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  1. COLT NY

    Time for Eck to go already!

    This is all a bit ironic, considering that this site was flooded this time last year with people spitting blood about Strachan, and going on about all the brilliant youngsters we had waiting on the wings to take us to glory. McLeish has done exactly that, removing all the "deadwood" and after a few bad results he seems to be deadwood himself. The reality is that the standard of our domestic league over the last 5 years is poorer than its been in living memory, and the standard of the national team is really no different. However, I think domestic football has the potential right now to improve with Hearts, Hibs and Rangers all at least starting to get their act together. We still have a long way to go though, and the financial structures of modern football are designed to hurt countries like ours. The only thing that's going to improve the Scotland team in the long term is for a couple of superstars (starting for Champions league last 16 level) to emerge. If that happens, they bring the rest of the team along with them. We haven't had that (or a decent striker that wants to play for us) for over 20 years now. Those are the reasons we haven't qualified. This isn't an attempt to admonish Strachan or McLeish. I would have sacked Strachan for his comment about genetics, and I think we'd be best shot of McLeish tomorrow to be honest. The other missing piece is an energetic and honest manager who is truly driven to make a difference. Our next appointment should be someone young and hungry. Someone who is willing to spend every minute of the week scouting the opposition, planning tactics and plotting what we need from every game (and every friendly arrangement) to advantage us the most. Someone who's willing to admit when a performance doesn't meet expectations as well, and demands better of the players in the future rather than looking to downplay expectations. At the moment, I think the Scotland job is seen as a semi-retirement position for legends that have seen better days and come with massive egos where they can't admit their own mistakes. He also needs to be someone that understands his role in terms of getting all the players on-side. McLeish just said he hadn't spoken to Darren Fletcher until a few weeks ago. What's he been doing all this time? By this stage he should have been working on a relationship with all currently available players past and present including under 21s, whether he has them as part of his plans or not. Players like Leigh Griffiths are too important to Scotland to allow them to go in a huff. He should have been managed through the decision not to start him against Albania, in the same way as he's no doubt managed through the same thing at Celtic. There seems to be an issue over communication with the players, and the next coach needs to be all about that. If we sacked McLeish and went for someone like Paul Lambert, who has all the inspiration of a turtle, then we might as well lock it up and go home. If it weren't for his baggage, I actually think Neil Lennon would be a great choice.
  2. COLT NY

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Would have had Snograss on the bench instead of a 3rd goalkeeper... What's the point in that?
  3. If McKenna was wearing green hoops last weekend we all know there's no way we'd even be having this discussion right now.
  4. COLT NY

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    "May all France have whisky on their breath". I'll go if they introduce those tighter shorts that Blatter was prattling on about.
  5. COLT NY

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    How could Hampden be worth only 2m? That makes no sense to me at all. Neither Hampden or Murrayfield are the answer. We should be going round the grounds depending on anticipated demand for tickets. Nothing worse than a more than half empty stadium.
  6. COLT NY

    EURO 2020 Qualifying

    This is confusing and I'm not 100% clued up on how it works... Problem is I'm also not 100% confident that the SFA have bothered to figure it all out either. It should be pretty straightforward though... Every game's winnable, and we should be looking to win every game whether home or away. Let's stop settling for draws when it only ends up being 2 points lost.
  7. COLT NY

    Team for forthcoming matches

    That would be my team too. It's crazy to me that some can't find a place for Tierney. He never puts a foot wrong wherever he plays. We also absolutely need a holding midfielder. Would be happy with Shinnie, and don't know much about McTominay apart from that he's on the fringes of the Man U team. As Southgate seems obsessed with playing youth though, I'd be cynical and get him tied ASAP. Albania's only defeats in the last 12 games have been against Italy, Spain and France... So they'll be expecting to get something from this. I hope we're ready for that.. To me, this team (and formation) gives us the best chance.
  8. COLT NY

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    I'm fine with getting rid of the big lump up the park (we didn't do that under Strachan either though). However, I'd take a long ball every day of the week ahead of our approach yesterday. We didn't lose yesterday because of our shape or purely because of making mistakes. We lost because we decided that the best way to build an attack was to pass the ball to players under pressure in the middle of the pitch in front of the box. We can make our mistakes all day long but lose the ball in that area against a decent team and it's all over. Yesterday we did it 3 times, and that's totally inexcusable for an international team. It's not even schoolboy stuff, even the youngest teams are taught to take it out wide before bringing it back to the middle again. I think if we learn that lesson from this game and remove it from our play immediately then this game will have been useful.
  9. Ryan Gauld on season long loan to Aberdeen potentially.... Could be good for Dons and Scotland.... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3134317/ryan-gauld-aberdeen-sporting-lisbon/
  10. COLT NY

    James McArthur

    I'd have had him in my starting 11, but this decision means that we'd need a significant pile up of injured midfielders until I'd consider him again.
  11. Unbelievable that TNS have a higher coefficient just for qualifying for Europe from a country where the five best teams all play in another league.
  12. Why are the New Saints playing the Lincoln Red Imps today? Is one of them seeded higher than Aberdeen?
  13. COLT NY


    In fairness, I think he only has Hendry coming on whenever Paterson bombs up the pitch. So it would be just the 12 most of the time, which seems pretty fair considering the games being played at altitude.
  14. COLT NY

    Peru - Match Thread

    In fairness, Panama aren't nearly as good as Peru, but I take your point. I think its a mental thing. From the coaches to the players to the fans we don't believe we're any good. Its been that way since Vogts. Same thing when our club teams play in Europe.
  15. COLT NY

    Starting Lineup vs Peru

    With who we have left, whoever starts tomorrow ... If they perform well it could be the making of them. Peru are a properly good side. Much better than Mexico. They have the potential to take our young team to the cleaners. That said I'll be cheering them all the way. My half Peruvian son has divided loyalties for this one, but I'm hoping he's wearing his Scotland shirt by the final whistle.