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  1. Seems to be a lot of emphasis here on the striker role but we do have midfielders and wide men who can score goals too. A striker who can link up the play is just as important as someone who can hit the back of the net.
  2. He's already been quoted saying he doesn't forget the players who have done well for him in previous qualifiers. If players have fitted well into his system and way of thinking in 2 or 3 matches then that could be enough for them to start in the play offs.
  3. Mcgregor class again today. Would always have him in my scotland 11.
  4. Most are probably happy to be at Aberdeen although Joe lewis is a decent keeper.
  5. Maybe you should watch some football rather than just assume then come back on this site at a later date when you have an opinion of players that folk will take seriously.
  6. Mcburnie has only scored 4 goals for Sheff united though... Any player banging them in at any league is in contention. That's where we are at as a nation I'm afraid.
  7. Because I think Griffiths offers more than Mcburnie.
  8. Maybe you are being slightly biased towards the EPL. There's no way Mcburnie should be ahead of an in form Griffiths. I'll take your point on palmer he's made that position his in own the last few games. Bournemouth and fraser haven't been particularly good this season.
  9. Haha nope but I have watched celtic recently and Griffiths is looking good. Link up play and finishing. Europa games are coming up. The old firm performing well in those can only be good for us.
  10. Any 2 of Hanley mckenna and cooper isn't too bad I guess. Hanley and cooper both captains of their club too.
  11. Exactly Hanley is playing against players every week who are far superior to what any of our other defenders face.
  12. Tierney and mctominay both back in training so here's my team atm. Marshall Tierney - McKenna Hanley - robbo Mctominay - McGregor forrest - McGinn - Christie Griffiths
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