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  1. No way shinnie and/or mcrorie will be starting against England. We will just need to adapt.
  2. Mctominay and mcgregor are of a far higher standard than shinnie and mcrorie. Shinnie or mcrorie against England would terrify me.
  3. We need all the quality we can get our hands on now. Paterson, Turnbull, forrest will all be in the mix for a call up.
  4. The anchor man role is now a worry. Not sure who is capable of playing that role against England.
  5. Griffiths is done. No way he will be in the euros squad. He's not to anything recently to suggest otherwise.
  6. I fit and firing forrest will surely be at the euros!
  7. Forrest starting for celtic. Interesting to see if clarke will pick him for euros after potentially only playing a few games this season.
  8. They are probably at decent odds for the euros. Maybe worth a cheeky bet.
  9. Jack will come back into midfield and Clarke may keep Mctominay there.
  10. In normal circumstances an away draw against our bogey team would be good. Obviously disappointing we didn’t play the first half the same as the second.
  11. Kyle Joseph at Wigan seems to be getting a lot of transfer attention. Not seen anything of him though.
  12. Marshall Hendry Hanley KT SOD Mctominay Mcgregor Robbo McGinn Adams Fraser
  13. Missed Jack tonight which would have allowed McGinn to be further forward from the start. Getting Nathan Paterson into the squad to replace O’Donnell is probably more important than fast tracking Gilmour.
  14. Can’t really complain too much about the first half. Playing a team who are ranked 20 places ahead of us is shown by the control Austria have had. If we stay solid we could nick something in the second half.
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