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  1. How come the 1st goal went down as an OG? Normally only an OG if off target, even though deflection took out keeper. (only thing I could think was an indirect free kick?) (I’d bet Griezman )
  2. Motherwell for the first time in a while have (so far) kept hold of everyone we wanted to keep hold of, off loaded some dead wood and added sone new faces. Aaron Taylor-Sinclair could finally be a suitable replacement for Stevie Hammel, Danny Johnson scored a good goal the other night. Hartley and particularly Tanner returning from long term injuries could be like 2 new players. Motherwell have undoubtedly supplemented their squad, so should have more strength and depth than last season. Got to be looking for top 6, and someone to knock Celtic out the cups for us. All this does hinge on us not losing Carson, Cadden or Kipre before a balls kicked.
  3. This is where my issue is. Most of the posters on here have been to more England games than these cnuts offering opinion on the World Cup.
  4. Anyone see the name of the stadium Celtic were playing in tonight? Mustve felt like a home game.
  5. Because the Europa league is (usually) played on Thursdays. 😛
  6. You’ve got bonfires to build. 😛
  7. It’s great! Getting complacent now, I don’t even check the weather before I put shorts on. Can’t remember such a sustained period of good weather? 2013 was a good summer, but don’t think we got 3 weeks of solid sun and 20^ plus.
  8. Aye, I got the point. Hadn't realised that about Transmit. What a farce. Mandarin bastards! 😛
  9. I think there was a walk up paisley road way on Saturday plus Trnsmit on in town centre, so may have been a police/council decision?
  10. England have finally translated their luck in getting Pish easy qualifying groups into getting a Pish easy draw in a tournament. They’ve got to a World Cup semi final and play a country that have never beaten Scotland.
  11. Despite England’s dominance they’ll have Pickford to thank if they get through.
  12. Raheem Sterling doing his best to keep Sweden in it. Boy’s truly honking!
  13. Depends how much you had on Brazil.
  14. Just seen it. Got little if any of the ball studs in the calf with his leading foot and cleaned him out with the trailing leg. Given some of the relatively soft penalties we’ve seen from VAR reviews, can’t believe they didn’t ask him to look at that one. (Have they been asked to intervene less in the knockout stages?)
  15. Belgium knock out Brazil for a World Cup semi, managed by one of the worst players I’ve ever seen in a motherwell shirt. Missed the game last night, had bet Belgium and BTTS which was a small consolation for what I had on Brazil to win the tournament. For some reason I’ve never found Belgium very likeable as a team...