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  1. Agree with that. Punishing the consequences rather than the crime. I had said at the time, but I think St Mirren could and should have fulfilled the fixture. The squad wasn’t big enough (they hadn’t filled their bench the previous week without Covid) and they have added players since who will be eligible to play Motherwell.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55681330 I’m sure I’d have said it here at the time? (Who would know football fans to be fickle and change their position?) I was never comfortable with Motherwell being given 6 points and would have preferred to have won them on the park, ... but.... 😂 If we had just replayed the original games, both would have been played in one of the many spare dates available since the original postponements. Ideally the 1st available date. St Mirren and Kilmarnock have both moved fixtures into the spare weekend created by the postponement of Scotti
  3. Agree with that. I’ve made several visits to New Douglas Park and I’ve yet to see an outbreak of football! An absolute abomination of a surface.
  4. I had always thought he was, know he was with the club from a very young age. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Celtic just haven’t tested Rangers bottle at all, and they look in disarray at the moment. They gave Livi at the weekend who are absolutely flying with half a squad out due to the insane decision to fly to Dubai. (I’m guessing due to the incubation period Jullien was probably infected before Dubai, making it all the more crazy that he was anywhere near the rest of the squad given he is injured. )
  6. I think the red card goes against the spirit of the new law, but was probably correct. Curtis Main is getting a red more often than not for his. The best part of it was that Morelos required treatment from the physio. 😂
  7. It’s in the men’s squad too. Although pep had a bit of a cheek to say they were “down to the bare bones” v Man Utd the other night. They were missing their 3rd choice keeper and had a bench including Kyle Walker, Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. 😂😂😂
  8. Delighted with the appointment of Graeme Alexander. Really liked him as a player and his management CV looks pretty good, had success to a point everywhere he’s been. Didnt want a rookie, and wasn’t particularly inspired by many of the others mentioned.
  9. I don’t think they put plans in place. 🤷‍♂️ id say 50% and preferably everyone played each other home and away would be an absolute minimum. Should have been a contingency put in place. eg. Split after 2 rounds of fixtures, or scrap split and play 3 rounds of fixtures and the circumstances under which these would be done... If we had to pause, no reason why we couldn’t come back in either of these ways?
  10. The Motherwell 2 will be snapped up in the next few weeks I’d suspect. Presume we’d be due a decent development fee for Campbell. Gallagher’s stock has probably never been higher, and he’s of an age this is a great opportunity to get a contract that will set him up for life. Feel a bit used with my Motherwell hat on, especially if he tries to force a move to avoid triggering a one year extension. Presume we’ve already offered him improved terms, given he appears to be in the Scotland XI for euros...
  11. The whole thing is a farce from beginning to end. From the postponement of the Hibs game, which it now seems was done retrospectively, to them drinking pints and having hot tubs together. Celtics defence of it is surely a willfull ignorance? There were lots of things that were ok in November that are not now. Had they sought reassurance before they proceeded I don’t think they’d have been given the green light, and I don’t think it’s other people’s responsibility to go back and tell them it’s no longer a good idea. They should have asked these questions themselves.
  12. I quite liked the sound of him, thought maybe his reputation had been tarnished by the number of basket case clubs he’s been at and he could perhaps rebuild it at Motherwell, but Alexander has had far more success albeit at smaller clubs.
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