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  1. Such is life , never easy following Scotland as you know , just hope we beat Israel πŸ™
  2. Aye not if you've paid to move your flight to sunday 😩
  3. Serbia might take us to Novi Sad again that won't help the allocation
  4. Booked return flights to Oslo , 180 quid . onward return flight to belgrade 90 quid , free cancellation hotels in both places , hope to feck we beat Israel
  5. Wonder how the SSC will get tickets out to us for the final if we make it
  6. Hi Davy , sorry for the delay , money and details sent
  7. Hi Davy , We've got one SSC guy without a ticket due an ordering cock up , is it too late to get one of your tickets ? , i know it's mega late on it was just a thought , instant payment is no problem
  8. 35 quid to join the SSC and get a Scotland end one
  9. Troyka Hotel just south of the river , ten minutes walk from Red Square
  10. How do you know they’ve informed UEFA ?
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