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  1. Why do you not respect Zander by spelling his name correctly?
  2. Nonsense, Zander Clark should be in the squad getting used to the setup for when Gordon and McGregor retire.
  3. runningtings

    2018 MVP

    I'd say McGregor has been consistently excellent.
  4. runningtings

    Andew Robertson

    And to think you want Andy to play as a left wing back in your 3-5-2 formation...
  5. runningtings

    2020 Draw Thread

    Do San Marino actually play in San Marino? Seem to remember them playing in Italy in the past. Think we'll do Belgium and San Marino this time round.
  6. runningtings

    Tonight’s Match

    I was there, wouldn't miss a home game though I haven't been tempted by the last few away games. Looking forward to the draw, maybe get a nice couple of trips in.
  7. runningtings

    First 11

    I think we have to realise in the 4-3-3 that our centre forward is there as a foil for the 2 wee wingers; don't necessarily expect him to score. If we are up against it and we are playing more like a 4-5-1 then maybe a poacher like Griffiths would be better otherwise I'd stick with Fletch. Otherwise, Tierney at RB is obvious to me and depending on the opposition a choice between McGinn and Armstrong.
  8. runningtings

    Your first Scotland match

    Can't remember for sure but the first one I have a clear memory of was Kenny's 100th cap against Romania in 1986 as ma old boy got us tickets in the posh seats for some reason. We pumped them 3-0 and I just thought that was the way of the world, felt like we could match up to anyone at that point. Team was: Andy Goram Maurice Malpas Willie Miller David Narey Richard Gough Roy Aitken Eamonn Bannon Graeme Souness Gordon Strachan Kenny Dalglish (captain) Graeme Sharp So many class players and Charlie Nic was on the bench.
  9. runningtings

    Strength in depth

    Fraser Hornby, if he carries on the way he has been playing could play the Fletch role in the future. Also, a bit pedantic, but that was definitely 4-3-3 and not 4-5-1 we played in those last 2 games.
  10. runningtings

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Fletcher was outstanding, great shout from the manager to pitch him back in. Deserved the ovation when he went off.
  11. runningtings

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Was surprised at how good the passing out from the back was in fact, some cracking cross field balls from McKenna in particular.
  12. runningtings

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Yep, 4-5-1 with Christie pushing to support Fletcher seemed to work very well.
  13. runningtings

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Of course we won't get carried away, though I now wish I had gone to Albania to be honest. Anyway, sets us up for a big night on Tuesday, at least that's no a dead rubber.
  14. runningtings

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    They won't be playing as wingers but as wide midfield players I expect.