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  1. 5 at the back is where it is, starting off with a 5311, then shifting it to a 3511 on the counter with Christie playin off the forward
  2. Cant argue with a 6-0 win v San Marino given the horrendous conditions today. So after that performance, what have we learned about the team? Armstrong needs to be playing 1st team football, Shankland can do a job for us, Laim Palmer looks to have nailed the rb position as his own. Easiest game for the defence, where it allowed the midfielders to push higher up. The next 2 games are crucial to keep building momentum going into the playoffs.
  3. I'd start with a 5311 against better sides than us then adapt it to a 3511 when attacking, with Christie playing off the striker. It would be great if Tierney could operate at rb or at least tried there in a friendly. As for Forrest, he looked good coming in from the right and playing off the forward but out wide he looks below average. Are we wishing too much from him? Every player right now in the squad is replaceable including Robertson
  4. Should Griffiths be starting up front? Is Forrest is as good as the Celtic fans think? Same with McKenna? Has Steven Fletcher jacked in international fitba?
  5. Presumably all players are fit
  6. Poor second half after starting well to be honest. The heads went down after losing the 1st goal and we just collapsed. Thank fuck that's over
  7. Rohan


    Ross Doohan will be our no1 within the next couple of years
  8. Sometimes/most times going to watch scotland is a chore and not a privilege
  9. 541 Marshall, Palmer, Hanley, Cooper, Mulgrew, Robertson, Forrest, McLean, McGinn, Fraser, Burke Smash and grab 1-0 with a Burke tap in
  10. Full credit should be going to Ayr, Shamkland and Ian McCall. McCall signed him knowing it was last chance saloon playing full time football, Ayr gave him the platform of playing every week and Shankland put in the hard work. Dundee utd just continued the great work that Ayr put in
  11. Ticket prices are scandalous for Scotland games, to watch us getting humped on a fri/mon and asking the general public to pay £35 for the privilege for it. Hampden is a soulless bowl with the worst stands behind the goal known to man. Feck, you're closer to kilmarnock than you are to the pitch
  12. Should've played in a 5-4-1 formation then adopt it to a 3-5-1-1 when counter attacking. We've leaked stupid goals that's cost us for years especially from being in a winning position (see games against Wales, Russia, Slovakia, and Poland) This group is finished as far as I'm concerned, surely we now need to use the remaining games to sort our shit out before the playoffs. San Marino is a free hit, Kazakhstan have nothing to play for and Cyprus away will be tough but should see it through
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