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  1. The Bunnet

    Israel tickets on sale

    Took 1 minute, took first class delivery option at £2....general admittance it said on site. So would imagine so sit / stand where you want..Like most away games.
  2. The Bunnet

    Home End Tickets.

    After them winning last night, no matter the result on Monday, the match could mean something. Especially if they get something in Israel. But do agree we should be fine.
  3. The Bunnet

    Home End Tickets.

    Because I am stupid...I probably have enough points for a ticket. But a few going in our group will not. And we got home tickets for Lithuania / Slovakia no probs. So I was just having a wee test. And it was so easy and quick I bought the bugger. Will print it off and maybe someone is a bar in Haifa will add to their collection.
  4. The Bunnet

    Home End Tickets.

    Tickets on sale for Albania v Israel. 1500 Lek plus 45 Lek booking fee. ( £10 )..Elbasan....I registered and bought one. Took 2 mins ( SFA take note ). E ticket ready to be printed off. Paper ticket you scan barcode. Same as Trvna / Vilnius...On another note, ticket for sale Albania v Israel a roond poond. Will email it straight to you.
  5. The Bunnet

    Anybody Staying in Haifa...

    We arrive Weds very early, bit of a kip then breakfast, maybe heading to Morgans Bar. We have apartment nearly opposite the main train station. But open to suggestions like above.
  6. The Bunnet

    Tickets Arrived.

    After years of £7.50 postage, went for the £2 option. Arrived this morning. Its a Fife thing!!!
  7. The Bunnet


    9 of us Fifers split between the Living Hotel and the Jolly Hotel. Both very central in Tirana mins from each other. This is a trip / country that everyone of us looking forward too...Going to get the flag on the Pyramid......
  8. The Bunnet


    Under £30 judging by the ticket tout websites. They are offering tickets all areas of the Sammi Ofer Stadium for Scotland match at £28/£30. ( doubt they even exist, yet!)
  9. The Bunnet

    Nations League

    24 teams take part in Euro 2020...Finish first or second in your Euro qualifying group, qualified! You do not take part in Nations League play offs, even if you win your group, you are promoted to next tier for next tournament. Scotland`s case up to group B......Draw in December 2018, either a group of 5 or 6 teams...Double headers in March / June / Sept / Oct / Nov. So possibly 10 games that matter in 2019, great after the droocht of this year so far.... I think we will be 3rd seeds.
  10. We arrive at Ben Gurion at 3am Weds morning the 10th Oct...Return flight 6am Friday morning....We have hired a car from airport and are driving up to Haifa and returning straight after the game from stadium to airport...…...Two places available, we are okay waiting till 5/6am for folk to get into Ben Gurion....As game finishes near midnight, driving down to Ben Gurion for 3am...If no takers both ways, happy to sort something out lift there and different folk back...Wee donation for petrol and a bacon roll..... We intend Weds on the bevvy in Haifa, Thursday nip out to Bethlehem / Nazareth....bit of culture. Few beers and game..( JD driving, tea total on matchday, no worries there.)
  11. The Bunnet

    Albania v Scotland

    If you can get cheap flights to Milan / Rome / Venice, most Italian cities...and their are plenty.. Blue Express flies daily to and from Tirana, 90min flight times and £60/£70 each way.
  12. The Bunnet


    Take it with a pinch of salt...Tickets with areas on stadium map on plenty of ticket sites. Coming in at £28/£30..Not that we will go short ticket wise... Maybe points to possible price for away tickets, when they do go on sale.
  13. The Bunnet

    Hotels when flight arrival is about 5am

    No, Berlin. ( Manchester / Berlin, Ryanair......Berlin / Tel Aviv, El Al. ) Opposite way back..Was under £200 including leg room seats. 4 hour flight through the night. Get a decent kip. Booked months ago.
  14. The Bunnet

    Hafia train no more!

    Ignore above post..lines to north of country closed time of match. But trying to figure out the alternative on Israeli Rail site....
  15. The Bunnet

    Hafia train no more!

    This trip is turning into a pain...because flight out is 6am Friday morning...Everything fine. Train down from Hafia was easy, 1.30am direct to Ben Gurion airport arrives in plenty of time. Now no train running from Hafia until the Sunday. Going to have to take the hit on apartment in Hafia and sort out Tel Aviv and davybus..never easy.