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  1. Sure I’ve heard the same story attributed to Jimmy Johnstone buying the fish suppers on the way back from away games.
  2. Great memories of supporting his Ireland team at USA ‘94 when nobody else was there, Tommy Coyne at a World Cup was really exciting as a kid, the first ‘well player to play at a World Cup. Seemed a real character and decent bloke.
  3. I don’t think they like being called that? Partick thistle or thistle, but not Partick. Don’t know the history, Maryhill thistle doesn’t have the same ring, but it’s miles from Partick....
  4. They probably have a rivalry with Airdrie? They’re pretty inoffensive.
  5. I think there’s a generational thing with the Lanarkshire derby. I grew up with Airdrie as our local rivals, Hamilton have never really been on my radar. The young team all seem quite into it, but still think it’s a bit one sided like calling Partick thistle and Celtic the Glasgow Derby. 😂 My dad grew up in Motherwell and think there was a bit more fighting between the towns themselves in those days (mid-late 60s).
  6. Motherwell sign Chris Long. Really impressed with the squad Robinson is building. Decent strength in depth. I think we can challenge Rangers for 2nd place. 😜
  7. Hearts are a laughing stock, giving 4 year contracts to 32 year old professional whingers that are made of glass and have been fit for about 20 minutes in the previous 3 seasons. “Finishing” bottom of the league with one of the highest wage bills in the league, Craig Levein still hanging about like a bad smell hiring and firing his replacements and now the absolute straw clutching attempts to stay in the league they stank out for nearly 2 full seasons.
  8. Motherwell only started contact training last week. League has to be finished by August 3rd.
  9. Aye, sign a short term deal, get released in September, left in limbo for 3 months.
  10. The summer leagues will have their European entries picked from last season. Presume the other countries were a good bit ahead in the easing of lockdown? Without the resources of the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga or serie A I just don’t think it would be possible to have completed our season in time. If you can solve the UEFA/European entry problem, I’d probably rather have finished last season in August and September then start a new truncated season after a week or 2 break, but as time has gone on, so many other factors come into it, players contracts etc. The Sky deal, there are too many reasons why it just wasn’t realistic. Teams can’t get promoted/relegated in September and build a new squad, as even if we relaxed our transfer windows other countries wouldn’t. I wanted to finish 19/20, but it’s just not realistic and hasn’t been for some time now.
  11. I’d look at league one and below in England or France as counter examples. A lot of the similar size/standard leagues are in Scandinavia, not sure what they’re doing and what stage they were at in their seasons?
  12. I don’t think they could possibly have had it done in time to give UEFA the participants for Europe. Remember full contact training only started last Monday for most clubs. I don’t think they went about it properly, but ultimately stumbled upon the correct decision.
  13. To be fair the huns are constantly seeking out agendas. Even if it means just making shit up. 😂
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