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  1. To answer ur question not many. The original poster said Harry kane was talking outta his ass. Its proven that England had 7 players involved. All regular England players. Thats nearly a third. Which is nae bad
  2. Agree but these players are key players. Stones walker foden are all important to city. As is sterling though not lately. Chelsea have mount as a key player. James is also a regular at fullback. Having a few players is better than none
  3. Dortmund have 2 atleti have 1 but ur right and thats only because the epl is rich. French Portuguese players have to go abroad because their own leagues can't pay top wages
  4. England have players at City Chelsea man utd Atletico Madrid dortmund arsenal Liverpool spurs. Im not looking to shit stir but Scotland only have 3 players at top clubs
  5. I would imagine ur wrong. Chelsea, City , man utd spurs all have quite a few English players
  6. Isn't that true of every top club. Real Madrid benzema Modric kroos varane. Barcelona messi lenglet etc. Juventus ronaldo de ligt Bayern lewondovski hernandez.
  7. Sterling foden walker stones odoi james mount Abraham. Better than ur gilmour delusions
  8. You didn't make ur post clear. Now I understand what u meant. Me and Taylor are not the same. I am on here to listen to u Scots discuss football. Personal abuse doesn't bother me in the slightest
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