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  1. Came bout the Bridge by accident (Swedish/Danish) cop series, i got hooked on episode 1 by the no nonsense Swedish detective Saga Noren, i need to meet her Have now finished all 4 series and loved it. Swedish Danish with english subtitles well worth a watch.
  2. All is well my friend, however i do not think i will be splashing out on a trip.
  3. Have you been on the website? I bought a couple of baseball hats for the grandsons. I took a look at the travel packages jeezo!
  4. If it's as good as the last time we were there you can drink and eat anywhere and have a fantastic and cheap time.
  5. I've had a look at Faroes and Moldova. Quite decent prices at this time and tempted to book as i will get an easy cancellation incase fans are not allowed in. Just a pity I cannot find the hotel we stayed in when we last visited Chisinau, it was meant to be the top 3/4 star hotel in the city at the time. The balcony was hanging on for dear life by one or two strands of metal, the wallpaper was peeling off the walls because of the damp. You could feel the damp when you got into your bed and you were offered ladies of the night when you got to your floor. When we arrived via the charter flights
  6. Now we know the draw and the match days. Has anyone started to book flights, hotels etc whilst we are still in CV-19 Situation?
  7. If there was a handball there then i missed that, and there is no way a ref would red card a player for deliberate handball in that scenario, you have to deny an obvious goalscoring opportunity (DOGSO) taking into account direction, distance defence control. It would have been his reaction to the foul given and i reckon some fruity words.
  8. Foul and abusive language is still a red card offence. Whether aimed at the officials, opponents, own team and supporters.
  9. Pfft! i do that at every water hole! Alas the ball never makes it all the way across. 😄
  10. It's time to come over to the dark side? I joined a Vet's team at the time they changed the age to 35 and over, thought no problem i can stroll through this like Beckenbauer, nope ended up blowing through mae erse. Next step Army referee course have not looked back 61 and still doing it and loving it.
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