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  1. Murder how disinterested a lot of folk are! Scotland and the SFA have given those sorts plenty ammunition over the last 21 years!
  2. I genuinely feel we have enough guys who can score from midfield to be ok.
  3. Fair point on both counts. It does seem he’s being played regularly while not 100% for Celtic, but they pay his wages. (Given when there season started he’s effectively played a full season already!) I’d have been happier to see him play tomorrow and be allowed to go back to Celtic rather than travel to San Marino. If he’s not fit for Thursday, why risk him on Sunday when he’s needed less? If; as is being suggested, Mcleish is making concessions, surely they’d be for San Marino? We need the strongest available line up tomorrow. We should be able to put together 3 teams that can beat San Marino.
  4. Just a pillar short of the parkhead experience for away fans. 😛
  5. The Scottish cup final is maybe a fairer comparison then? Yes, our clubs are more reliant on the gate money, doesn’t justify the prices though when it’s over £30 to go to tynecastle.
  6. £26 I think. Both of which are more expensive than the Scottish cup final was. Prices are not in line with the standard of football and facilities in Scotland. You can go to Man City or Newcastle for a couple of quid more.
  7. While I agree with some of what you say. When Celtic (and Rangers) come to fir park I don’t see any evidence of this heavy handed policing you’re subjected to. In fact they appear to be allowed to do whatever the fuck they like in and around the ground. In my experience I’ve found its over the top stewards getting involved with wee arseholes over something petty that creates a problem and the police need to get involved after the situation has escalated...
  8. I’ve seen the video of a steward whipping down a tri-colour and a boy jumping down from above the exit to try and retrieve the flag. Its fairly standard for flags to be moved if they’re covering adverts, somebody has paid to have that board their, and the cameras are there...
  9. Missed opportunity from Rangers, Aberdeen and Killie to close the gap with them looking like dropping points again.
  10. I’ve only seem that one and stills of the Morellos incident. Goldson one was arguably a bad enough tackle for a red and also looked like the boy was one on one with Mcgregor, admittedly from an angle. Its utterly laughable that Rangers fans believe they get a hard time from Refs, the SFA and the media. All the more so when it’s coming from the manager. Morellos blaming refs for his complete lack of discipline in one of the red tops today aswell. 😱😂
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-boss-steven-gerrard-blasts-14146285 The familiar story of a manager on his last legs. Always cheated never defeated.
  12. I think the whole point of that song is that the fans singing it are not interested in the pope or the queen as religion and politics have no place in football. Very different from singing something like: ”we hate catholics, everybody hates Roman Catholics” However any clamp down will end up with jags fans or whoever getting done for singing their dirty.
  13. Aye, I think generally if there’s contact they seem to get the benefit of the doubt. Although how someone placing a hand on your shoulder causes your legs to stop working I’m not sure. Not to defend the cheats, but if Refs start giving penalties to players that try to stay on their feet, they might stop going down so easily....
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