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  1. Glad they're not leaving ticket arrangements till a fortnight before the game 🤨
  2. They won't even have thought about it yet or booked a hotel
  3. They're not having a pick up at the ground though , that complicates it
  4. It’ll be last minute as usual
  5. I'd agree if they had a pick up at the ground , but to not have that , have a very early ko or send tickets out causes other problems
  6. Would be better if they just send out the tickets tbh , do it the old way with flight details or something
  7. they didn't say , I just said I'd be arriving possibly after ko and would they hang around to dish out tickets , they said there would be no pick up at the ground . They wont even have a hotel yet to tell us where to pick up
  8. Not necessarily if you’re arriving late , there’s also no ticket pick up at the ground
  9. Source ? Haven't seen anything
  10. No one remember the fan zone last time we were there - two eejits in an ice cream type van with one slow pouring pump which lasted about 30 minutes . If you want a beer at that ground , take your own
  11. The Fahrplaner App for Bremen is easy to work , English and easy to cancel , got that from the Man in Seat 61 website
  12. They'll say the dutch didn't get the tickets to them soon enough
  13. Because you haven't got your tickets , no one has . Trying to wind folk up
  14. Have the Is there a pickup ? they've not mentioned anything about one
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