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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Or Strachan?
  2. Rounding off 2017 in a few weeks with Stone Sour at The Hydro. Definitely my best gig year on memory: January - Avenged Sevenfold & Disturbed May - Volbeat & Iron Maiden June - Guns N' Roses November - Metallica December - Stone Sour And just this morning booked to go see Guns N' Roses in Berlin in June.
  3. How can all these politicians that are suddenly resigning keep their jobs as MPs / MSPs? Surely if their conduct has fallen short of what's expected of them, they should step down from these gigs too? Constituents need the power to boot representatives out
  4. New jerseys?

    Belter. I personally prefer the all blue: shirt, shorts & socks but I like this one. £60 for a top is ridiculous. The profit margins on each unit must be massive now. And why is the women's top £5 cheaper?
  5. Malky's Squad

    Good squad for a friendly to try out some new faces, particularly at Centre Back. I'm unfamiliar with Hanlon and Cooper but this is always a position for concern for me. Hopefully the Aberdeen players are there on merit and not because the game is there.
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12017/11084090/alex-mcleish-wants-to-return-as-scotland-manager Picking up momentum. As bitter as I was when he left, would he do this all over again if he significantly improved the team? Is it worth it if it means going to a tournament? Thoughts?
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Aye. Bratwurst and Beer at home games from now on.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I don't think it would happen but I'd like to see them go "baw deep" and take a risk on a well known figure like Jurgen Klinsmann with a current SPL manager on the coaching staff, similar to what Stuart McCall was doing when he was on Strachan's team and managing Motherwell. History and experience isn't everything. Berti Vogts had a very impressive CV when he came to Hampden: Almost 100 international caps World Cup winner as a player Managed Germany to EURO 96 success. I feel however the SFA will go for a safe (cheap) option.
  9. Boots. Socks rolled down. Tap tucked in. Belt.
  10. Henry Mcleish ramblings

    Yesterday's man. He's only ever rolled out by the Yoon media to talk Scotland down. We were 1 goal away from a World Cup playoff, hardly a new low.
  11. Play off table

    1-0 Portugal. No prizes for guessing the scorer
  12. How do we approach tomorrows game?

    They haven’t conceded at home in almost 2 years. A draw is useless so attacking formation.
  13. To stay or go?

    Stay for me. We need longevity in a manager - 6 managers in 10 years isn't any use. For those saying go, any realistic replacements?
  14. Michelle Duberry

    Who? Details and supporting imagery may be useful...