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  1. Going to watch that Pish if you’re a rangers or Wrexham fan would be pretty sad. 😂
  2. The thing is, the most vocal staunch “Rangers Da’s“ will completely ignore this. I think this is the answer below???
  3. He’s very Hibsy! 😂 Make a great saves, but make sure you push the ball towards the penalty spot.....
  4. Is it not the case (I’m claiming no knowledge or insight, I read it here or twitter) that HMRC are just not pursuing the charges, as ultimately it’s pointless, as there’s fuck all in the pot anyway, so it’s a waste of resources to fight it?
  5. Hope you’ve permed them. 😂 I’ve got Motherwell top 6 Dundee Utd win Leicester top 6 West brom promoted. Sunderland win. Sunderland letting the lot down just now, so hoping they can put a run together, but got any 4 from 5. Did Motherwell win (without OF) West Brom win Atletico Madrid win la liga aswell, 1st time I’ve had any sort of cash out option come November. Usually I’ve got 2 or 3 fighting relegation. 😂
  6. Dundee United are certainly going all-in on promotion this year. Heard the American owner speak on sportsound the other week. All sounds fair enough, but he was pretty politician like when it came to what happens if they don’t get promoted, as it’s clearly unsustainable. Should they get promoted, he reckon costs will stay the same as they are effectively running as a premiership outfit just now, but obviously they will see additional income elsewhere. There does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel for Dundee United.
  7. They’ve dismissed every story as lies for 7 years, but this one is definitely 100% fact. 👍🏻
  8. I’m thinking more of John Kennedy, I don’t think they’d stand in his way. I might be wrong? Is it normal to pay compo for a member of coaching staff? Celtic must owe is a fortune, they’ve been poaching our academy staff for 20 years. 😜
  9. You’d expect Celtic wouldn’t stand in his way if he was offered the job and wanted to take it?
  10. That is beyond sad! Who has that much time on their hands? Why do they quote the EFA rules?
  11. In my opinion. I’d imagine it’s mentioned when negotiating a contract.
  12. Matt Ritchie is probably the point you’d draw the line on that. Used Scotland for his CV to further his club career. Has shown zero interest for a long time, and not to sound xenophobic, but he’s not even Scottish.
  13. They won the 1919/20 Scottish cup, but don’t think it refers to that. 😂 Each to their own, as long as it’s not offensive. People might have loads of girlfriends, maybe a couple of wives, but they’ll only have one football team, so if you’re going to permanently mark your body, kids or football team probably the safest bets.
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