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  1. In the cold light of day that post does seem undeniably stupid. 😂I blame the Valve kid by my side a I wrote it.
  2. Maybe Serbia will switch to an alternate venue so that they can fill a smaller stadium?
  3. Stats can be a bit misleading as we were holding onto a lead for most of the game. They had 5 or 6 really good chances, including a couple of uinbelievable misses. So we rode our luck, but another clean sheet will continue to build confidence. We had our own chances too, and that's a crucial development. Best players for me were McGinn, Fraser, Considine and Marshall.
  4. McGinn in defence this time... He's been brilliant today.
  5. This is a good game. We're a much more dangerous team with Ryan Fraser available on the break.
  6. I think we got lucky with that penalty decision.
  7. Defence is looking a lot shakier today... Mctominey and Gallagher need to tighten up
  8. Every player in the line up singing FOS ...I'm not sure I've ever seen that. Admittedly Lyndon only appeared to know one word in five. Definitely shows a togetherness though... I think we're going to win this!
  9. Not sure what you're getting at here... Maybe we'll just convince them to play as Yugoslavia again so that we get to take part?
  10. Cooper's out of the Czech game, so I suspect Considine will play again there. I've noticed the same thing about McKenna... A very underrated player on here while at Aberdeen.
  11. Didn't think it was that scrappy... Well deserved win. Looked solid in defence, got a good goal and could have had another with McBurnie's effort. SOD looked good. Considine also had a solid game. Neither are likely to be long term options but credit to them both tonight.
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