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  1. I agree. Gaining promotion is something to be celebrated. Avoiding relegation more relief. Cracking pitch invasion though! 😂
  2. David Turnbull got the same penalty for Motherwell v Livi last weekend. Cheap penalty, but one you’d be shouting for if it’s your player. (although we were chuckling when he got it, as it was so obviously manufactured and as a result of the through ball being over hit)
  3. I was actually meaning the correlation the other way. The teams with a poor support don’t have the pressure or expectation to try and play football. Particularly away from home, they can unashamedly park the bus and start time wasting halfway through the first half.
  4. I think there is a correlation between poor supports and poor football. Using Accies as an example, I wouldn’t pay to watch that every season, but also because nobody is watching there is no pressure or expectation to try and play football, they can just shitfest their way through games and if they happen to get a goal they are in with a chance.
  5. 😂 Cheers! it was the “Paisley 2020 stadium” for a while. Old St Mirren park was Love street.
  6. How many apparently life threatening injuries will Lustig get? Will Scott Brown get booked early in 2nd half or get to nail someone after 80 minutes and take the booking?
  7. Do away goals count if United score at whatever the fuck St Mirren’s ground is called?
  8. I don’t like the way hills word their request a bets. I’ve been caught out a couple of times thinking I’m waiting on 3 cards, but it’s worded “more than 3” or 4+ As other bookies call it.
  9. Other than the Scottish cup final where Aberdeen put up a decent fight, I don’t think anyone has laid a glove on Celtic (apart from Kipre on Sinclair....). Hearts are far worse than Aberdeen or Motherwell were, this will be a fairly routine comfortable procession 3-0 and Hearts to get a red card. Hope I’m wrong, but can’t see it.
  10. sbcmfc

    Kieran Tierney

    It is given he’d retired. You get my point. If you can’t get yourself interested in playing England in a meaningful competitive international at Hampden, you’re dead inside.
  11. I was going to get tickets for at least one game, even if we aren’t involved, would seem a shame to have part of the Euro’s going on 20 minutes up the road and not go! Be in the cheap seats though!
  12. sbcmfc

    Kieran Tierney

    Celtic pay his wages, and will want him fit for the Champions league qualifiers in July. So understand him getting the operation ASAP. Celtic obviously rely heavily on him or he would have had the operation already, they played him until the league was mathematically won and then wrapped him in cotton wool for the cup final. I could understand a Hearts or Motherwell player delaying an operation to play in a “once in a lifetime” cup final, but Tierney has played in about 10 already. Not sure how much say he will have in all of this mind you? Although it does come across alongside previous call offs that he’d crawl over broken glass to play for Celtic and can take or leave Scotland.
  13. sbcmfc

    Kieran Tierney

    Even scott brown made himself available for that one.
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