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  1. Seconded. We usually go for a weekend most years. It's like a cleaner version of Scotland with loads of bikes.
  2. Did we really expect anything better from Tory vermin? Lowest of the low.
  3. With the World Cup approaching I'm sure we'll be treated to many contributions to this thread from the various punditry teams.
  4. Do - Event Manager Prefer - Rock Star
  5. McDange

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    It's also a chance for the coaching staff to see new players in training too. Not all about the game at this stage.
  6. McDange

    David Bates

    I watched this game and the police were clearly anticipating this. Within seconds they were in position, was really impressive
  7. McDange

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

  8. McDange

    David Bates

    HSV fans didn't take being relegated too well.
  9. McDange

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I think it's safe to say we'll see a highly experimental squad for these 2 fixtures, far from what we'd consider our full strength team. Although with the 2 opponents effectively trialling World Cup squads, hopefully the results aren't too demoarlising...
  10. McDange

    David Bates

    What I find most encouraging (and without downplaying Scottish football too much) is that a big team like Hamburg is even looking at Scottish teams in the first place for players. Good luck to him. I'm sure this will do wonders for development. I'm sure loads of Hamburg players will have a relegation clause in their contract and will be offskie if they go down so hopefully this means he'll get game time.
  11. McDange

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    Just back from the game. By no means a classic with a highly experimental squad with lots of changes and what were effectively auditions for some players. Thoughts • McDonald way off the pace and very uninspiring • Back 5 worked well with the full backs pressing. Even pleased to see both caught offside! • Far too defensive. So many players first instinct was to play back every time, even after going a goal down. • Stuart Armstrong & Callum McGregor significantly changed the pace when they came on and pressed forward a lot • Would have liked to have seen one of the other goalkeepers get a half Far from a full strength team but that’s what friendlies are for. Another game to prepare for on Tuesday to test more options though
  12. McDange

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Think it's safe to say we'll see subs galore on both games - i.e. the whole point of friendlies.
  13. McDange

    First Scotland games

    10 year gap between my games: First Home: Scotland 1-0 Australia in 1996 First Away: Lithuania 1-2 Scotland in 2006.