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  1. Could you not use a photocopy of the passport page?
  2. Drivel. Players don't kick the ball as hard in the lower leagues?
  3. Did anyone pay the €15 extra to get a paper ticket sent to them (post match)? If it it was half that price I would probably of gone for it.
  4. Same answer I got when I asked about the 2 home games 'be patient'. I've received my application for the England game. Just a bit surprised an electronic system still has to lick the stamp before sending the applications out.
  5. I was a bit confused with the UEFA App as well. Filled in all the bits including passport number (no request for SSC number). Then it automatically asked for details of my bank account in the form of BIC number and IBAN number, which I've never heard of, in the event I was due a refund. A refund? I haven't paid for sod all yet. I opened another tab do a search on IBAN etc. By the time I returned to the UEFA app the page had changed. Hopefully I'm registered now.
  6. A pal ordered and paid for my 5 game package so we could sit together. I'd guess that's where the 5 points went 'missing'.
  7. Credit where credits due. I posted yesterday about having the wrong loyalty points. I e-mailed the SFA about 5pm yesterday afternoon. At 10 to 10 last night I received a response saying they had recalculated my points and increased my total by 5 points.
  8. For a business who only normally have to manage roughly 10 games a year and charge £40 (over 2 years) to so this, the inability to accurately count each members points is unreal.
  9. Where's your evidence that things will get better? Serious question.
  10. New qualifying round - same Scottish shite.
  11. A bit too early for me to take a chance on booking flights.
  12. Booked Easyjet Bristol to Copenhagen return. Out 30 Sep Return 3 Aug. Price £99. Included the 'larger' cabin baggage.
  13. Reasonable summary apart from McBurnie. He's shown very little to nothing in any the games he's played. He isn't even a regular starter for his club.
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