziessc We were doing this route but now flying direct from Edinburgh. Think it'll be to tight for time. You still risking it?
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