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  1. No way will the sfa be working today in any capacity
  2. Looking likely to be now , hard to see them getting a sales schedule organised and sending them out all before Seville
  3. Doesn’t really inspire confidence does it ? On a side note , the SFA website still lists Nicosia as the venue …🤨
  4. Same way we’re doing it , thought it was too long to hang around Spain / France from Friday to Tuesday
  5. Remember the scrum in that hotel in Albania ? And that was nowhere near 5k
  6. Tend to think also having beaten us twice in Tbilisi they’re unlikely to want to move us
  7. Hangar Bar is gone anyway , that was the main attraction last time
  8. 120 days now 😤
  9. Yeah we’re doing that route , haven’t booked the second leg from Istanbul yet till we find out where the game is . £300 just to get there , probably the same again to Georgia . Night in Istanbul going and coming back
  10. There was a guy we bumped into who did exactly the same with the vodka , he went in among the Sarpsborg fans and waved one of their big flags the whole game
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