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  1. Davy, Just transferred £12.50 to your account.
  2. Davy, Finally decided to get of my backside and book this trip. Can I please book 1 place on a bus Rimini to the ground and back. Cheers
  3. Just so bloody disheartening. Nothing there to give you hope for the future.
  4. Another issue is that all available money will go to paying off Hampden. Little chance of funding infrastructure and facilities at the same time.
  5. McDonald's is one of the worst players ever to wear a Scotland jersey. Total waste of space.
  6. kumnio, just got onto the system and bought my ticket. Took the best part of an hour.
  7. Could well be a long frustrating night refreshing the page every 5 minutes.
  8. Just in from work. SSC site stating there are no matches currently on sale!
  9. SFA appear to be leaving ticket sales a little bit late. Anyone heard anything?
  10. Davy, Just transferred £13 by Paypal. Transaction: 1RE81736X2277920S Cheers
  11. Davy, Can you please reserve a seat for me. Cheers
  12. Bristol (Easyjet) to Berlin. Berlin (El Al) to Tel Aviv Tel Aviv (Easyjet) to Geneva Geneva (Easyjet) to Bristol £228
  13. Davy, Can you reserve me a seat on one of your buses. Cheers.
  14. He chased down a lot of lost causes and won the ball back a few times, mainly forcing a throw in. However, when he did get the break of the ball there was not a Scots player within 15m of the penalty box to pass to. I'll have him leading the line well before Martin (Martyn).
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