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  1. Theoretically anybody below Premiership level shouldn’t be paying anybody much more than £37k per year. While there’s a lot of uncertainty, if the government job retention scheme is as straight forward as it sounds (big IF) clubs should be covered to pay their employees. I know Dundee United’s owner (? American guy??) basically admitted they had gone all-in on getting promoted this year, so they will need to go back to the well (no apostrophe!) but otherwise clubs have a fair chunk of the 19/20 season money already in the bank, and can cut costs until football starts again.
  2. Would it be covered by the government scheme? Obviously the majority of players wil earn a good bit more than the £37k cut off, but it would help. Aberdeen had 4/5 home games left and the majority of the tickets will be season tickets that are paid for. Where’s the £5 million deficit? Is this projected for next season?
  3. Rangers haven’t played St Johnstone at home yet...
  4. I can’t see that. Truncated, but not cancelled.
  5. Spot on. Should be cracking crowds at the 1st games back. Straight in with an old firm too. 3 months of build up, everyone like a coiled spring, it will be carnage. 😂
  6. We have the added luxury of there being a variety of options to shorten next season. Where as in England etc there’s less scope. Play a 33 game season, play everyone 3 times. Or play 22 games, split, then play twice post split (gives 4 x old firm, which will suit some).
  7. I find that hard to believe. What sort of crystal ball have they got. How can a group who would sit on their hands in their office at Hampden while it burnt to the ground waiting on somebody to tell them what to do make such a bold decision. Even worst case scenarios September is a long way off!
  8. Even if it’s in September, I don’t see why we couldn’t complete the season when things start to return to normal. Having a transfer window and contracts ending isn’t ideal, but I’m sure some sort of temporary relaxation of transfer windows could be agreed to allow contracts to be extended. The idea of completing the UEFA comps with one off 1/4 and semi finals, postpone the euros, can the league cup all seem sensible.
  9. Co-efficient points gained this season will still stand. 👍🏻 😂
  10. 😂 I don’t think they’ve thought that part through.
  11. In typical fashion I could be a complete cunt, and they’d restructure the leagues and deny Huddersfield town their rightful place saving Motherwell again. 😂
  12. Aye, I was there for a Scottish cup tie in 1993, we used to get and fill the bottom tier of the broomloan. Mccoist scored a late winner to do us out a replay. edit: it was michailachenko in 1992
  13. The Liverpool one would be hilarious. They want it so badly. If they void the season it would’ve been funnier if Rangers were clear leaders from a Scottish point of view.
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