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  1. I’m delighted Rangers lost, but it makes me more annoyed that Motherwell lost, what an opportunity now for the remaining teams. (Although valid point from elsewhere, I don’t like half our current squad, so wouldn’t have picked this lot to go down in history... bloated squad of absolute dross!)
  2. Always felt Rangers (and Celtic) were more interested in one up over each other than progress in Europe, with any success greater than lasting 1 week longer than the other deemed a bonus, but with the league wrapped up, Rangers can really focus on their Europa games, while any opponents if they got through may have eyes elsewhere... Sparta Prague have an amazing home record, so not a bad start, wouldn’t be surprised to see a good game at Ibrox. Every chance they’ll go through.
  3. A comparison is probably your local high street. Rangers and Celtic are Asda and Tesco, the rest are your local butcher, baker etc...
  4. According to Douglas park, Rangers winning the league is: “I am at a loss as to what more Rangers Football Club could have done to limit the reaction to winning our historic 55th league title. It has been widely accepted amongst the football family that this is one of the greatest modern day sporting achievements and I believe that this should not be downplayed.
  5. It doesn’t matter though. They shouted it loud enough, it’s now fact. 🤷‍♂️
  6. I say this often, Rangers FC and their support just shout things loud enough and often enough that even their more moderate supporters presume it’s true and nobody else can be bothered arguing with them. 🤷‍♂️ Rangers half arsed stay safe messages and tannoy announcements are completely negated by the actions of the players and staff hanging out dressing room windows, going to the gates at full time, partying with fans at the gates of Murray park... I also can’t get my head round some of the things that went on at the weekend in the context of the Killie/stmirren issues earlier in the season, where they were punished (although punishment was later reduced) for players car sharing and sitting too close at lunch, while Rangers players are car sharing and dancing about the training ground car park drinking beers together... 🤷‍♂️
  7. Interesting reading, my boys team (2013s) were separating the boys into 2 groups, the good players and the rest. My boy was in the 2nd group, and I never had a problem with that (there wasn’t a 3rd group (copyright John Gaghan)). They stopped doing that, think some parents were grumbling about it, but I thought it was better to let the weaker players play together at their own level and build their confidence, some of them improved significantly with the extra time on the ball etc, rather than them daisy picking while the better players played around them. I can see the politics and trying to keep everyone happy is an absolute minefield. Fair play to all the folk that give up their time to do it.
  8. Agree with that. Frustrating for tomorrow night we will be without more players than St Mirren would have been for the original fixture, the difference being they had all these players unavailable as they were not following Covid protocols. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Some of them are long term, like Carson, Fox, Donnelly, Dunne, but was reported as 18 on Saturday, with O’Donnell returning from suspension. Showing 11 on the official site.
  10. Interesting that Motherwell could be without as many as 17 players for tomorrow nights St Mirren game. The St Mirren game that was called off due to their Covid breaches and them not having a big enough squad to fulfil the fixture as a result, the one that the SFA/SPFL wasted 3 months of free midweeks deciding what to do with, then planned in the busiest spell of the season.
  11. That’s clearly mental, but is it more mental than the theory that the SFA/SPFL/Mhedia are running a conspiracy to stop Rangers; the self proclaimed “most successful team in football”?
  12. I should have said a true reflection of how partisan the commentary was. 😂 He obviously wouldn’t say it live on air, saves that sort of chat for cultural evenings. 😜
  13. Saw this after the game, and thought it was quite funny (and true) 😂
  14. That’s not the case, the new rules are not as straightforward as you suggest RH. It always had to be deliberate, but the definition of deliberate had become so warped they brought in this nonsense about being outwith the silhouette or whatever the rule is. A black and white hits your hand or not would remove the grey area, but leaves an opening for players to engineer handballs, blasting the ball at players waist high from point blank range.
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