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  1. Think they will have to do 100% pick up. i don’t think it will be an issue with it being straight after the Israel game,not that many will travel so they won’t need to use the points system.
  2. They are from Luton. As we live down here it makes it an easy option.
  3. Booked flights to Oslo for £71 return. I know it’s a gamble but you never know.
  4. I think both results were what we needed and if I’m honest I didn’t expect us to win both games. When we have the chance of getting 6 players back for the March games. I think we have an 80% chance of winning the first game and a 50/50 in the final but if at home it will go up from that. i just hope all the players can take a lot of positives from last week and start moving on from there.
  5. I think the answer is in what OGS said. We don’t have many players in that position so I hope he is not out for long. Man Utd need him more than we do as our next 2 games are dead rubbers. They want him to have a rest and are scared in case he gets injured.
  6. stitch

    New jerseys?

    There logo should be Nothing Matters Anymore. As usual the muppets have there way again.
  7. I love the way people keep saying when we were good. When was this we have never made it past the 1st round of a tournament and now we can’t get past a playoff to make a tournament. It is harder to qualify now than it was years ago. I don’t think our standard has got a lot worse (yes a little bit) it’s just more teams for less places in the World Cup and stupid results in a couple of away games.
  8. Hi Davy it was Graham Smith who paid. He put REF stitch on the payment.
  9. I have Graham Smith x2 on bus 4 who paid for your seats....give me your actual name and I will change it to you buddy.


    1. stitch


      ok thanks Brian Ritchie

  10. Hi Davy I was on bus 21 but don't see my name on any bus now. Was there a problem with my payment?
  11. Hi Davy did you get my payment?
  12. Hi Davy my seats have been paid.
  13. Hi Davy i booked 2 seats and you had me on bus 21. My friend Graham Smith paid for the 2 seats. My name is not on bus 21 now (stitch) but you have a Graham Smith who paid for the 2 seats for me on a bus. I think 7. is this my seats?

  14. Hi Davy can I have 2 seats please.
  15. Does Bologna have more than 1 airport. I can get return flights with Ryanair for £60 but i don't want stuck in the middle of know where. Airport is Guglielmo Marconi.
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