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  1. Did the kits not go on sale today? Possibly a stroke of marketing genius...
  2. Disappointing lack of social media videos of them getting battered by the Spanish police.
  3. The Rangers fans deserve credit to, I was amazed they had found something to rhyme with “we’re on our way” that didn’t involve the pope or IRA.
  4. I missed KO, did Celtic turn on the disco lights? Some result for Rangers, thought they’d get pumped!
  5. sbcmfc

    English football

    What was the atmosphere/police presence like at that? Couldn’t believe the police presence at the train station for the game we went to at the den. Would expect Leeds would take that up a level.
  6. I don’t know why anyone would try and defend it. I forgot about the main stand at firhill, it’s probably in the mix too, but at least the view is good and the roof covers all of it.
  7. I’d think 6 points against Rosenborg should be Celtics 1st target and if they can pick up 4 points from their other 4 games they can sneak through. If Villarreal take it seriously, and recent history suggest the Spanish sides do, Rangers will get pumped.
  8. Yes and pittodrie is the worst in the top flight, just pipping parkhead. At least the facilities in parkhead are ok. Cappielow was probably the only one I’ve been to recently that’s comparable.
  9. Kenny Miller loses his appeal. (rightly in my opinion) He appears to have forgotten he was no longer a Rangers player.
  10. £26 for ‘well fans at Pittodrie on Saturday. Is that the going rate these days? (the family prices aren’t horrendous to be fair) The facilities in the away end at pittodrie are a throwback to places like Brockville and Broomfield. Folk complain about paying £25 to watch competitive internationals and they’re charging £26 for that shit hole.
  11. Yes, my mum is early 60s and falls into the “shat it” category.
  12. Nice words. I wonder if many people would vote differently tomorrow, especially with the clusterfuck that is Brexit. Anecdotally the staunch appear to have got stauncher, perhaps in response to a perception that nationalists were pretty vociferous and remain so. I’m not particularly into politics, but I struggle to get my head round folk who are so entrenched in their view that the SNP are bad they’ll vote Tory. Working class folk from Lanarkshire voting Tory makes no sense. (Especially if it’s based on Nicola Sturgeon having a shite haircut or Alex Salmond being a chubby narcissist). While I get unionists not liking the MO of the SNP, surely it’s obvious that in most cases the SNP are genuinely representing the interests of Scotland. Anyway, I expect some of the folk in the middle who “shat it” to vote yes might have regretted that decision since.
  13. sbcmfc

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    True, but as someone pointed out earlier, how many of those 60,000 are going to 20+ club games a season too.
  14. Yeah, think it was him being too keen rather than malicious, but as you say, probably a red. I was more alluding to the point, if it gets downgraded to a yellow is it still a red anyway??
  15. I see Kenny Miller is to appeal his red card. Surely best case it’s downgraded to a yellow, which would’ve been a 2nd yellow anyway...