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  1. Let's not try to explain this phenomenon away with 10 in a row. Rangers barely gave Scottish youth a chance when they were in Div 3. Off the top of my head, their last youth player to make it there was Allan Hutton.
  2. If I was on $50K a week and my team were the reigning champions of England, Europe and the World.. I wouldn't have to much cause for complaint. There's always going to be someone you know with a bigger wage/ better hairstyle/ shinier car but what's the worry if you don't hate what you already have?
  3. This, in a nutshell, is why I've barely been following TAMB discussions for the past year or two. The Kazakhstan game, we're nobody bothered going (players, not fans) and we got slaughtered by nobodies, was the clincher for me. Hopefully we can find a squad of players that take the international game as seriously as just about everyone else seems to do. How many caps does Cristiano Ronaldo have? If he can do it, why can't Ryan Fraser?
  4. COLT NY


    https://stmarysmusings.sbnation.com/2019/3/12/18262602/southampton-news-angus-gunn-rumoured-to-be-considering-international-switch-from-england-to-scotland https://www.90min.com/posts/6318033-scotland-swoop-for-angus-gunn-with-southampton-keeper-willing-to-switch-international-allegiances https://talksport.com/football/510603/angus-gunn-scotland-alex-mcleish-southampton-international-allegiance/
  5. COLT NY


    I'm hoping that Steve Clarke has been working on Angus Gunn. Reports were that he was considering switching last season. He could go straight into the team and be a hall of famer before long, or wait for an England cap and maybe only get a handful.
  6. If McKenna's out, I suspect he'll bring Grant Hanley back into the squad. I'd like to see Findlay called up, but would be happy for Hanley to get another chance. I'd also call up Shankland. I don't think I'd play him, but if I was Scotland boss I'd want to see how he looks in training at that level.
  7. Killie are in big trouble. This new manager struggles to speak English, at least to say anything meaningful. I can't understand how someone like that can get past an interview for this kind of job. This result is a total embarrassment and just puts into context the depths that Scottish football has sunk to. Three of the starting eleven from the Cyprus game in these two ties, and other squad members too.
  8. Infection character? Not sure that's an asset. I still think there's a place for Goram though. He could be in charge of what songs the boys have to sing on the team coach.
  9. Perfect indeed... Can't see what could possibly go wrong. Maybe should get Gazza as a consultant just to be on the safe side.
  10. Typical of Scottish football... OF team gets benefit of doubt when Boyata comes steaming into the back of GMS head in the first Hampden game... No penalty, no card. Same team gets a foul and a sending off for similar offence in semi circle for the second game. If those two decisions went Aberdeen's way instead, we have two completely different cup ties. With the economical imbalance in our game, it's easy enough for Celtic as it is. When all the major calls go their way it just increases the imbalance and makes it all a bit pointless.
  11. Paterson and Fraser can count themselves very lucky to be going straight back in as well.
  12. It's the whole squad.. Some players have retired, others missed this one, others will miss in the future... The boys that turned up today shouldn't get any special commendations for doing so. Turning up for a competitive Scotland fixture should be a given, and then they should be judged on commitment and performance on the field. The players and the current coaching team are all just faciliating a culture where playing for Scotland is a secondary concern to anything else that they can find to fill up their calendars. We end up with players out there that know they're not first choice internationals if others could be arsed, and then they play like they know they don't belong. This is the possibly the weakest generation ever from an ability level. It's definitely the weakest ever from a commitment standpoint. Not to single anyone out as nobody earned more than a 0/10....but Liam Palmer?? I've never seen the boy play before, but has anyone ever looked worse on their Scotland debut?
  13. To be honest the ones that did play all looked like they couldn't give a toss either. Most games with mates playing at the local park have players showing more energy, and effort. Don't remember seeing any one of them looking particularly upset about anything for the whole 90 minutes. This is the worst Scotland team ever. Even Bertie's team would turn them over easily.
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    Did you mean big or are you just very fond of it?
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