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  1. Ooosha hooor Davy boy patience of a saint ..... listen neebs if your needing seats I will give up mine ... let me know how many you need to suit the masses ... I am gonna get a taxi bro ... let me know it’s all done ... ... enjoy yer trip bro 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  2. Hi Davie I sent the money ref TAtu T A last week x 3 seats did you receive ok .. Stevie
  3. Davy 3 Seats in total for me now sorry bud.. will transfer cash as soon as you give me the details and you still have seats that is .. Stevie
  4. Hi Davy looking for 2 seats bro .... Might just be a one way trip back down after game but no probs with full payment bro.. regards stevie
  5. Perfect will check these places out before a Thursday .. thanks boys
  6. Am going to be in Vegas for Slovakia game any info on Pubs which are defo showing would be good .. Anyone else there and we could do a meet in same place . S
  7. How much is a taxi coming in at bro rather than the minivan.. It's gonna be 20 euros each on the train anyway ..
  8. Air traffic controllers going on strike as well....baggage handlers are out in sympathy....farmers to set up road blocks
  9. Am up for this bro...only me so 1 place.. I was going to get a taxi anyway
  10. Was looking at trains and there is a train out of Metz, at 8.30 am getting to Luxembourg at 9.23 SNCF... 15 mins in a taxi to airport gets you there before 10 for an 11.30 flight plenty time.... I was contemplating getting a taxi up from Metz if anyone is interested in sharing if not that's the train am on...
  11. Who would be up for a regular fixture at the end of each season with ROI....it would have to be home and away you couldn't wait 2 years to go to Dublin...but then again playing teams regular does bring in a bit animosity....would prefer to play ROI than england ...too much hassle playing those overrated bile spewing '*#!}$
  12. Needing 14 tickets so free beer will be on offer in Dublin to whoever can supply a valid code or codes... All help will be greatly appreciated.... Going either way....
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