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  1. Im giving this game a miss which will be the first competitive home game ive missed in many years. Simple reason for this is that too many scottish (or scottish when it suits them) players dont give a toss and are not turning up, so why the fcuk should I ?? Do players ever asked to be left out of england, wales, or either irish squad?
  2. San marino have probably created the best chance.
  3. 9 friendlies until finland game.
  4. Probably was pressure from clubs but the Russian manager probably told them to f off
  5. Mclaughlin O'donnell Soutar Findlay Robertson Mclean McTominay Fleck Russell Fraser Paterson
  6. I think its fairly obvious these players you mention arent being left out on playing ability. All too concerned about their positions at their clubs and no longer interested in playing for scotland, especially for Mcleish. Say what you want about the other home nations they all have players fully committed to the cause and take pride in playing for their country. What do we have? Oh yeah a slogan of 'nothing matters more' .. the irony of which is almost laughable..
  7. Seriously is he no fcuking sacked yet.
  8. He absolutely did this but the other players in most part have their last big contracts at their EPL clubs so dont give a flying fcuk as being international wont fill their wallets. Fraser, Robertson, Paterson, Tierney would also all have played tonight if it was club game. Am i wrong??
  9. Yes shouldnt be allowed to board flight to san marino...
  10. Shame on the lot of you. Dont give a fcuk if you think manager is a piss take you are scottish or claim to be scottish and you let us all down.
  11. We have just lost 3 nil and deservedly so to a team rankeed 117 in world. Yes its our worst result ever.
  12. Agreed.. Feel for them all.
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