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  1. Tbf iv enjoyed watching it with a capacity crowd for once its been brilliant. They've had to show they've been jabbed to gain entry. Maybe the finger should be pointed more at the countries only letting 12,000 in.
  2. Think the sfa have taken a chunk for player families, officials etc
  3. Effectively some on higher points may not want to go unable to go etc. Rather than opening it up every couple of days checking how many have been sold etc one blanket ballot is done with eligible supporters entering then working down in order of points. Till the allocation is sold. All access codes then dished out. Then if any tickets haven't been paid for they have the total once and can then redistribute them.
  4. I imagine there will be a ballot done by ssc. Successful apps based on number of points. Then the successful supporters will be given the code to input on uefa site. This is how it's been done for europa league final and also England's allocation. They had to redo their ballot as they had already sold the 12,000 allocation. This way all the ssc will do is just do the ballot then hand it over to uefa to sort.
  5. Maybe on the slimmest off chance but with Portugal on the green list is there any chance at all fans being let in to the Holland friendly. Or is it a case of Portugese government not risking it with two teams that are no concern to them.
  6. also to noteim pretty sure England have already sold their allocation for the 3 group games too by fa and I presume Czech and Croatia have too. So either a lot of ticket cancelling is going to get done or we will just get around the 3000 mark as quoted for games.
  7. Depends how crowds reintroduced will pan out. I have a feeling they may do a longer period of time saying no away fans especially for international games. Hopefully I'm wrong, realistically nobody has a clue and it's all speculation. If they don't have a clue what's happening in June then September's least of worries at minute.
  8. Personally thought Austria struggled when we actually started to get on front foot and take game to them, would of liked fraser or Adams to start up top, I like dykes however seemed it was the usual lob ball up to him for a flick on that just wasn't meeting anyone. I think that's OK for an away game where we don't have much chance but felt we could of got at Austria more than we did. With a bit of pace against Israel I feel we have a chance.
  9. Booked on the Moldova trip from Glasgow when it came out as wasn't sure of state of play with travel. Fingers crossed away fans will be allowed by then and it will be a belting trip.
  10. Wizz air routes run up until Oct at min on site so should appear next month or so for dates of game.
  11. This. Utds away match going support are a completely different prospect. Most have never even heard of that red cafe site.
  12. I imagine out of the allocations quoted you will then have to deduct officials tickets, players families etc. So the amount going to ssc members will be a lower figure.
  13. There's a couple of hills that have views of ground for ones without tickets I think.
  14. Got flights to bologna from London sat morning -mon evening £55 booked a room in park plaza in Rimini for £66 for two nights
  15. Thanks alot can you send me your bank details and il transfer money.
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