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  1. I've been in the office all the way through this and found it great, all those lazy b'stards working from home can stay at there! The office environment has been superb whilst the majority have been at home.
  2. Get the old blue suit on a forged SFA pass and just walk in the reception area, worth a try!
  3. Mate, we are 7-9 but have booked to stay in Omolouc where the game is.
  4. BA have reduced their daily flights between LHR and Prague.
  5. Wanderer, where did you get this info from mate?
  6. 2 great photo's. The one of Hampden just shows how big a ground it was.
  7. Did anyone catch the tv show on Sun morning, Brothers in football? A short story of the Corinthian Casuals.
  8. Just started to watch Tales from the loop on amazon prime. Really enjoying it and the settings are great. Filmed mostly in and around Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada.
  9. Tunnocks Caramel Log, closely followed by Choco Liebnitz and all butter biscuits.
  10. Feck me is that it? There's me thinking about government secret labs having a meltdown and releasing it, or some super power doing CBRN Exercise and it all going wrong and the agent is released to the atmosphere.
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