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  1. hi all mates daughter lost her i phone 10 somewher on the trip £100 reward for the safe return.
  2. word of warning a certain gentleman who used to go by the name of piston and broke will also be on this flight on the way out.he has assured me he will buy everyone a drink 😂👍🍻
  3. no glasgow-ams-atalya-astana
  4. emday going via amsterdam on the 19th
  5. will you get a stamp on your passport if you ask for one
  6. room taken cheers stuart
  7. due to late call off i have a spare room in the olympia hotel tel aviv.twin room from wed 10th to sat13th price £250 pm if interested.
  8. we were in the same boat mate managed to get flights changed at a price for thursday phoned hotel in albania they changed the bookin no problem.had the ibis in luton booked and they played hardball they eventuallychanged it at a price.still no email from wizzair workin out about £100 axtra arseholes.
  9. coupon well fuked tday done a single on villa cashed out when they equalised then scored in added on time.😥
  10. allready picked up albainian euros from ramsden cost a wee bit more but less hassle when you get there
  11. killie dumbarton clyde good start 6.3 to 1 long may it continue
  12. we are in same boat flights to luton on the friday and an overnight prepaid in the ibis and hotel in albania from sat
  13. where you seeing this mate 7 of us on that flight have not recieved anything
  14. can anyone tell us the easist and quickest route from luton airport to gatwick thanks
  15. i have returnd and look forward to those who like me ... hello and those who hate me...hello see you in budapest and peru
  16. sheffield derby draw 3coupons 3 wins this year
  17. ive got a sub leavin from faslane takin names from fri.
  18. not on the piss pal just dont tar every one with the same brush.or you bottle will crash quicker than in dublin ya fukin tattie muncher
  19. you my friend are a fikin dick.people like you should be hung drawn and quartered arsehole
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