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  1. He's the Leeds captain so could maybe do with those leadership qualities at the back.
  2. Reports are clarkes trying to get Liam Cooper in. Wouldn't be against this. I would take Cairney as a squad player and I think Fletcher should be starting up top. Also imagine he will be having a word with Snoddy to come back.
  3. Its now all about those play offs in a years time I reckon.
  4. McGinn is quality for Aston Villa and will be in the EPL soon. Not sure why he doesn't perform for Scotland.
  5. I still think armstrong is quality. Not sure why he doesn’t feature in a poor Southampton team.
  6. That should be good enough to qualify.
  7. Disagree. Shinnie and Macdonald are a level below.
  8. Israel beat Austria 4-2 not so long ago. Maybe they aren't so bad. Christie and Mcgregor both performed against bundesliga opposition. I'm not saying they are world beaters but they have decent quality. I would rather have these players than not have them.
  9. Christie looked good in the nations league.
  10. We have Tierney, Robertson, Fraser, Mctominay, Mcgregor, Christie, Forrest, Mcginn. Not all of them play well for Scotland but they certainly play well for their clubs. A good manager can change this. To say we don't have the players doesn't cut it with me.
  11. If Armstrong ever starts a game....
  12. I agree with the team but i think Ryan Christie offers something that no other centre midfielder does.
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