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  1. Hi I have just been in touch with LNER and have been told the 8 am train from King's Cross to Edinburgh 19th is not cancelled. I would advise getting in touch with LNER and finding out what trains are cancelled as I think Trainline have misinformation.
  2. I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow so going to pop into the Train Station to find out what is happening I will let you know when I get some info
  3. Hi Just seen our 8 am train on Saturday morning back to Edinburgh has been cancelled. Just had a look and no returns available Saturday Would it be worth just showing up on Saturday morning and seeing if we get on a train
  4. Ticket for sale East stand face value In Edinburgh but will be going to the match so can meet in Glasgow
  5. No wonder it was free. I thought it was a Carlsberg moment there
  6. I was in the Czech end and there was these girls giving out free beer was this the same in the Scotland end?
  7. I am 100% behind Strachan with the Scottish managers job. I do agree that sometimes tactically maybe a little cautious and to combat this Here is my tuppensworth. Why doesn't Strachan get a little advice from the man he knows best in Alex Ferguson I mean they must know each other inside out Aberdeen and Man Utd what harm would it do? I could never see Fergie hamper his record at Man Utd and manage Scotland but maybe in the background with all the knowledge he has maybe not Internationally (teams wise) but managerial wise in general he could be a positive aspect for WGS? Hope Strachan stays and
  8. Will be fly into Alicante in afternoon then jump into the car and head for Faro and fingers crossed the play offs. Stopping in Granada Friday night then arrive in Faro Saturday hopefully in time for the Scotland Samoa match. If we have the time will be stopping in the town of Teba.
  9. Forgot to add avoid the tolls if you can. The toll system in Portugal is a bit different. you pass the tolls and they take your registration number and then you need to pay at the post office or buy at a shop Not sure if any different with a hired car.
  10. Just googled Emdy penny only dropped what emdy was. Anyway try Seville if not to far away and also Cadiz. you could google the town El rocio near the parque nacional Donana. We are driving from Alicante to Faro and fly out on the Friday after the match on Thursday and will probably stop at these places on the way back to Alicante. Enjoy the match
  11. INGWS trust sitll have beleieve he will getus to francce Come on on Gordon Stranchane beat teat hte rest rest i 100% behind you
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