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  1. There’s no precedent to suggest old firm games lead to trouble in and around pubs, or Rangers fans having an adverse reaction to being told they can’t watch something on a big screen (too soon? ) 😜 I think the idea of socially distanced sat at a table with members of yours and maximum one other household, wearing a mask to move around, socially distancing, hand sanitising... all sounds perfectly reasonable and enforceable. Good luck when someone scores or whatever. 😂 There’s already “COVID police” going round the pubs round my way. I reckon every pub would be shut by half time.
  2. At least one of the pubs near me is debating not opening or not showing the game. Difficult decision as they could be full to capacity from opening until closing.
  3. I didn’t realise Gallagher was as old as 30. To be fair Peter Hartley would make anyone look young, and he’s only 32. We would’ve got a better sell on for Kipre if it wasn’t for Wigan being in admin. Agree with most of what you say.
  4. I really rate Gallagher, I think on form he should be in the Scotland squad ahead of McKenna. To be fair, I see Gallagher week in week out and only really see McKenna up against better teams either old firm or Europe on tv, international or against Motherwell. 😜 You’ll undoubtedly have the opposite perspective and opinion to me. I do agree about the attributes he has. Look at Kipre now in the EPL and Bevis Mugabe could well get a decent gig down south too, if not quite at that level. Good luck to Aberdeen if they get £3 million for McKenna and well done to them on holding o
  5. I hate seeing it, but the majority of players would’ve gone down in those circumstances, although possibly not as dramatically.
  6. Who the duck is buying McKenna? i don’t get the hype. Declan Gallagher has been a better player over the last 18 months, Motherwell finished above Aberdeen last season, dealt with them in 20 minutes today.... 😜
  7. I’d say we have half a chance at home if we get past Be’er Sheva, which I’ll admit is unlikely.
  8. Aberdeen aren’t seeded, sporting Lisbon are, but they base the draw on seed progressing as it’s done in advance. Not sure if that clears it up any? Each country has a base co-efficient, but clubs who have played in Europe in last 5 seasons will have their own (presuming it’s greater than the base).
  9. We do seem to collectively have a habit of losing to teams we should be beating, without ever winning against the odds. Aberdeen have taken a couple of half decent scalps, and st Johnstone beat Rosenberg, but didn’t follow it up. Otherwise there’s been far more banana skins than underdog victories. Perhaps Aberdeen have the experience now? They seem to have come through the 1st 2 rounds pretty comfortably. Good luck to them, maybe I am just seeing the name, read about their availability issues.
  10. The one legged ties definitely open up more shocks. Amongst the Scottish football European hall of shame there’s a fair few disasters that were averted in the 2nd leg. Lincoln Red Imps v Celtic and Motherwell v Llanelli immediately spring to mind. Coleraine last night just stuck 2 up front and went for it in the 2nd half, which they wouldn’t have done in a 2 legged tie. Yes, Celtic are playing the champions, but the champions of Lapland, Kazakhstan and the faroes. Aberdeen are playing sporting Lisbon.
  11. Celtic’s route to the champions league Groups was probably an easier route to a group stage than Motherwell, Aberdeen or Rangers given the “champions path” which I believe this is the last year of.
  12. Aye, we’ll struggle. Aberdeen are out. Rangers have a chance, beaten teams of higher calibre than Willem II in last few seasons, need a kind draw today.
  13. Should say despite my criticism of Motherwell's performance last night, Coleraine were no mugs. They beat Maribor in the previous round and played ok. Motherwell looked a class above them in the 1st half and probably thought the job was done. 2nd half and extra time was poor against a tiring side, but I don’t think either of their penalties should’ve been given, and any team conceding 2 penalties is up against it.
  14. We were pretty honking for chunks of last season too. Seem to be very streaky under Robinson. We had a decent squad, so I was quite excited, but as the signings have piled up, it’s very much a case of quantity over quality. We seem to sign 3 players for every position rather than one good one, or Maybe we just sign guys who are available and fit certain criteria regardless of what position they play? Guys like Tony Watt are clearly talented, but do I want them in the trenches with me? Too many guys who can turn it on when it’s easy, but disappear when we’re up against it. Rang
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