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  1. Hey Ceelo That's another trophyless year for your club, but at least some children were molested in the 70s so you'll have something to sing about tonight at least. Get it right fucking round you.
  2. Only right that the lesser fans get treated with suspicion
  3. Like I said, you're just a sewer rat who is glad children were abused so that you can point score over a game of football
  4. Zander Clark has always looked a good keeper to me. I don't see him play as much as Bain but don't see very much between them from what I have.
  5. Pleasing that the Huns could have a midfield containing Jack, Jones, Kamara and Shinnie next season
  6. "If the Green Brigade were real Celtic fans" That was the point I decided not to engage you in debate.
  7. 14 weeks in jail for the daft cunt who ran on and punched the Villa player. He's actually had a result there , I'd say. I expected a couple of years.
  8. At least I won't have to listen to rockets singing that cringey song in San Marino. He's currently our best keeper though, so a slight blow
  9. I doubt it with cramming a full qualifying group into 8 months. Would there even be any available dates with us having a group of 6?
  10. I see Would have been interesting to see the outcry on here about it had it been a green brigade banner. An image of a guy getting his dobber sucked isn't something that children should be getting exposed to.
  11. That and people would rather talk about the actual football. What more is there to say about these things that haven't already been said anyway? They're terrible and nobody wants to see it, but spending time going over it and over it again on a forum isn't the answer to changing it.
  12. Who are LCFC in that Motherwell banner, and why do Hamilton Accies suck them off?
  13. Seen a tweet from a City man mocking the death of Greelish's 1 year old brother. Shocking and disgusting
  14. Birmingham City fan just ran on and cracked a Villa player *** Didn't mean to quote you
  15. Thought it was one of the more enjoyable scoreless draws I've watched. Either team could have won it towards the end. Thought the double sub at half time was strange as Henderson was having a good game. Sinclair wasn't brilliant but is always a goal threat. Burke would have been better making way for Edouard and Forrest staying out on the right. The Huns draw means it's not too bad a result but pretty disappointing still. I thought Considine was Aberdeen's best player.
  16. My only concern for that is Kazakhstan away. I don't know any of their individual players to base this on, but having a look at some of their previous results (added to the travel) it looks like they're probably a level above the likes of San Marino. If we can open with a win over there then i believe we will win the other 5 games against the lower ranked teams which will create a sort of mini league between ourselves, Russia and Belgium for the top two spots. Although as I said previously, Belgium will win that and leave it down to our two games with Russia. That's my prediction anyway. Either that or we'll win the four games against Russia and Belgium and lose the other 6...
  17. Looks like you're just assuming that Belgium will win all 4 games with us and Russia, even in that event we'd still need a point in Russia to be sure. It's likely they will all the games so could come down to the two head to heads with Russia, almost like a playoff within the group. It's just so important that we beat all of the lesser teams as the Russians probably will. That draw with Lithuania at home in the last game pretty much killed us in the last campaign.
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