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  1. They've dragged Kazakhstan halfway across Europe to Kaliningrad and San Marino / Cyprus to far flung places too , they seem to be wanting to use those WC grounds , but SP/Moscow you'd think would make sense given the large travelling support we'll take . Hopefully announce it before we go to Belgium
  2. Probably be lying in a skip in Brussels when it gets announced
  3. Not yet , can't believe they've not announced it yet . Might book mon to sat if its some place outside Moscow . Don't fancy booking Moscow then finding out it's in St Petersburg . Interesting wikipedia has Belgium down as playing in Moscow but no venue for us yet
  4. Got your play off tickets for sunday yet ? i hear the club made an SFA of it ....
  5. We had tickets among the Anderlecht section last time , no bother at all getting in , even saw guys in kilts in our bit
  6. What evidence suggests that McInnes is even remotely suited to managing at international level , whether Rodgers recommends him or not ?
  7. Maybe realistic having seen our previous campaigns get spiked before they get started umpteen times has that effect , but you continue happy clapping - good for you . 4 points from Russia , suffering Jesus , have you watched Scotland at all ?
  8. Who are you kidding ? Even 3 out of 6 from Russia we're still well off the pace , having been humped by Kazakhstan , wouldn't even bank on us to beat Cyprus pre Belgium . No way are Russia dropping more points than us , we're done . Play offs are the only chance , and that's a big if
  9. Seem to be plenty official tickets left , maybe even the ever optimistic TA have reached breaking point
  10. We need someone in to try to improve us before the play offs , this campaign is basically just friendlies now
  11. Yeah meant to be a bit of a shithole
  12. Russia playing Kazakhstan in Kaliningrad , guess that's one we can rule out
  13. Only if those bell ends at the SFA are taken there and left too
  14. Damn you , when this jumped I thought the venue had been announced , if they want to keep it easy it might be Kaliningrad , don’t really fancy it though 🙄
  15. Yes , because keeping the very few Celtic fans interested in the Scotland national team onside would make all the difference
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