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  1. That would be my team also with only thing up for debate in my mind is Fraser or Forrest.
  2. Nice to see griffiths back on the pitch.
  3. If McGinn is worth 50 then celtic could probably get whatever they want for him.
  4. I disagree. If you have retired then you can eff off in my opinion. Every player knew we had these play offs coming up. It's not like it's a shock to anyone we are 2 games away from the euros. We've known for a while now. You cant just pick and choose what tournament you want to play in. We have a bit of momentum now with the players we have. If you've officially retired from international football then there is no way back in my opinion.
  5. Griffiths, naismith and Fletcher in the play off squads would be not bad at all. We will see though.
  6. Wouldn’t start him but would have him in the squad.
  7. Steven Fletcher banging one in. Wonder if he'll put his name in the mix for the play offs.
  8. A player who knows where the net is is good enough for Scotland.
  9. A big scottish influence in this game! Mcburnie might not be pleasing on the eye but he knows where the net is.
  10. I don’t think Fraser or even Mctominay are certains to start now
  11. I like the positivity. We will go away with a game plan. I guess if everyone does their job on the day then we have a chance.
  12. Oh well thats all that over and done with. Onto 2024!!
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