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  1. Can’t see us beating Serbia or Norway tbh.
  2. Only 24. Will probably end up at a bigger club unless United get promoted. When did Griffiths make his Scotland debut? Probably older than 24.
  3. I actually think Stevie fletcher should be starting for Scotland up top in the play offs... if he fancies it.
  4. Shankland will improve by being in and around the squad on the build up to the play offs. At least we have another option now.
  5. Get McKenna back fit and tierney and we should win the next 2 games too (hopefully).
  6. I think jack could be a shout with mctominay. Maybe mcginn further ahead. Shame Armstrong isn't playing much because he does have decent quality.
  7. Yeah if you look ROI starting 11 today they are solid through the middle with not much flair and they get the job done most of the time. Problem is do we have anyone to make us more solid in the middle and on the wings?
  8. There's no1 else at that standard.
  9. Marshall Tierney McKenna Cooper Robertson McTominay Mcginn Forrest Christie fraser Griffiths I'm hopeful mckenna and cooper can form a solid partnership during the play offs then at the euro's 🙈
  10. Make Tierney captain! Get McKenna back into centre of defence with Cooper, Mctominay back in midfield with Mcginn, Play Christie as number 10 and play one of Griffiths/Naismith/fletcher up top and we may get through the play offs.
  11. Sacking him would be worse I reckon. We need to keep him for these play offs. It's not like there's a whole list of folk dying for the scotland job.
  12. Majority of that list aren't "missing" Would be nice to have Fletcher, Griffiths, Naismith, Mckenna and Tierney to pick from due to our struggles in these positions but atm we don't.
  13. Remember the toxic atmosphere in San Marino... Hampden could be worse on Sunday 🙈
  14. I would rather just forfeit the play offs to save further embarrassment.
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