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  1. John Souttar looked decent from what I saw and still only 24.
  2. With the captain also a right back it will be pretty difficult for him to get into the team.
  3. Ye it’s a no brainer trying out the kids. Means you don’t have to fork out for any full backs now.
  4. Calvin Ramsay getting rave reviews from dons fans last night. Only 17 and a right back thankfully.
  5. Lewis Ferguson double. I’m sure he will be in the scotland reckoning at some point.
  6. Exactly. There’s a chance paterson might not get any game time at rangers. If hickey is playing for Bologna then think he should get a call up.
  7. Yeah I liked Denmark. A lot of their players just tired towards the end, some limped off. Doubt they’ll be doing that against us.
  8. Absolutely. I don’t think dykes and Adams will work against any side. It’s like playing with 10 men. We looked best in an attacking sense when we had Fraser playing off Dykes (our last meaningful win) and he could also have played Fraser playing off Adams.
  9. I’m keeping my eye on Kyle Joseph this season coming. Oops maybe I’ve jinxed him already.
  10. Dominating the midfield is all very well but then there’s still no pace off the striker. The wing backs we have are just full backs - they can’t finish. I would like to see us going 1 up top with pace/finishers either side like Forrest/Fraser/Christie. Would mean going to a back 4 though.
  11. He definitely needs to ditch it for certain games. We had more creativity on the bench than on the pitch in the euros.
  12. Nope but we still need to make sure we secure at least third in the group.
  13. That’s a Taylor comment right there 😉
  14. Finishing 4th would be unthinkable in terms of ranking and seedings for future qualification groups.
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