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  1. Middleton is with Scotland u19s, we have the talent coming through have no doubt. The problem is having a dinosaur like McLeish at the front end, we need a far more dynamic coach.
  2. I'd take Lennon in a heartbeat.
  3. Effectively means we need to go and win in Russia 🤣
  4. Honestly, anyone that has been relatively successful as an international manager. I don't believe we don't have decent players.
  5. We just need to write it off and hope McLeish falls on his sword after San Marino.
  6. Ach aye as long as you can run like fuck it doesn't matter if you can pass or dribble. No pass marks for anyone, utter shite. I'd say change 7 or 8 for Sunday.
  7. Aye, right up for San Marino now 😞
  8. I'll tell you what, that boy Burke isn't a football player.
  9. Kazakhstan 2 Scotland 3 San Marino 1 Scotland 4
  10. Yeh will need to be Shinnie at left back, I'm not too fussed we should be attacking these teams anyway.
  11. My prediction: ------------------------- Bain Tierney - Bates - McKenna - Robertson --------------- McTominay --- McGregor Forrest ----------- Armstrong --------- Russell ---------------------------- Burke Might even interchange Russell with Burke too.
  12. Nah exactly, he is maybe taking injections to play or something.
  13. Surely Fletch needs to get added in now?
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