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  1. Hypothetically had he not been at Aberdeen, I don’t think he’d have played for Celtic as he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to prove himself other than a league cup game or 20 minutes off the bench here and there... Christie being sat in the stand hurt Aberdeen more than Celtic.
  2. They’re out on loan because they’re not playing for Celtic, not the other way round.
  3. Celtic loaning players to Aberdeen and when Hibs were in the championship with Rangers stinks a bit. Especially in the Aberdeen case, it strengthens Aberdeen against 10/11 sides. I don’t mind Motherwell taking loanees from England to supplement our squad etc. but wouldn’t be very keen on developing players for other teams in the league. Especially if they can’t play in important games for us.
  4. Mental! Should probably get the jail for that! Its slightly worrying there are guys that mental. 😬
  5. The 2nd video I saw just appears to be Celtic fans dancing with the police.
  6. Scott Brown puffing his chest out at plumbers and platerers.
  7. Macy needs video evidence. I know the huns/tims without a bus fare tag is used a lot, but Airdrie....🇬🇧 section B wank wank wank
  8. 😂 I hope he wants to get fit, but the photos and videos I’ve seen, he’s special teams for FKs and penalties...
  9. Ross McCormack looks like he should be fit by April/May. (If we play him every week)
  10. sbcmfc


    All the add ons i’d been using return few or no results and when you try and open the results you do get, it gives that box thing about authentication if anything at all.
  11. sbcmfc


    I’d originally got a fire stick for Kodi, but as Chripper said even when it worked it didn’t work. Did a job for films and Box sets, but was useless for live sport. Now useless altogether. IPTV is exactly what I was looking for, something even grandna can work for the equivalent of one months subscription to sky/virgin etc. I could do what Chripper does, but I’d spend half my life on the phone telling my wife how to put toy story on and the grandparents would be a waste of time... For a reliable service with a simple interface and support if required it’s good value in my opinion.
  12. sbcmfc

    Childhood heroes

    I got a chat with Stevie Kirk “the white pele” a couple of years ago. I’d tried to approach him after the 1991 cup final outside fir park, but I was only 9 years old and got lost in the crowd. Lovely, down to earth guy. Sieb Dijkstra sent me a happy birthday message on Facebook a few years ago.
  13. Some of the Eleven sports Spanish stuff is available on STV player. Dont think they show all the games, and not sure if it’s available in England.
  14. Seems a strange one. Centre half is one our strongest positions, only lacking some pace with Dunne having a stop/start season, which I doubt Reynolds brings nowadays? Cadden is also out injured. Doesn't seem a very good deal for Motherwell in the long term or Aberdeen in the short term.
  15. It’ll be a throwback to when Rangers we’re out the top flight. before Brendan Rodgers arrived. Supply and demand, there’s more people interested in watching Celtic (or Rangers) v anybody than watching a good game.