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  1. I think you are spot on with this. I would like to see Ryan Jack with Mctominay as our holding midfielders. We enough creativity with Christie, Mcginn and either Forrest or Fraser.
  2. I would go 3-4-2-1 Marshall Tierney. Mckenna. Robertson Forrest. Jack. Mctominay. Fraser Christie. Mcginn Naismith But clarke will go 4-2-3-1 as we have just won 3 games which means either fraser or forrest will miss out for a centre half coming in.
  3. Christie and mcginn in attacking roles is the way forward. Still think naismith being a pest to opposition is our best option up front.
  4. Is it possible that Norn Iron play the Rep of ireland in the group B play off final in the same week as Brexit ??
  5. Marshall Tierney. mckenna. Robertson Forrest. Jack. Mctominay. Fraser Christie. Mcginn Naismith Steal sheffield utd tactic of overlapping full back with mctominay and jack covering.
  6. Is archie mair any good?? Never seen him play before this but definitely looks decent.
  7. I just dont get the timing of this. If he is doing it for the reason he claims and to let us build for future then why let us waste a cap on him in Russia?? Especially as we have 2 games in march that we desperately need to improve for. Overall i think he has been a decent servant and for a time i think he was our best player. Do think though that its becoming normal for our players to chuck it in early 30s. Russia had a player at 36 strolling both games against us.
  8. Marshall Tierney. Mckenna. Souttar. Robertson Mctominay Christie. Mcginn Forrest. Fraser Shankland Full backs pushing forward with mctominay holding Wingers playing as inside forwards to support striker and create space for full backs and helping defensively when needed. Mcginn and christie playing with intelligence of when to push forward and when to hold. Striker setting the tone for pressing off the ball.
  9. We dont have a goalkeeper who is international class We dont have a centre half who is international class We dont have right back who is international class We dont have a striker who is international class. Clarke has no chance...
  10. Just looking at the tables and its looking very likely serbia will be in the playoff if ukraine beat lithuania at home tomorrow...
  11. I would play 3421 if all fit and willing. Clarke is a back 4 man which means finding a right back from somewhere. But i would go with- Marshall Mckenna. Mulgrew. Tierney Fraser. Mcginn Mctominay Robbo Forrest. Christie Griffiths Subs: Snodgrass, Mclean, Paterson, Mcburnie, Taylor, Souttar, Mclaughlin, Gilmour, Jack, Burke, Armstrong, Mcgregor, Fleck
  12. Does anyone have any clue what the plan was last night to stop De Bruyne?? Did the management team not realise he is a bit decent?? Did we even once make him wince in a tackle??
  13. Would love a back 4 of hutton, martin, hanley, whittiker that strachan had compared to what we have now.. Oh feck me did i just type that
  14. No even on bench.. Gers fans will still be right behind the team tonight though eh...
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