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  1. Yeah, we have plenty of time, so wee run into Bologna, something to eat, train down to Rimini, hotel check in.... Clean vest, splash of old spice out to play.
  2. Wondering if their are enough folk arriving early on Friday 22nd March, to make it worthwhile organizing transport. Three of us arrive at 9.50am from Manchester....No probs bus into town and train down to Rimini, comes in approx. £20 / £25, but slow train takes over 2hrs....Goopti transfer is looking for £22 / £27 for times around 10am to midday for bus from airport to Rimini..... If their were enough arriving between 9am and 10.30am...may be possible to sort out a 12 / 18 seater minibus and driver. Will also post on McTartanface facebook.
  3. Aye, I hope the SFA don`t go down that road this millennium or any other.
  4. I asked him in the Berlin boozer if he was Bristolhibby..No big deal, will cross paths in some obscure boozer in some even more obscure city.
  5. Trying to get in touch with Stevie, from Bristol area, we met him in the big bar outside Berlin SFX airport, waiting on out flights to Israel. Forgot to ask at Ben Gurion. He goes to all games. Just trying to see if he is going to Kazikstan.
  6. The Turkish Airlines route seems a good deal...5 hrs time difference.... Still be quicker than Albania...
  7. Manchester / Charlois.. Tuesday...Weds. Ryanair early both ways..£38 return, 24hrs there and back...Been a few times, so treating it like a home game ( live in Blackpool, cheaper to Belgium away than at home!!)
  8. Getting there easy, getting home a pain....Tirana brilliant, bookie / bars everywhere ( surprise )...Never felt unsafe at anytime...The Duff Bar for getting us inside and staying open all night on the Thursday, owner was rewarded Friday by being stowed out all day / night....The wee random down stairs nightclub found at 3am, where the bouncers asked if we had any guns...And when we went in, welcomed like returning heroes, only Scotland fans in the place .. Once in, a corridor lined with a bar, huge measures..No rip off prices, bonny lassies getting us auld yins to throw some moves ( heard that is what jigging is called now )...Daylight when we left...Could not find it Friday, did it really happen???? but have the photos.....Overdid it? yes, but never out of hand, and respected everywhere. Only thing was in 6 taxis I seemed to know city better than the drivers..But cheap and eager to point out their history.
  9. They are shocking neebs...I had 2 flights changed to impossible times re-connections..You will not get an answer or email reply from them unless very lucky....I got alternative flights myself. I got refunds from them a month later....Jump on Ernest Airlines or Alitalia and sort it out later.
  10. Assuming the staff are in the hotel anyway...Why not earlier on the Saturday, the majority of punters will be heading at that window. Re Haifa, SFA staff were an hour late getting there, nobody had a clue where the tickets were to be uplifted Israelis or SFA security that turned up, and their was nothing to do for an hour. We had nipped out to stadium, get ticket then back to town for a few. Lead booker picking up, worked well in Israel, reducing numbers. They should take our views on board. Ps I have my home end ticket sitting on the fireplace. that took 2mins to print off.
  11. Two more heading up on Sunday morning , flight 12.50pm to Stanstead if that ties in with anybody. We are hotel right next to big roundabout town centre / 5 mins from stadium.
  12. A thanks to DavyP...Booked 8 seats for Shkoder end of last week, after change of plans..Then another hiccup, 2 going on different routes due to flights. And not going on bus either way. Davy refunded these 2 payments. No questions asked. I am sure he could be mortal all year in Tirana if the troops he has sorted bumped into him. Wee bar below the Jolly Hotel looks like our base camp..He will be made very welcome.
  13. Re Jailers post about Living Hotel, 3 twins booked months ago by neebs ,we are split between hotels, he has mailed both hotel and booking.com. No replies..But not to fussed, cheaper hotel deals still there and the Star Hotel has a bar called Minge below..Perfect base camp just off the square. More fannies than usual that week.
  14. I am on Ernest... Milan / Tirana Thursday morning at 6am.....Been a pain booking so far in advance, Easyjet changed flight times, Blue Express same, 4 flights changed. I cannot use a flight back from Milan, as no flights over from Tirana to connect.....Now flying home via Belgrade and Brussels. At least get a long lie in...leave at 3pm arrive Manchester 9.35pm. These wee airlines have a pretty poor history when it comes to this.
  15. Why do the SFA /SSC just forget about it. And ask the the Albanian / Lithuanian / Slovakian associations, for a good IT person, they could sort it from their own desk, with a coffee and a garibaldi. And our points would be added, email our seats we have selected, take payment. All in two minutes. And maybe get that discount from JD Sports that I could never trigger. At least I have an home end ticket for £7, for a non member. Who will enjoy the trip, the game, saving £50 by not joining the SSC.
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