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  1. Posting here as well as TA Specific.I need a ticket for the Denmark game for a fellow TA member, anywhere will do.
  2. Long shot, If I can I require a ticket for the Denmark game for a TA member. Will take anywhere in ground. Thank you.
  3. P.S, meant to say that there is a Tartan Army Group on faceache which I believe has a thread about pubs in London for the game.
  4. I have used the Maple Leaf in covent Garden for sports, it has many TV's and have always put various games on at the same time.
  5. Lone sniper, thanks for the information.
  6. It'll be tanned by the time the bus arrives in Torshavn!
  7. Not an expert but you could try the Faroes FA website and see if you can purchase a ticket through there, also search for their fan board and ask the question on there. Good luck.
  8. Anyone on the Atlantic flight from Copenhagen on Mon 11th departing at 19:05 arriving at 20:20. How are you getting into Torshavn?
  9. I have a flight and hotel booked for the Faroes, the closer it becomes the more inclined I am to cancel it due to the hassle and trying to think of a worthy reason to get into the Islands. Moldova now all booked up and sorted with my group.
  10. Watched Bruge against PSG last night and thought Hendry and his defenders done a great job on that front line , Mbape, Messi and Neymar.
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