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  1. I started this thread only to say IF we qualified...IF....we could probably expect more tickets, and with home advantage might have a daft wee chance of progressing.... And qualifying this way is not a backdoor in...Every team knows the criteria and bigger countries do not worry as the majority will be there....As a PS...Scotland missed out way back in the day I think because the SFA would only go to a WC if they won the home internationals....Though not 100% on that.
  2. You have a bee in your bonnet neebs..I have not belittled or been disrespectful to anyone. I just think we have better players, whether they want to wear the jersey or play for some of our previous managers is a different matter...I go to Scotland games now, hoping to win not expecting to win. Trudged out of far to many grounds in far away countries and Glasgow saying, thats it, I am done,,,Only for a (more recent examples) McFadden wonder strike, Griffiths free kick (both) or an Skirtel og...To forgive them till next time.. .Lets agree to disagree on my optimism.
  3. Thanks for the replies that can see that I am not for one minute saying we will qualify...It is a huge IF.....Usually we are resigned to our fate of sitting at home watching it on the telly long before March...This time around we have a wee back door in, and we have to go for it... Are our players not any better than Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland who did well last Euros. I believe they are. But they have had better managers. I am not a blue tinted specs, feathers and badges going on campaigns man. I am a Pars fan and Scotland fan... I have double dose of misery to look forward to every year. In 1998 my pal said to me in Paris, enjoy this while you can, cause it will not happen again for many a long year...He had seen what was coming through, and he was right. And he still goes!
  4. Wee bit sad when a bit of optimism is shown as some daftie who does not have a clue...while I respect Doahdeers opinion. It IS Norway for F*** sake or Serbia...I know wee struggled against Israel, I was there in Haifa..Tearing my hair out..If I had your outlook I would not have even bothered renewing my membership or buying a ticket or heaven forbid forbid bought flights to both venues.. ( which I have)..And I am a low paid working gadgie......I just feel things will click and we will qualify. And so it seems do 40 odd thousand so far... If it goes tits up I will be as scunnered as every Scotland supporter...And their probably 5 million plus of us... And if I bump into you in Belgrade or Oslo you can buy me a pint when we win ( hopefully ) And I hope its Oslo...the price will ruin it for you...kidding....Ps posted after a rather nice night out..
  5. Ffs dohadeer...Do you read the post...I know we are mince. But we are our mince. I am lucky to have been to World Cups and Euros following Scotland. I, like thousands more. I have had that kick in the baws feeling far to may times...But the few great times cancel them out.. I am more worried aboutt Israel at home than any game that follows. Simple IF we beat Israel we can or should just go for it against whomever in the final..... My post was trying to show we do not want to miss this party in our own back yard, and not been allowed in. And that IF we qualify, big IF..We may get a few more tickets and guid games, And why do you think I think, I think I am one of those cretins above. You would hard pushed to name 3 more annoying dick heads.You are watching to much Match of the Day, and not for a while it seems.....And have you looked at Serbia and Norways results. They are at our level... Ps I aint one of your happy clappers, if we are crap I let them know..
  6. I have had a wee look around official sites...IF we qualify. we have 3 great games to look forward to. And a win and a draw should see Scotland progress to next stage.. Only realised that top two qualify and 4 best 3rd placed teams also qualify from 6 groups do so. Re tickets. SFA should get 12,000 for Hampden and same for Wembley. Based on English FA site, they have breakdown of their ticket allocation and goes further showing their allocation further down the line. For games at Hampden Dublin etc. FA is selling tickets to their supporters club membership first. As it seems most nations are doing. Not going to be cheap. Unless their are a few £30 tickets..Can see 3 match package costing a couple of hundred quid minimum. If SFA had 12k tickets solely for supporters. Then two thirds of members would be sorted. Though no idea if they take a whack off for debentures/sponsors / association clubs... Well ahead of myself and lets take care of Israel first...
  7. Booked Manchester/Oslo return 30th /1st £60...……….And Liverpool to Belgrade £50 same dates( Easyjet via Geneva)….Coming back via Dortmund /Dusseldorf.....Around £150 total covering all the bases.. Stay in a few Friday nights, paid for....At least we will know before Israel match where we are going. And after a glorious one nil last minute victory. Plenty will be trying last minute flights... I think even losing a couple of flights, will save a few quid.....
  8. Did mine in Manchester last week, it took less than 5 mins including finger prints, paid for speedy, and here today. The consulate was the smallest office in centre of city. Wee Russian guy was brand new, and spoke better English than me.
  9. Try a month before neebs.
  10. Looks like a few of us will be there, so watch each others backs..
  11. Two of us on the early out Tuesday and back early weds..Same gig, got hotel but just to wash the face and change the y fronts...an uber could work fine that early..but going to probably book the bus.
  12. Yeah, just a thought, 4 sharing is not so painful, Will probably book bus as above.
  13. Any one doing Manchester to Charlerio Tuesday 11th June arriving 10.15am..Fancy sharing a taxi or minibus..Takes an hour less and would only be a few Euros more than bus or tram / train option if four or more. Two of us, so more the cheaper...
  14. Yeah, we have plenty of time, so wee run into Bologna, something to eat, train down to Rimini, hotel check in.... Clean vest, splash of old spice out to play.
  15. Wondering if their are enough folk arriving early on Friday 22nd March, to make it worthwhile organizing transport. Three of us arrive at 9.50am from Manchester....No probs bus into town and train down to Rimini, comes in approx. £20 / £25, but slow train takes over 2hrs....Goopti transfer is looking for £22 / £27 for times around 10am to midday for bus from airport to Rimini..... If their were enough arriving between 9am and 10.30am...may be possible to sort out a 12 / 18 seater minibus and driver. Will also post on McTartanface facebook.
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