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  1. Louis Moult more realistic I’d have thought, apparently he’s been given the number 9 jersey at Preston, not sure if that means anything these days mind you...
  2. He’s been on the fringes of the 1st team I’m sure?
  3. I had taken that as a form self policing.
  4. I’m not, Ive never attempted to put the Motherwell support on a pedestal, and I’ve never heard anyone come out and say Motherwell have the greatest fans in the world.
  5. I’d never hold Motherwell’s support up as an example, there’s some idiots follow us, like every team. If you have to go back 15 years for an example maybe we’re better than most.... I’d still be disappointed if that happened and certainly would t be a part of it, although I don’t remember hearing about it at the time. I wouldn’t have started dishing out kickings, and don’t feel the need to apologise for the behaviour of others just because they support the same team as me. That said, it’s disappointing and hopefully 15 years on these people are a little more enlightened.
  6. You’ve taken my point out of context. You seem to have homed in very specifically on the racism element. A Celtic fan giving another Celtic fan a kicking at a game is more likely to be 2 bams off their tits than some sort of self policing. This self policing certainly wasn’t evident at Sunderland last season or when seats were being ripped up at fir park.
  7. Probably down to personal experience. There’s more bad blood between Rangers and Aberdeen. Celtic have trashed the south stand at fir park twice. I think Hearts fans would probably argue the assertion too as they have more bad blood with Celtic (that’s definitely 2 way mind you...)
  8. The only reason Celtic fans would give other Celtic fans a kicking at a game is because they’re off their tits. I think Scotland fans overplay the self policing thing, but to suggest that Celtic fans are self policing is ridiculous. I can understand how a Rangers fan who mainly goes to Ibrox could be slightly ignorant of how scummy their away support is, but Celtics away support is not far behind.
  9. sbcmfc

    league cup

    I always think the punishments handed out for these admin errors are a bit OTT, in many cases it has little or no impact on the game. Having said that, they have plenty precedent to hammer Hearts.
  10. What would people wear to the Orange walk?
  11. Away support? probably. 😛 Rangers seem to be getting a wee bit of UK media attention probably off the back of Gerrard (and the lack of other football), Talksport had their game last night. Would be a shame from a Rangers point of view if rather than capitalising on the potential that comes with the extra attention they were judged on the actions of morons like the one highlighted. Although maybe it would be a good thing, as the club themselves seem quite happy to pander to this element of their support, and nobody up here calls them out on it.
  12. Lee Wallace filmed that. 😛 *stolen patter
  13. How come the 1st goal went down as an OG? Normally only an OG if off target, even though deflection took out keeper. (only thing I could think was an indirect free kick?) (I’d bet Griezman )
  14. Motherwell for the first time in a while have (so far) kept hold of everyone we wanted to keep hold of, off loaded some dead wood and added sone new faces. Aaron Taylor-Sinclair could finally be a suitable replacement for Stevie Hammel, Danny Johnson scored a good goal the other night. Hartley and particularly Tanner returning from long term injuries could be like 2 new players. Motherwell have undoubtedly supplemented their squad, so should have more strength and depth than last season. Got to be looking for top 6, and someone to knock Celtic out the cups for us. All this does hinge on us not losing Carson, Cadden or Kipre before a balls kicked.
  15. This is where my issue is. Most of the posters on here have been to more England games than these cnuts offering opinion on the World Cup.