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  1. Hi Davy , sorry for the delay , money and details sent
  2. Hi Davy , We've got one SSC guy without a ticket due an ordering cock up , is it too late to get one of your tickets ? , i know it's mega late on it was just a thought , instant payment is no problem
  3. 35 quid to join the SSC and get a Scotland end one
  4. Troyka Hotel just south of the river , ten minutes walk from Red Square
  5. How do you know they’ve informed UEFA ?
  6. It's in the rules , it's not advisory . They're choosing to ignore it , whether they'll get fined or whatever who knows . Doesn't help us though
  7. The SFA could always do something useful and ask them or UEFA to get their finger out their arses
  8. i got one from Sochi wanting to discuss payment this morning
  9. Yup , ridiculous since they must know by now , they announced the Kazakhstan game a week before the deadline so hopefully this week , their twitter feed is a pile of fanboy shite I’ll be glad to dump it
  10. We're in some dump Hotel Siru near Rogier metro , hotels seemed pricey in the centre this time
  11. The Kazakhstan game was announced with a week to go to the 120 day rule ,hopefully ours will be the same . It's in the UEFA regulations so it's as much a rule as any other one . Whether they'd get any kind of punishment if they didn't adhere to it , who knows
  12. And prices starting to climb as the Russkis faff about deciding where the game is 😡
  13. They've dragged Kazakhstan halfway across Europe to Kaliningrad and San Marino / Cyprus to far flung places too , they seem to be wanting to use those WC grounds , but SP/Moscow you'd think would make sense given the large travelling support we'll take . Hopefully announce it before we go to Belgium
  14. Probably be lying in a skip in Brussels when it gets announced
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