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  1. There would also be the small matter of Sky looking like absolute cvnts if they reneged on a deal, given the circumstances, just because it didn’t start on the exact date they wanted it to.
  2. One of the Italian journos on Twitter was suggesting yesterday that Italian Govt were going to announce crowd restrictions until Jan 2021.
  3. Wullie, Lowland League have declared the season over and awarded Kelty the title.Not sure if there is any chance of promotion, think that requires a lot of agreements between a lot of leagues if they were to put Kelty and Brora into Division 2. No relegation from LL confirmed. EOSL have a (virtual) meeting tomorrow to decide what happens with leagues.
  4. West of Scotland League seems to have taken all the Juniors from WRSJFA. Well laid out statement. League is run well at this level IMO. Potentially 67 teams coming under WOSL. http://slfl.co.uk/pyramid-update-67-applications-approved/
  5. Words won’t make any difference to how you feel but sorry for your loss and the circumstances around it.
  6. 😂 That did make me smile! I am supposed to be seeing The Reytons next Saturday in The Mash House in Edinburgh. Small venue, only about 300. Heard nothing. I’m choosing to not go. Said since I got the tickets it’s the one band I want to see most this year. They can wait. Following Wednesday due to see Slow Readers Club in the Liquid Rooms. About 800 capacity. They actually emailed yesterday saying that gig will still be on. Which actually annoyed me a lot. Again I will give it a miss.
  7. I would extend that to anyone choosing to go to gatherings of any sort when it’s not a necessity is maybe not quite insane but they are putting themselves and others at risk.
  8. I read that S Korea’s cases are largely based around 2 things. One is some church/cult like group and the other is a call centre which was labelled as a ‘super cluster” where a couple of the group worked. They will probably account for the large number in the 20-29 group. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2020/03/11/seoul-reports-90-new-covid-19-cases-linked-to-call-centre
  9. I have been trying to explain this to anyone who says "the flu kills more". Aye, it does solely on numbers but it doesn't per infection case. Italy are currently at 6.6% death rate to positive cases.
  10. Suggestions in Italy last night that they are moving to wartime medical triage. They don't have the resources to treat everyone so it will be who is most likely to survive that gets first dibs at treatment.
  11. Spanish authorities refused to give permission for Roma team plane to land in Sevilla. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51831256
  12. Brian McClair. Considering what he achieved domestically and the players he had around about him in the Scotland squad.
  13. The ball hitting the bar 3 times was the whole stramash which led to the penalty and then non-penalty to indirect free kick. Highlights will be online later today so I will have to give that one another look. Kelty are probably performing as per their budget IMO. One (unexpected) defeat all season early on at Cumbernauld, one home draw after being 2-0 up v a pretty decent E Stirling side and last nights lucky draw. A +78 goal difference shows they gub the teams they should be gubbing, and heavily at times. 68 points from 75 is good going. Bar the Cumbernauld loss everything else is pretty much as it should be given players available. I think there has to be huge credit given to Bonnyrigg to staying in touching distance. Came up from EOSFL and first season in LL. While they were classed as a good side when coming up, having won 22 from 24 in the EOS the previous season, I don't think anyone expected them to perform so well and so consistently in the supposedly stronger league. 20 wins from 24 and only 2 defeats shows they are equally as strong in this league. They have pulled a few late winners in crucial games but thats the mark of a pretty strong and confident side. I think Kelty will get away from Bonnyrigg with at least a draw, which should be enough to seal it. I didn't see a great deal from Bonnyrigg at Kelty at end of Feb, bar a wind assisted second half, to say they will be strong favs on their own ground. Which is probably just as well given Kelty still have to travel to BSC too.
  14. A 96th minute equalising 2-2 at home to BSC last night puts it back in the mix. BSC the best side I have seen at Kelty this season and that includes Auchinlek. The ref had a.....memorable.....game. Gave BSC a second half pen which was a terrible decision, ball won cleanly. Then gave Kelty a penalty and subsequently changed his mind and gave an indirect free kick in the box instead. The late equaliser subsequently saw the ref send off the BSC manager. Gave cards that weren't and didn't give cards he should have. Certainly a touch of the Collums about him in the way he rushed to give decisions.
  15. I agree. Corona or flu alone don’t kill you. But if these same people had caught the flu, even given their underlying additional conditions, 5% of them wouldn’t have died.
  16. Old folk don't die from flu at a mortality rate of 5% though.
  17. If you bulk up on the beans then maybe add some additional loo roll too. I think it’s very concerning. As I said earlier in thread, I don’t remember worldwide Govts responding in this manner to previous viruses. I also don’t remember them seeming to be as infectious as this one. Or mortality rate to infection being as high. Without wanting to go all conspiracy theory it’s almost as if we aren’t been told the full story. Which is possibly a good thing given how some people have reacted to the level of information they currently have.
  18. Last two weekends definitely swung it in Kelty’s favour and a win Tuesday night over BSC would also be a huge step towards the title. I think Brora Rangers would be a very hard game, they have pissed the Highland League this season, won 24 from 26.
  19. Yep, 6-5 on pens after 1-1 draw. I noticed the back-up goalie was playing and Austin, Cennerazzo and Reid not named in the squad. Assume all were injured. BSC at Kelty on Tuesday night in the league, another big game. They are a very hard side to get the better of.
  20. Italy average age of death is 81 with a large percentage having underlying health issues.
  21. We have seen a few of these crop up over the years....bird flu and SARS from memory. I can’t remember any of those causing the cancellation or requirement to be football games behind closed doors.
  22. I’m all for sterner tests, especially as Berwick are at Bonnyrigg two weeks today. A result there the weekend before Kelty go to Bonnyrigg would be ideal. Total of 51 clubs in the west now expressed interest in WoSFL. Sounds like the end of the Junior game if even half of those sides move.
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