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  1. 2 in the champions league, 1 in europa league, 2 in conference league I believe
  2. I assuming they are shiting themselves as Rangers also have a game against St. Johnstone to fit in somewhere, if they get through in the Europa league don't think there are any more free dates before the split
  3. Hanley needs to be given another try in my book. Gets such a bad rep and is/was prone to a howler but surely playing against top class strikers every week instead of some of the not so top class strikers up here can only be beneficial to the international team
  4. Was actually at Croatia v Czech Republic at the last euros, cracking game, Croats fighting each other in the stands. Some wild stuff
  5. Just have to watch oot for ending up in the jail
  6. Disrespecting the opposition? Piffle. No one here has said they expect to qualify, it's more hope than expectation. You think the Serbs and Norwegians ain't sitting at home talking about the same scenarios? Just to balance it out, if we don't qualify, I have 3 tickets for sale for Czech Republic v Israel/Serbia/Norway if anyone is interested
  7. If you could just let me know what I should and shouldn't be discussing that would be good. I like talking about fitba, but if it's only the next game I'm allowed to talk about, I'll focus my attentions to Saints v Motherwell on Wednesday, could impact the squad for the next game, don't want to get to far ahead of myself though. Sorry
  8. Was gonna say something similar too, infact, we could possibly win the whole thing without winning a game. Improbable though
  9. Strangely enough, I think we have a better chance of getting to the knockout stages, if we qualify, than we do of actually qualifying. A win v Czech Republic and possibly a point v Croatia would be enough. I'd fancy that more than a win in Oslo or Belgrade
  10. Last period we done it, we actually had a good record against the two cheeks. That wasn't the fault tonight, the fault was the decision to stand back and let Celtic do what they wanted. Didn't lay a glove on them.
  11. If Christie is going to be playing from the right then Forrest has to go, canna cross the thing with his left, so wasted, and, a couple of games apart, had been pretty useless for Scotland on the right too
  12. Some immense trolling in here. No odds out yet to qualify but you can get 750/1 on us winning the whole thing. Weirdly enough, we could probably do that without even winning a football match, excluding penalties. I'll have a bit of that 50,000/1 anaw please.
  13. How is it appalling? Scotland is around the 25th biggest country in Europe by population, surely to be up around 15th, 16th isn't so bad? I know there are a lot of other factors, but appalling it is not. Some folk need to get real in what they expect.
  14. From watching that video, my only fear is that he ain't gonna have anyone capable of receiving the passes he plays. High intensity into tight spaces. This boy is going to the top, only hope he can drag some along with him
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