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  1. Jacques Hunt

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Just finished reading Archie McPherson's book. Really good read and, as Craig Brown's endorsement states, very 'insightful'. Adventures in the Golden Age. I suggest must read, certainly for Scotland fans who, like me, experienced a lot of it, but really for any Scotland fan. It exposes SFA who have let the players and therefore the fans down in at least 3 tournaments. Jimmy Hill disnae come out of it smelling of roses either, you will be pleased to know. Really enjoyed it, great read but confirms SFA hierarchical attitude, their disregard for welfare of squad and also Ally McLeod's overconfidence in not preparing by watching opposition. Puts some of our abject performances into perspective.
  2. Jacques Hunt

    Russia 2018

    It is worse than I thought then as we were in a group of 6 where only one qualified. Using this measure we must be f**k knows what in the world. I was kinda hoping some c**t would cheer me up.
  3. Jacques Hunt

    Russia 2018

    Right enough but 50% of the teams in each group qualify. The standard would be lose to Panama, lose with a last minute goal v england, beat Belgium, get knocked out but look to future with great positivity. The winning goal v Belgium the goal of tournament so a recreation could take pride of place in Hampden museum.
  4. Jacques Hunt

    Russia 2018

    If my auntie had baws she would be my uncle this is but I have been through all 8 groups and substituted Scotland for what I think is the third seeded nation and decided whether or not we would have qualified for knockout stage. Having now seen all the teams play. Group A sub Scotland for Egypt. No B Morocco. No C Denmark or Peru. Maybe D Nigeria. No E Serbia No F Sweden. No G Tunisia. Maybe H. Japan. Maybe Perhaps a bit harsh but I think we would struggle to get out of any of those groups. Your comments welcome as am now utterly depressed.
  5. Jacques Hunt

    Russia 2018

    Ta for feedback. Thought there would be more.
  6. Jacques Hunt

    Russia 2018

    Anyone know how many players from Scottish clubs are in the squads of nations playing in Russia?
  7. Jacques Hunt

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    I'm nearly 60 so you will have many more years than me to be alive and watch Scotland. In those 70s and 80s tournaments the Holy Grail was not qualifying so much as progressing from the group stages in the finals. Look on the bright side, you may well see us qualify and progress. Maybe even win something!! I reckon 99.9% of fans support unsuccessful teams. Just keep supporting Scotland, be proud and get behind the young men of your age who pull on the jersey. Enjoy supporting Scotland, representing the country abroad and everything that goes with that. Wha's like us?
  8. Jacques Hunt

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    I watched this today on iplayer and thought it was very good. Very fair to Ally too; the press built him up and then he took all the flak. He was very naive as we all now know and the stuff about hotel and training facilities was not known by fans until much later. We did have a great squad - as we did in 74 and 82 - but we had gone off the boil and McLeod should have changed things earlier. Fair play to the folk who went over though. I regret allowing myself to fall at first hurdle as mentioned in previous post. Just as in the late sixties as a wee boy in Dunfermline when I did not think about the Pars NOT playing in a European competition, I did not imagine my nation not being at a World Cup finals. We even had the luxury then of dismissing the Euros as unimportant. We have to go to another WC finals very soon, especially for all youze who have never experienced it. For the record, I believe we will get to Qatar. Not saying we’ll win it mind. If we do qualify, make every effort to go. I am lucky enough to have been and, however excruciating it was to get knocked out in first stage, especially in ‘82, they were fantastic experiences. Wonderful memories and 77/78 was brilliant even though I did not go over to Argentina. Wembley, Hampden, Anfield. Only 2 other teams in our qualifying group. 4 games. Changed days.
  9. Jacques Hunt

    No shots on target?

    This whole 'tour' is a joke as we all know. Nothing to learn or gain from it as far as I am concerned with very few of the players anywhere near our first team so not upset at all. Actually feel sorry for the lads as they also know the score but I would have gone to get a Scotland cap had I been invited. No danger. If we beat Mexico 5-0 playing free-flowing, exciting, attacking football I may reconsider but the real judgement is reserved for Israel and Albania as this friendly replacement tournament (Nations League) gives us a chance of achieving what we all crave, albeit via the back door.
  10. Jacques Hunt

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Aye and you can say what you like about Matt Phillips and how he fits into our plans as many on here have on many occasions - but he turns up. No doubt, now that I have added this comment he will withdraw with a mystery injury.
  11. Jacques Hunt

    Centre Backs.

    Anyone remember Davie Robb? He had the lot. Got capped too I think.
  12. Jacques Hunt

    Centre Backs.

    He scores goals too. Just potted another v Burton Abion
  13. Jacques Hunt

    Argentina Memeries

    For me, the best team won that WC, even though they probably got help with a likely prearrangement with Peru. They had fantastic players, really exciting as I recall.
  14. Jacques Hunt

    Centre Backs.

    Don't agree with this. I thought Mulgrew made a positive difference when he came in during last campaign. Also feel Berra's experience can be an asset, especially if if we play younger players such as Hendry. McKenna looked good in last two games so has to be in next time. I know I am virtually on my own with this next one but I repeat that I would like to see Calum Paterson play centre back.
  15. Jacques Hunt


    Unthinkable indeed but we are very capable of finding a way to miss out. Bloody Hell, surely not?