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  1. Just looks so comfortable on the ball, terrific.
  2. Not sure what you think an "attacking" midfielder is but Gilmour is simply a midfield player and potentially a very good one.
  3. Well because he is better than all of them I would say
  4. I completely disagree, we want Gilmour further up the pitch than Jack.
  5. Well I support Pollok and St Johnstone neither of which have players around the squad unfortunately, so I am seeing it as a chance to play to our strengths, thats all.
  6. I like the idea of left mid for Tierney, him and Robertson overlapping each other has worked in small doses really well: Marshall Patterson Hanley Cooper Robertson Jack Christie Gilmour McGinn Tierney Adams
  7. My biggest disappointment is folk thinking that we are somehow going to be world beaters. We scraped into this tournament and ended up 4th in our group, not the worst team in the competition but about right for our ranking.
  8. So are we looking at Hampden then? If we win of course etc etc
  9. Honestly mate your patter on here is terrible. Just get behind the team and gies all peace.
  10. Aye but bringing Armstrong in just means that McGregor becomes the pivot. Easy done and keeps the same shape.
  11. A lot of overthinking going on here, it's just going to be Armstrong in for Gilmour.
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