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  1. They’re a strange breed the old firm fan, permanently raging at everyone and everything. Your old firm twitter snowflakes tagging every mental health charity, the police, CSI Vegas and Tom English into their rants like a school kid telling the teacher. 😂
  2. I’ve also come round to Sutton, yes he rubs people up the wrong way, but he genuinely tries to big up the Scottish game, even when he’s doing English stuff like BTs Saturday afternoon results show. Apparently Sutton has always been a wind up merchant, I think most folk have learned how to take him, it’s all a bit of panto.
  3. Griffiths appeared to be aiming a “shoosh” gesture at Boyd after his goal, as Boyd had said something a few weeks ago. Along the lines of Griffiths having 4 weeks to save his Celtic career, which is a fair comment I think. Griffiths has grabbed his opportunity with both hands and can understand why he’d want to GIRU Boyd. Boyds rant in response was very ironic, given despite all the records he broke, he could undoubtedly have made more of his ability, but appeared happy to be a big fish in a small pond and never kicked on to the next level. (Apparently he scored the same amount of goals in old firm games as Lee Naylor, El Kadouri or Ugo Ehiogu 😂 ). His twisted stats and ignorance to Griffiths off field issues also show him up as a hypocrite. It seems that old firm one upmanship is more important to Boyd than anything else. Otherwise I’d have expected him to have empathy And support for Griffiths.
  4. I was shocked Griffiths had apparently played so few league games. Is it league starts Boyd is quoting or just complete made up nonsense? I always felt Boyd was at his best when he was trying to prove someone wrong. He had a great run after he chucked Scotland, he’d have probably got a few more caps if he’d shown the same commitment before he chucked it as he did for a spell after. Which made his comments a bit hypocritical other than the other obvious problems with it.
  5. What channel is Aberdeen v Motherwell on? 😜 Kidding aside, presume there will be a stream available somewhere? Interesting game.
  6. Aye, that’s a great story. I think the zero tolerance is about removing any ambiguity. Seems a bit OTT but means there’s no excuses or grey area.
  7. They stopped the “ray winston” adverts by banning them before 9pm. We now have 815pm kick offs in the EPL, meaning the 1st ad at half time can be live odds for the 2nd half. 🤷‍♂️ Football and TV companies are obviously being weighed in substantially!
  8. I meant to add, in my opinion there are a handful of posters who are probably trying to keep the place alive by generating discussion by asking stupid questions or pushing folks buttons to illicit responses. However it’s back fired, as that’s basically the only content and it hurts my brain reading it. 😂
  9. I wonder if the regular posters here (myself included) are just dinosaurs, clinging on to an outdated form of online discussion and debate. The main Motherwell forum is slow these days as well. There’s not even a thread about tomorrow’s game yet. The only time it livens up is when we are shite and folk start calling for the managers head. 😂 Im not a big fan of twitter, it’s toxic and every football story quickly gets dragged to the same gutter point scoring garbage. Facebook appears to be for illiterate morons and old people. Im too old for instagram Im going to need to start doing work during the day and speaking to my family of an evening. 😱
  10. Did he bet on the Ladbrokes league, Betfred cup or William hill cup? I don’t often agree with Ruth Davidson, but she has a point on this. Unless he was betting on Accies games, it doesn’t really matter for me. Fair play to him for owning up to his problem.
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