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  1. Haha, from what I've heard since John Kennedy
  2. Think hes fae Stevenston/Saltcoats way
  3. Bayern have offered a contract to Celtic 16 year old Liam Morrison. Seemingly he is the brightest prospect Celtic have had in years
  4. I've watched the video and didn't really have much of an opinion on it, I've seen loads of other videos regarding the 2 gender debate and yes I take your point in intersex but this crap this gets spouted of having 71 genders is absolute rubbish
  5. Quite a few things. 1. Don't care much /at all for womens fitba. 2. Other than about 5 songs Oasis were pish. 3. Quite like listening to Trump and Farage (british politics need a good hard look in the mirror) 4. There is only 2 genders 5. Voted for independence and voted for brexit. 6. Don't care much for the snp
  6. I would expect Lindsay to leave during this transfer window, Barnsley seemingly interested in Jason Kerr of St Johnstone
  7. How good is Turnbull anyway? Obviously the lad has potential its just not like celtic spending that kinda money on a player in Scotland
  8. Delighted that Kelly has signed for QPR, hopefully he's their number 1. Would be great to see Lindsay go to Brescia and really test himself too. Anyone wish that we played a few more friendlies or B internationals? Would love to see a few players get a chance in a free hit game or two
  9. Well it was posted under transfers, rumours and delusional pish...
  10. Sunderland have offered a contract to Shankland
  11. In fact Harper signs a pre contract with Getafe
  12. Jack Harper to sign a pre contract with Getafe
  13. Right now the vacant position of manager of Iceland is far more attractive than Scotland job
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