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  1. Arsenal have met Celtics valuation for Kieran Tierney
  2. Aye nae bother. I'm not saying he's a bad player however the term "world class" gets branded about all too easily now. Last season at Real Madrid he got his arse handed to him on a number of occasions. Overrated
  3. Marcelo is way overrated
  4. 100% total believer in the afterlife. I've been on quite a few ghostwalks/paranormal investigations, started off very sceptical, now I totally believe in the afterlife. A fair few things can be explained by the more rational person but there is a shitload that simply cannot
  5. Celtic have every right to kick out any bid that falls short of their valuation. £25m for Tierney is a very fair price for the lad, I'd be making sure a nice 10% sell on fee was added into the contract clause too. I just wish he was a natural right back
  6. Pure class man, who would've thought hall and ball would go so well
  7. No mate, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Shane Macgowan are fantastic songwriters. Noel was decent but thats it
  8. "Red and Green. Learn the bloody difference" Top Gear
  9. Dont get you knickers in a twist, just because youre a liam gallagher fan boy
  10. Roll with it, champagne supernova, wonderwall, live forever, and cigarettes and alcohol. The rest are meh/crap
  11. He totally deserves the fine, everyone knows cyclists are twats plus he runs a yoga retreat. That alone deserves a fine
  12. Haha, from what I've heard since John Kennedy
  13. Think hes fae Stevenston/Saltcoats way
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