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  1. Feyenoord better in 2nd half, but Rangers still getting a lot of openings. If they want 3 points, they need to punish these mistakes. Rangers better hope the UEFA delegate is Campbell Ogilvie, or deaf. 😂
  2. There is nobody in the frame for that job, as Craig Levein has it and is also in charge of his own succession plan, but he thinks he’s doing a great job. 😬 Stories that Stephen Robinson is being eyed up are nonsense too.
  3. I agree that the view from behind the goals at hampden isn’t as bad as folk make out. and anyone that offers parkhead as an alternative has clearly never been as an away fan!!! Napoli tonight showed that even with a running track and plenty empty seats you can still create an atmosphere if there’s something to cheer for.
  4. Looks a great idea, can’t see it happening. The upcoming euros would’ve been the perfect opportunity to push something like this through. Ultimately there’s no payback, people will still go and moan about it. Theoretically it would free up some land behind either goal, but can’t see how they could really use it for anything that would generate funding or ongoing income.
  5. Seems a strange one. Wouldn't have thought training while away with your country would be particularly intense on the fitness side. Truth maybe lies in the middle. Ryan Jack has been eager to impress and pushed himself further than he should, would seem a logical explanation.
  6. He does appear to have a knack for pulling out a result when he needs one.
  7. Defeat in the Edinburgh derby next weekend will surely be the final nail in the coffin for either boss? Heckinbottom possibly has slightly more goodwill in the tank, but Levein is the guy who decides if Levein gets sacked... 😂 I would like a line up of all the journalists who tipped hearts and hibs to be in the top 5 in the league to defend their position. As I doubt even their own fans were confident?
  8. While apparently having a pop at Steve Clarke for his handling of Ryan Jack, that’s almost like he’s playing to the “stick your tartan army” loyal...
  9. Really impressed with our performances against Hibs and Hearts. Two teams that “experts” pretty much unanimously tipped to be above us. (Based on fuck all, as I said either or both of them could end up bottom 6 dependant on Killie, as both are utter dog shit and signed a load more dog shit in the summer, although I’ll admit Livi have surprised me with a pretty strong start). #the’wellarecoming #goingfor2 😜
  10. For half an hour. 😂 We seem to be getting up to speed now, have added a bit of depth and have settled on a starting line up.
  11. 3-2 flatters Hearts. Motherwell absolutely rode them. 2nd goal worth watching sportscene for. Some strike, in off the underside of the bar giving it that extra wow.
  12. Halkett hasn’t started life at Hearts particularly well and Shankland appears to have shat it to have another crack at the premiership or England by signing for Dundee Utd. Shankland could be one for the future? Griffiths was bouncing about Dundee and Hibs at a similar age...
  13. I see pasta Mick has covered my guesswork. 😂
  14. Must be a few in the U-21s? I’m not sure, but I’d guess some of the boys at Motherwell went to Braidhurst? Campbell, Scott, Turnbull... Turnbull the only one likely to trouble the full team any time soon.
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