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  1. Celtics chief scout was at the Dundee Utd game today watching Shankland
  2. Rhodes hasn't scored in nearly a year then boom he gets a hat-trick. Hopefully it'll kick start his goal scoring form again
  3. To be fair to Cooper, hes had a few injuries this season and to be captain of Leeds while riding high in the table is not something we should dismiss especially when he plays in one of our problem areas. As for our forward player problems, Griffiths when fit and on form is absolutely frightening, other than that we are a bit light. I would call up Smith from Millwall as hes a better option than trying to shoehorn someone else in that position
  4. Will it be a 50/50 split for tickets in the final?
  5. You dont have to like what I post and I don't have to care
  6. The point is that Donaldson knew exactly who he was getting a photograph with. I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of people have had their photo taken with Salmond. Will they be keen to get their photo with him if he's convicted? Knowing exactly who he is? and what he's done if convicted? No chance is the answer
  7. What a wonderfully constructed point of view. Your mum must be proud
  8. Fuck me this is embarrassing. Did former snp leader pose for a photo with Hitler youth or not? I'm not interested in anyone else before the snp fanboys spout pish. 4 people have quoted me but yet to disprove the photo
  9. So are you saying that Donaldson didn't pose for photos with Hitler youth?
  10. Ah the whataboutry! I'm only asking about Donaldson and I'm fully aware of the rest of them thanks
  11. So the photo with him posing with Hitler youth wasnt him then?
  12. Far too many people are politically homeless. The labour party are ran by activists and have long abandoned their working class routes that they once served. The Tories have at least always been cunts, Lib dems are an absolute joke, and the SNP have a dodgy past with former leaders from Arthur "seig heil" Donaldson to Alec "rapey" Salmond. They can all just fuck off
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