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  1. Tennis 2017

    At least Bedene saw the light and realised this season he is Slovenian afterall. Meanwhile, Federer takes a wild card in Rotterdam in an attempt to get back to number one.
  2. Tennis 2017

    Don't think there's any chance of him going near clay this year. I'd expect the same schedule as the first half of last year: Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, skip the clay court season, then Stuttgart, Halle and Wimbledon where he will be favourite, if fit. I think what the last 12 months has highlighted is that the previous decade really was the golden era. There's no way a 36 year old should be winning major's nor a half fit Nadal (at Flushing Meadows).
  3. Tennis 2017

    It does feel like this is the end of high level competition for Andy and time also appears to be catching up with the others as Nadal, Djokovic and Wawrinka are all major doubts for Melbourne... the freak that is Fed keeps on going though.
  4. New scottish tax bands

    No spin at all and 100% correct, I'm merely separating the impact that the Westminster and Holyrood budgets will have on the Scottish tax payer, something the SNP are reluctant to do. I am all for a progressive tax system, but despise rhe disingenuous politician speak surrounding these announcements. One thing is indisputable - people in Scotland earning £26k+ will, from April, be paying more tax than those on the same salary elsewhere in the UK.
  5. New scottish tax bands

    To be fair, it's mostly spin from Sturgeon - the SNP are trying to take credit for the Tory rise in the personal allowance from £11,500 to £11,850. Looking only at the SNP adjustments, the 19% band will save a taxpayer a maximum of £20/year. The 21% band will recoup at least that from everyone earning £26k or more. Anyone earning £26k or more will pay more tax as a result of the Scottish budget.
  6. Tennis 2017

    It is a worry. I watched the exhibition and he was obviously hobbling between points.
  7. Tennis 2017

    Brilliant performance from old man Fed in Shanghai. Pretty much unplayable when he serves like that - with Rafa not really close to even a break point. Still no idea how Fed's backhand has improved so much this season.
  8. I regularly track the space station: https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/view.cfm?country=United_Kingdom&region=Scotland&city=Aberdeen#.Wbun2U2WwdU How do you explain me looking up, through a telescope, at a clearly formed space station hurtling through the night sky. Despite the sky occasionally being cloud free, the space station will go dark at the precise moment the reflection of the sun is obscured by the earth. That moment of darkness will change as it moves around the globe.
  9. Reprinted tickets

    We bought four tickets in RE - since sold on after getting away end tickets - no mention of any reprint / relocation. Potential for chaos on the day if seats are double booked.
  10. Athletics

    They have never been part of Great Britain. However, they are part of the United Kingdom. No idea why athletics don't use UK instead of GB & NI.
  11. 4 tickets required

    Have one available in section RE. £22.
  12. Tickets Required

    Have 3 spare for sale at face value in section RE.
  13. Ticketus is an interesting one. Whatever they don't get via the liquidation process (which at 5p in the pound will be most of what they're owed), they have already been through the courts and won the case against Whyte personally for the right to call in various guarantees that he gave. Not sure what they'll actually get from him at the end of the day...
  14. Looking at the list of creditors in the latest BDO report: HMRC - £94.4m Ticketus - £27.2m Directors (including King) - £20.0m Shareholders - £10.9m Debenture Holders - £7.7m and so on to a total of circa £170m
  15. Tennis 2017

    Could count Cameron Norrie - South African born to a Scottish father and Welsh mother. Lives in the US (via New Zealand). opted to represent GB at tennis.