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1 hour ago, Tartan_McCole said:

I hate this patter. Why would I want to get charged more to see a team pump Scotland? Fuck Belgium. I don't want to see Lukaku, Hazard and Dembele gliding around the park. I'd rather pay to watch a game we might actually win.

Folk that are always wanting to watch the biggest and best play us are for the watching. More of a football fan than a Scotland fan.

The last point isn't a dig at you, more at modern football culture.

Absolutely. At the risk of sounding like an Uber, I have never ever bought a ticket for a Celtic or Scotland game based on the the opposition was. I'd pay the same to watch us play San Marino as I would Brazil or France.

20 for tonight is actually pretty good to see us play a competitive game so hopefully we get a good turn out. The Monday factor will obviously mean many can't make it but for those who can then I hope they will.

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Agreed on this "ohh but it was Belgium, they have great players" pish. If I wanted to go and see Belgium and their great players turn it on for 90 mins then I would be picking a game where they weren't playing Scotland FFS. Watching Hazard etc pump us isn't an enjoyable experience.

Tonight certainly wasn't high on my agenda for things to do when the draw got made but I have a couple of mates across from Italy for the game. Considering one of them mate at least a 6 hour round trip to got to a game in Bologna back in April with me then the least I can do is fire through from Fife tonight for a few hours.

The prices are also good tonight IMO. Doubt that it will have much affect on the attendance however.

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On 9/7/2018 at 6:22 PM, Exglasgowasc said:

I'm going to watch an event at the Hydro in October and it's not costing me £30. 

Me too.  Kevin Bridges on 5th October and it's £45 a head.

Although I agree that the Belgium game was ridiculously overpriced.  Albania was fair I thought.  I took the wife and both kids and it was £70 for the four of us in the South Stand.  Snuck into the comfy seats as well, was all very enjoyable.

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