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  1. COLT NY


    Did you mean big or are you just very fond of it?
  2. For what ite worth, you're right about dribbling. Best teams retain the ball and pass their way to victory.
  3. look pal.. i was just highlighting that your original point didnt make any sense, was pretty comical and probably wasnt what you intended to say. I'm a professional youth coach, so probably understand the game well enough. Sorry you misunderstood my post and wasted all that time replying. Lets try and keep it civil, eh?
  4. Yeah, I always look for my players to stop dribbling and just "bomb aimlessly forward" myself. 😂
  5. I've been on the TA Board for about 12 years. This is the first time I've felt the need to put someone on the ignore list.
  6. COLT NY

    New jerseys?

    Not sure what this is all about, but I'd take it for our next away strip.... https://www.uksoccershop.com/p-107991/2018-19-scotland-airo-concept-away-shirt-dalglish-7.html
  7. One thing we can't fault McLeish on is blooding new players. Everyone who was being touted a year ago on this board now has a cap, unless their name is Liam. You've listed 9 players there... There's only so many games, and you can't just have a whole team of debutants and keep any kind of competitive record against the teams we're coming up with... What you're really asking for is a Peru and Mexico trip every year so we get to have a look at a whole bunch of new players in the international environment. I do think there's an argument to be had for picking our bets on a few young players, like in the way Wales and Northern Ireland do when they're still barely professional... Would Ryan Gauld have done better in Portugal if he was already a regular pick for Scotland? I don't know, but I think he might. We have absolutely no strikers (if Griffiths and Naismith aren't available) and Fraser Hornby, while he can't get a game for his club, has excelled in the u21s... I'd throw him in on the bench as it's no less likely to succeed than playing McBurnie.
  8. Depends on the team to be fair... Only player I can think of that's retired from England when they still needed him was Paul Scholes... Why do our players feel it's totally optional?
  9. The shame of it from my perspective is that this is the only time in his career that I'd have classified him as a first team pick for Scotland. End of the day though, I don't really want anyone that's not willing to put their body on the line for Scotland, unless they're Pele.
  10. This is all a bit ironic, considering that this site was flooded this time last year with people spitting blood about Strachan, and going on about all the brilliant youngsters we had waiting on the wings to take us to glory. McLeish has done exactly that, removing all the "deadwood" and after a few bad results he seems to be deadwood himself. The reality is that the standard of our domestic league over the last 5 years is poorer than its been in living memory, and the standard of the national team is really no different. However, I think domestic football has the potential right now to improve with Hearts, Hibs and Rangers all at least starting to get their act together. We still have a long way to go though, and the financial structures of modern football are designed to hurt countries like ours. The only thing that's going to improve the Scotland team in the long term is for a couple of superstars (starting for Champions league last 16 level) to emerge. If that happens, they bring the rest of the team along with them. We haven't had that (or a decent striker that wants to play for us) for over 20 years now. Those are the reasons we haven't qualified. This isn't an attempt to admonish Strachan or McLeish. I would have sacked Strachan for his comment about genetics, and I think we'd be best shot of McLeish tomorrow to be honest. The other missing piece is an energetic and honest manager who is truly driven to make a difference. Our next appointment should be someone young and hungry. Someone who is willing to spend every minute of the week scouting the opposition, planning tactics and plotting what we need from every game (and every friendly arrangement) to advantage us the most. Someone who's willing to admit when a performance doesn't meet expectations as well, and demands better of the players in the future rather than looking to downplay expectations. At the moment, I think the Scotland job is seen as a semi-retirement position for legends that have seen better days and come with massive egos where they can't admit their own mistakes. He also needs to be someone that understands his role in terms of getting all the players on-side. McLeish just said he hadn't spoken to Darren Fletcher until a few weeks ago. What's he been doing all this time? By this stage he should have been working on a relationship with all currently available players past and present including under 21s, whether he has them as part of his plans or not. Players like Leigh Griffiths are too important to Scotland to allow them to go in a huff. He should have been managed through the decision not to start him against Albania, in the same way as he's no doubt managed through the same thing at Celtic. There seems to be an issue over communication with the players, and the next coach needs to be all about that. If we sacked McLeish and went for someone like Paul Lambert, who has all the inspiration of a turtle, then we might as well lock it up and go home. If it weren't for his baggage, I actually think Neil Lennon would be a great choice.
  11. Would have had Snograss on the bench instead of a 3rd goalkeeper... What's the point in that?
  12. If McKenna was wearing green hoops last weekend we all know there's no way we'd even be having this discussion right now.
  13. "May all France have whisky on their breath". I'll go if they introduce those tighter shorts that Blatter was prattling on about.
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