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  1. I bet the figures are really 10 fold to what they are producing
  2. Branson is a total cunt. Tim Martin has always been a cunt, hes never really hid the fact that he doesn't care what folk think about him, but Branson yip total fanny. Same with George Soros
  3. Death toll of all closed cases currently at 11%
  4. If we look at some of the figures produced in regards to closed cases at this moment in time, the death rate is sitting at 8% totalling just over 7000 people. Now obviously this can be down to several factors for example immune system, underlying health problems, medicine received, how long before diagnosis. However this isnt even at its peak yet considering India have only recorded 124 cases, this will potentially infect tens of millions and the death count is only going to get higher. We'll be lucky to see the fitba back on for next season unless its behind closed doors
  5. Nation of bottle merchants. Here we have a young 18 year old who's outplaying world class players and was motm in both games but he's not ready to play against Nir Bitton
  6. How good is our midfield? Probably deserves a thread of its own to be fair. McTominay is outstanding, McGinn has been great for Villa, Gilmour was absolutely class against Liverpool and Everton, then we have John Fleck who has been a late bloomer of sorts but again has been outstanding. McGregor, Christie and Armstrong have been solid enough as has Fraser and Forrest. Do we over hype our players or are we not giving them enough credit? Surely tae fuck we can find a winning team in that midfield
  7. Matt Smith scored a hat trick tonight for Millwall, decent enough player and wouldn't be a bad choice to be called up to the squad
  8. Fuck me, nae offence like but Tom Hanks in Philadelphia looked better and he was dying of aids
  9. I've obviously misread the title of the thread. I thought it was "the trains stuff" ready for a good moan about about scotrail. But fuck me, this is fucking skitter
  10. So he would. I forgot about the 4 goals he has. Ffs going by that assumption then Teemu Pukki must be a world beater
  11. Mcburnie wouldn't make the bench at celtic
  12. I present to you Henrik Larsson, a genuinely world class player who was ten times the player michael owen ever was
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