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  1. Aye. If I thought he would get another hat-trick I'd have played him. Nothin fancy the night Son............................ If he does get a hat trick tonight I will not have words to describe my joy - unless we get beat.
  2. It is going to have to be 4-5-1 So I would drop Fraser for Armstrong and play Burke alone. Fraser is great but we need a strong defence tonight and packed midfield so Armstrong better for me to get us forward when we can. Marshall. O’Donnell McKenna Mulgrew Robbo McGinn McTominay McGregor McLean Armstrong Burke
  3. In a nutshell. Agree 100%
  4. Really delighted with this appointment and believe SC will take us forward to qualification in future. Defence still a problem but he will get us playing as a proper unit and with belief. Our players are much better than they have shown under Eck and i hope and believe SC will be in charge for many years. However, we as fans must get right behind him and squad and support them properly. Next game crucial but management team will need time so don’t expect miracles. Improvement, not miracles. We should be patient and supportive.
  5. Dinnae fret. Brenda, my boss‘s wife kens SC‘s sister. Nailed on. Brenda kens.
  6. I sincerely hope that these lads are not relying on the insurance policy of the Nations league play offs
  7. I am 60 and remember our Centenary ‘celebration’ humping at home by England and was at a fair few others including Wembley 1975. This is the worst. Wished we’d played 4-6-0 now!
  8. This is the worst- he has to go. WGS.
  9. I agree. Eck is a nice bloke but was finished as a manager before he took this job.
  10. Another positive is the belief that winning can instil in the young players. After Israel away debacle when team arrived into country late I was really concerned and I believe similar circumstances preceded Albania away game so I was fearful but all ends well. did not realise Albania. We’re higher ranked than Georgia and agree we MUST stop going to such away games- often on back of encouraging win- and play shite. Hopefully these last two games where we attacked and scored gives players more belief. Was biting nails at the end last night and thought we were going to do a Scotland and. Concede a late goal. Nearly did, ever grateful to Shagger.
  11. I have for a long time wanted us to attack more from midfield and as you say, drive at defences. It was great to see Fraser, Christie Armstrong and Forrest do this with such conviction and I think Fletcher was key in this with his superb hold up play and general hard work. Fletcher was brilliant last night. All this has to be tempered given standard of opposition in last two games but long may it continue. We have others who can do this too; McGinn, GMS and Phillips for Example. Cue criticism of Phillips but I rate him and want him in squad.
  12. Aye, right enough. Or a cry of surprise or astonishment as in my username.
  13. I think McLeish has found answer to our goalscoring problem. Simply play players who have surname beginning with F.
  14. Where I come from, the word c**t is a term of endearment. eg He‘s a good c**t or He‘s no a bad c**t
  15. Yes. Great night. Drove 340 miles there and same again back to family. Clean f****d. My son slept in back of car and is now at school.
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