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  1. Scotland will DEFINITELY be in the League C Play-Off’s because Nations League Group winners cannot ‘form a path with a team from a higher league' They draw the Play-Off paths, starting with League D and working up to League A So if they groups were finished now, the teams would be allocated as follows… League D Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo & Belarus (no changes as none of these teams are currently qualifying automatically, so the same four Nations League group winners) League C Scotland, Norway, Serbia & Bulgaria (who would replace Finland if they qualify automatically) League B Bosnia and Herzogovina, Austria, Wales & Israel (next League C ranked team because no other League B teams are currently failing to qualify) League A Netherlands, Switzerland, Iceland & Hungary (who are the next League C ranked team because no other League A & B teams are currently failing to qualify) It is the teams who are highlighted blue on the attached link who currently occupy the sixteen Play-Off spots.. Current Play-Off Spot Holders
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I have never liked players pulling out of squads. I agree that they should all be desperate to play for their country. But that’s because we’d all run through a brick wall to be privileged enough to pull on the shirt. But I think the last thing that we need at the moment is to start singling out individuals and hounding them out of the national set-up. The last time we did that Gary McAllister proved quite a few punters wrong by moving to Liverpool and winning a treble! I think it sucks that players pull out of the national squad, but this is no new thing. The problem is – no-one genuinely knows the reasons behind each individual withdrawal because the communications in the media have been so vague. Perhaps some of the withdrawals were merited, so it’s dangerous making assumptions and then targeting these individuals for abuse. Had we gone to Kazakhstan and taken the three points – this probably wouldn’t even be getting talked about.
  3. I agree – a lot of modern day footballer’s attitude sucks. But a lot of that is to do with society today (political correctness and all that bollocks) and also the amount of money the top players get paid at such an early stage. I genuinely don’t think the old-school style of management (hair-dryer treatment / kicking teapots around the dressing room) would have the same affect with today’s modern player. They all seem to need the ‘arm-round-the-shoulder’ treatment. The modern managers (like Guardiola and Klopp) put a strong emphasis on creating a bond with their players, because they realise that it’s much more likely that they get positive results if they have eleven guys on the park who are willing to run through a brick wall for you. Psychology and motivational man-management (getting the best out of the players at your disposal) is in my opinion even more important than what formation you set up with. I think this is why old-school management style (it’s my way or the highway) – such as Jose Mourinho’s recent disastrous spell at Man Utd was because he refused to pander to his prima donna’s. His solution to the Pogba dilemma was to stick him the stands (to show him who was boss). But we all know how the story ended. And the very same players look like an entirely different side with a different manager (and management style being used). But unfortunately, the modern day is primarily about money. A lot of these guys playing in the Championship earn more in a couple of weeks than most of us do in a year. And currently whether you like to admit it or not – playing for Scotland right now, is not very glamourous. The thought of travelling across six time zones and playing two low-key games which were both banana-skins probably didn’t appeal to a lot of the prima donna’s. I have no doubt that if they had been the last two games in our Qualifying group and we needed six points to qualify for the finals of a tournament, then there wouldn’t have been one call-off. Everyone would have been available and no-one would have minded playing on an artificial surface. But would it really benefit us as a team to bin these guys who pick and choose when they’re available for selection? I don’t like it, but I’d rather keep as many of the guys who play at the top level available for whenever we can get them. What is needed is to make the squad an enjoyable place. So that guys are looking forward to turning up regardless of who the opposition is and where the game is played. You want everyone to look forward to being involved with Scotland (not dread the thought and worry about the consequences of another bad result), you need to work on the team-building, and take the fear out of playing for our national side. Happy footballers tend to play better as a rule. And I don’t see a happy Scotland camp just now and as a result, I don’t think it’s any co-incidence that there are so many mysterious absentees.
  4. The Play-Off draw will take place on 22nd November 2019 and this will confirm which 16 teams will contest the four semi-final's. The team seeded 1st will play the 4th seeded team at home in the semi-final and the team seeded 2nd will play the 3rd seeded team at home in the other semi. The draw will also take place at the same time to determine which team gets home advantage in the final. The extra places in League A, B and perhaps C (if Serbia finish 2nd) will be taken by the highest rank team who has not qualified via the groups. Watch this 1min 41 sec video and hopefully it will all be crystal clear!!! Euro 2020 Play-Off for Dummies
  5. Apologies for further complicating this thread, but I spent about two hours yesterday trying to fully understand how this Play-Off process works because I wanted to understand what happens to the League A play-off place seeing as most (if not all) of those twelve teams which competed in the Nations League will almost certainly finish in the Top 2 places of their Euro 2020 Qualifying groups (therefore they automatically won’t take part in the Play-Off games in March 2020). The only team I think may struggle to finish in the Top 2 of their Qualifying group is Iceland. I believe all four teams who finished top of their Leagues in Section A and B will finish in the top two of their respective groups – so there will be quite a lot of replacement teams going into the Play-Off’s. I predict there’ll be five teams ‘promoted’ from the League B runners-up spots and two teams from the League C runners-up spots that actually take the places of the current play-off spot holders. The current Play-off games are as follows, with a more realistic prediction of who’ll replace the teams I believe will qualify in the top two spots in their own prospective Qualifying Leagues… League A Portugal (Iceland) v Switzerland (Romania) Netherlands (Czech Republic) v England (Hungary) League B Sweden (Austria) v Denmark (Northern Ireland) Ukraine (Wales) v Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Ireland) League C Scotland v Finland Serbia v Norway League D Belarus v Georgia FYR Macedonia v Kosovo All will become crystal clear on 22nd November 2019 when the draw for the Play-off’s takes place. Until then, the Play-Off line-up will chop and change depending on who is occupying the two top spots in the Qualifying Groups. This thread is therefore going to be quite long if the intention is to keep it going throughout the Qualifying campaign! For those who are still struggling to understand how the Play-Off’s are going to work – here is 1min 41sec video that explains the process… Euro 2020 Play-Off Process
  6. Hi Reggie thanks for the info, I am really looking for two tickets together, i know beggars cant be choosers but im take my old man with me on this trip.




    1. Reggie


      No probs buddy - I hope you manage to track down two.

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  7. Does anyone have a mate who lost a Glengarry hat in Warsaw on Tuesday after the game? It is very distinctive with a big bunch of grapes attached and some impressive badges (including a big elephant one from 1978). Some nice Polish folk found it on the street and weren't sure what to do with it, so I said we'd take it and post up here in the hope that someone recognises the description. I know how treasured these things are, and the memories that the badges etc hold for folk, so I'm hoping we'll be able to track down the owner...
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