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  1. Macron must be a strong bet....hoovering up the market
  2. C Mc

    Callum McGregor

    I thought McGregor linked up very well in the 2nd half with Robbo and Tierney, even some of his runs just to drag Israelis away to make space for the other two were great to see.
  3. Much as I love the 78 kit with red Umbro socks, I’d rather our kits didn’t have any red in them
  4. C Mc

    Jack Hendry

    For me, it was only a poor decision in hindsight - yes a pass right was the better option and i keep shouting for the pass in my head, but only because of what happened next - there is no reasonable scenario where you'd expect that shot to lead directly to a goal from the halfway line. We were piling on the pressure at that point and had just had 2 close things - why not shoot? He'd just found his range...force a save, get a rebound, keep the crowd roaring etc. And....SO'D could easily have sent in a duff cross and we'd have been criticising JH for not shooting 🙂
  5. Who cares Craig, ignore the noise - that's social media for you, and we all know that certain demographics of Scotland are going to pile in. I'm feeling really positive about yesterday - much rather lose but create chances and think we have something to build on, than lose and create nothing and think we shouldn't be there. When was the last time we created that many chances against a decent team in a game that matters? We could just as easily have won 3-1 - we deserve to be there and the next 2 matches should be cracking. Not just positive about the next week, but looking at the next 2, 4, 6 years as the squad builds up caps and experience...
  6. Wow. Sat and watched that with my boys before they went to school today - I was in a sweat by the end, didn't realise I was that hyped. Denis Law......
  7. If you put an Albanian vodafone sim only into an iPhone, does everything still work as normal (contacts etc)? Daft laddie question i know...
  8. Always seems to be a Saltire at every World Cup or Euros match... Apart from McTeeko and AllyWilson, anyone else going to Moscow? C
  9. If the new lease also includes the Scottish Cup, here's a possible outcome: Hampden re-leased but on a more flexible bias for the SFA Murrayfield used for the guaranteed sell-outs (top seeds, play-offs, Rangers or Celtic semi-finals). Why? An extra 15,000 tickets sold at the highest cost Hampden used for the 35,000-45,000 matches Possibly use smaller grounds for the minnow matches to create a better atmosphere (though it would mean sacrificing income, so i doubt this) Non Old Firm semi-finals taken away from Hampden to sensible venues for 20,000 crowds
  10. I thought we blatantly missed SB at the start of the last campaign, both in a playing sense and in his leadership. The team looked weak without him, he seemed to give everyone a lift when he came back in. He'd also clearly benefited from the break himself. Coming to end of his career, i'd be happy with him pacing himself to get the most out of him when it really matters over the next 2 seasons. All that matters is qualifying for the Euros, to achieve that we need to use our resources in a sensible and efficient way. An attitude of "if he doesn't play every match, feck him" is self-defeating.
  11. Tel Aviv is nice and cheap to get to though....
  12. Craig Levein's the obvious candidate - he's proven himself at Hearts again this season.
  13. C Mc

    Michael O Neill

    It's Martin O'Neil we should be after....
  14. C Mc

    New jerseys?

    Surely a new kit will make all the difference in the next campaign, giving us that extra 10% to get over the line and into the finals?
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