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  1. As long as we have Mcginn, Mcgregor, Jack, Armstrong, Christie, Mctominay I'm happy enough with that.
  2. Just saw a clip of him looking slightly injured in the warm up.
  3. Yeah that’ll be it pretty much. I can’t think of anyone else apart from under 21 players who featured previously. Least we now have a settled squad and shape going into the final.
  4. Mctominay starting in centre mid for man United.
  5. KT starting. Think it’s at left back but we’ll see.
  6. Hope Hornby makes it. He’s certainly looked good for the under 21s.
  7. Mckenna might not find it easy to walk straight back in... Gallachers worth his place. Mctominay and KT alongside him. Crazy that it looked like mckenna and cooper were our first choice CB'S and now potentially neither could play in the play off.
  8. 2nd half was good and at least when we do go a goal up we don't look like conceding.
  9. Serbia playing tonight against Hungary who are ranked around the same as us.
  10. Ye but the nations league is the reason we are in the play offs. I was meaning the play offs is included as part of the nations league tournament.
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