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  1. Fish Supper


    Similar to everyone shouting for a shy, goal etcwhen the whole of the ball has not crossed the line.
  2. Fish Supper


    As long as as the ball is cutting the quadrant then it is playable. The ball is not required to be on or inside the quadrant.
  3. Fish Supper

    5.15 am arrival Astana. All night bar ?

    Our trip organiser contacted our hotel and they are letting us book in early morning for a small fee. Might be worth trying with your hotel.
  4. Fish Supper

    Airport transfer

    Just sorted my taxi transfer via MERR taxis, 12 Euro airport to hotel. Submitted request via their website and had a booking within 5 mins. All booking details on e- mail and driver will have a sign with my name.
  5. Fish Supper

    Cheers Neebs..

    If you are offering free drink to Davy P you will never get rid of him, He's like HERPES always there lurking!
  6. Fish Supper

    Airport transfer

    Arriving Tirana airport around 16:00hrs on the Blue express from Bergamo anyone else arriving around that time want to share transport into city?
  7. Fish Supper

    Ernest Airlines

    I'm booked on the 1450hrs flight from Tirana to Bergamo on the Sun.
  8. Fish Supper


    Flying Stansted to Milan Bergamo then Bergamo to Tirana Fri. Returning Sun same route. £175.
  9. Fish Supper

    Davy Bus

    Davy, 1 seat please. Paypal done.
  10. Ayr Ute. Barnsley. Arminia Bielefeld Hannover 96 Kille hoping they have lost. It's a local rivalry thing.
  11. Fish Supper

    Transport from Airport to Tel Aviv

    Decided to go and flying in via Kiev, arrive at 22:40. Anyone else getting in around that time and travelling into the city? That is on Wed evening.
  12. That will be some travel nightmare getting between games.
  13. Fish Supper

    Best footballer in the TA?

    I played in the game in Belarus. The local police were worried that the communications between the TA select and the local club was actually a cover to arrange a fan fight. When we turned up at the hotel to get the bus and arrived at the ground it was surrounded by riot police! After a few minutes discussion they believed we were there to play football. The hosts presented all the TA Select with a goodie bag at the end. I however cannot remember the score, Will Fae Swindon was in goal so could be anywhere between 0 and up! :)
  14. Fish Supper


    To be fair to the SSC when you renewed it was quite obvious the part where it asked you to check the box for you to receive communications! There are people on here probably in to much of a rush to renew to try and post 1st to say that's me renewed!
  15. Fish Supper


    Gatwick-Budapest Mon 26th Rtn 28th Easyjet any other travellers on this flight.