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  1. No replies to this since 29th June. Really shows the apathy that has set in.
  2. Going by Saturday, Kilmarnock wont find that side a pushover but should have enough in their locker over the two legs.
  3. Cracking trip for you squirrelhumper. I'll spy on the Welsh lot for you next weekend when we play them in Cork. We're only getting 200 tickets for our tie in Lapland. Ground only holds 2000. Club have negotiated 10% instead of obligatory 5%. Proving an expensive jaunt, but hopefully we get through and get the Georgian mob in the next round!!!
  4. Heading over to Cork a week on Friday to watch the Dons first pre season friendly. Anyone else on here going?
  5. Brilliant comments from Stevie Clarke. I only wish our chairman would do the same instead of bending over and taking it up the arse every opportunity.
  6. Do you know the linesman who was running the line in front of your support at Pittodrie? I'm sure if you don't then some of your fellow fans must.
  7. I'm going to watch an event at the Hydro in October and it's not costing me £30.
  8. Long since chucked the SSC and not been at an away match since Malta a couple of years ago I thought ok nice night and I could make it along tonight so i looked at the SFA site and thought I'll buy a ticket. Not a chance. £30 for the West Stand for a friendly. Seriously??? I know it's cheaper for SSC members and there are various deals etc, but with the blatant corruption going on with regards to dodgy decisions and appeals etc this season so far how the hell do they hope to attract punters to come along on a whim at these prices??? Just reaffirms one of my reasons to chuck it.
  9. Good good. Sorted anyway. Train down to Burnley early Thursday morning. Last train back to Preston after the game. Bide the night there and train up the road on Friday £38. Cheapest Euro trip ever. I'm more concerned about getting a ticket.
  10. I'm pretty sure that after some of my recent trips with the Dons I'll be fine.
  11. I'll be up for this one. Does nobody use this site anymore?
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