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  1. So to clarify if flying to Dublin and got a three hour wait before change no pcr is needed?
  2. Lucky, Constant long balls on an artificial pitch, not learning lessons. No game plan, seemed to be get ball wide and cross, delivery not good enough. Have to say mcgregor is vital to way we play. He keeps the ball, and is great at distributing. mctominay looked better when he came on,nesbit gave the chasing down we needed. Not good enough on whole. got out of jail massively. All can say is artificial pitch, potential banana skin and coming coming away with a win. We said before game any win will do. That's what happened. They don't do it easy. We need to ramp it up before our luck runs out. But it's in our hands.
  3. Are Moldova not on reduced capacity at minute?
  4. Sorry for late reply not been able to get on here today. Ticket still available
  5. 1 available for Saturday. East stand. £15 can be send electronically automatically
  6. Got 1 ticket available in East stand. £15. Denmark available too same stand. so can do both for £20 (would rather know someone can get use of it) can send straight away electronically.
  8. We are allowed into Faroe Islands and are getting an allocation which is confirmed next week.
  9. Any early indication if the wonky sheep trip will go ahead for this? There's some good priced flight and hotel deals so don't want to leave it took late if trip gets canned.
  10. Just to clarify. Is it just the qr code in email or is there on you have to download? At clubs you usually have to download your ticket to walled or have a pdf attachment. Here iv just got an email with the 3 qr codes in email.
  11. In regards to faroes and Moldova. Lille have communicated to their fan groups no away fans at European Cup games till 31st Dec. I'm not holding my breath anymore with these trips.
  12. Do we know how many of the 1000 have been sold so far?
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