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  1. Since the start of this Millennium Celtic have won 31 major domestic trophies. More than everyone else combined. How on earth can there be a domestic conspiracy against Celtic? Truth is, the Celtic fans are nothing but a spoiled, paranoid bunch of morons that lack any kind of national identity. They also lack humility, brains, humanity, charity and sportsmanship* In professional sport you can't openly accuse an official of showing favouritism as it immediately brings the game into disrepute and It goes a long way to suggest that the sport is rigged and that there's very little point of playing, as the ending has been leaked. Celtic should've came out and said that they don't share Tom Boyd's opinions and that he's been sacked from Celtic TV as well as from his ambassadorial role at the club. *That goes for Rangers fans, too** **Not all Celtic and Rangers fans. I'm sure there are a few level-headed ones.
  2. Oh no? Last season, when Willie Collum sent off Daniel Candeias at St Mirren this happened. An Official Rangers statement thundered: “This is by no means the first time errors of judgment have been made in matches involving this official and clearly there is an underlying issue which requires to be addressed. Both clubs are as mental as each other. The sooner that they both go back to their homeland the better. That isn't a Trumpesque quote, all Celtic do is sing ROI songs and wave their flags, and all Rangers do is sing and wave NI songs and flags, so it's clear to me that they're stuck here and they want desperate to go "home". I say get both of them off the agenda and send them to opposite sides of Ireland. It would appear that this would suit everyone. Someone should start up a crowdfunding as the poor lambs obviously can't afford to leap over the sea.. ya know, what with everyone keeping them down. Poor diddums.
  3. There's bias commentary and then there's absolutely deranged comments from a person who thinks the world is against his club. You're right, in-house commentators are biased. I'm regularly watching MUTV and Paddy Crerand sounds like he's been at the whisky before matches, and yes, he's Manchester United centric, but on the main he's harmless and he's never once said anything really sinister. I'll listened to a lot of in-house channels and they may be biased, but generally they just have a sincere passion for their club and the fan comes out in their commentary. I've Celtic TV a couple of times. One of the matches, I think it was against Motherwell (I'll probably be wrong with that one) and Bobby Madden was the ref. Every single decision that went against Celtic it was because "Bobby Madden never gives us anything", "I'm not surprised that we didn't get that decision as Madden is against us". That's actually verbatim. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I'm only surprised it took so long for the media to get wind of this and the SFA to act. He genuinely thinks that every since official as well as the SFA are against Celtic. Yes. Celtic continuously win every trophy in Scotland and yet there's a massive conspiracy to stop them from winning. This must be the worst conspiracy in history as it simply is not working. As a player he seemed like an unassuming character, pretty harmless. What happened to a person to make them so paranoid and filled with demons like that? Celtic are wrong to back him. Boyd is clearly suggesting that a referee is actually got an agenda against Celtic. We've all seen what the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Trump has done in the US. When dumb people get empowered all hell usually breaks loose. Talking of, can't wait to see what the Green Brigade have to say... odds are it'll be rooted in paranoia and they'll paint Tom Boyd as a political martyr.
  4. Football fans are so fickle. In one week at the redcafe Scott McTominay goes from being the best football player since sliced bread to the incarnation of Djemba-Djemba. The truth is, neither are right. He's a good player, he might be better than that some day, but that day isn't today. In the grand scheme of things he's still learning. He's the same age as Tierney and yet he's only played around 50 top flight matches for Manchester United, whereas, Tierney has played 171 times. If McTominay gets 50/60 matches under his belt this season it'll be brilliant for him and he'll be the better player for it. He's been timid in his first two matches of the season, but the more he plays the better he'll become. He strikes me as a humble lad who will listen and learn and will go the extra mile to improve. This season will be a bumpy one for him, it doesn't help that the Manchester United midfield is a total and complete mess. It's not an ideal scenario where a 22 year old who has very limited experience is looked upon as the player who will run the midfield. Pogba should be that man, but he simply cannot be trusted. I'll stick to my guns and say that Scott McTominay has the potential of turning into a very, very good player. This time next season will be a better gauge on how good he is and good he'll become.
  5. I haven't given it much thought, to be honest. I would welcome it, though. We'll find out soon.
  6. It's really weird. If the FAI put as much effort into nurturing their own kids rather than trawling through ancestry.co uk I'm sure they'd be able to produce a few decent players that are actually of Irish descent. If Johnston or McPake choose Ireland then fair enough. Ultimately it's their lives. The issue that I have with it is McPake is just out of school and the FAI are in his agent's ear, pressuring him to decide which international team he wants to play for. It's immoral.
  7. It's really getting ridiculous now. Of our current youngsters ROI are trying to steal Michael Johnston and Josh McPake. I wonder who it'll be next. I'd be shocked if they hadn't looked into the lineage of Liam Morrison and Billy Gilmour.
  8. Oh. I covered my bases quite well. I said that Scott McTominay is "good" on multiple occasions. It's not exactly a glowing reference. He might just be "good" but it's still head and shoulders above the dross we have in midfield. I thought McTominay was neat and tidy last night. He certainly wasn't the worse player in a United shirt. He got a solid 6 from me. As I said previous, the Manchester United midfield is an absolute hot mess at the moment: Fred hasn't lived up to his £50m price tag. Matic's legs have gone. Mata is a shadow of what he once was. Lingard doesn't offer anything. Pereira is awful and Pogba plays like he's in the playground.
  9. We play Japan at the start of next month, so it should be soon, maybe this week. If it's good enough for Billy Gilmour.... It'll be interesting if he's in Ireland's U21s.
  10. Yes, Spain, England and other countries far far better than us do it because they have players who are far far better than ours. I doubt very much that McPake is any better than the players already called up. And gold star for missing my point. A player shouldn't be called off to warn off another nation. If the lad gets peeved by this "snub" and decides to choose Ireland then the very best of luck to him.
  11. Good question, actually. A lot of United fans were saying that very thing last season. If they're going to buy Longstaff, which I think they will eventually, then yes, there's definitely a good chance that they'd buy McTominay if he were playing elsewhere. In my opinion he's already as good as Henderson and Milner and look how well those players did. OGS is trying to build a British core, what with the purchases of Wan-Bissaka and Maguire, so it's definitely conceivable that he'd buy McTominay. Did Bielsa miss the Belgium match? McGinn is fine with little 5 yard passes but more than that and he struggles. His main strengths are getting the ball and driving forward, which is why he should be playing on the shoulder of the striker(s), kinda like what Benitez does with Steven Gerrard. He did so because Gerrard emptied the midfield too frequently.
  12. Honestly, I think he knew that he wasn't good enough to play for Scotland, either that or he played perhaps the worst game of bluff in the history of bluff... it was a game...
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