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  1. David Turnbull to sign a 4 year deal with Celtic in what has been the strangest transfer saga in a while. The lad held Celtic to ransom. He'll have the hit the ground running if he wants to win the favour of the Fans. Personally I'm disappointed by his lack of ambition. I don't think Celtic (or Rangers) fans realize that winning trophies in Scotland is akin to going to a medal store and buying a medal. It's meaningless.
  2. Messi penalty compilation Watch that video and you tell me how many times a goalkeeper stays on his line. I'll give you a clue. It's either none and zilch. The "goalkeepers have to stay on the line till the ball has been struck" isn't a new law. Keepers get away with it all the time, and they'll continue to get away with it. Why they're using this World Cup as a Guinea pig to clamp down on keepers moving forward off their lines is baffling. Next season in the EPL they won't allow VAR to get involved with keepers moving forward during penalties and I'm sure that the other top leagues won't, either. Referees need help. but not when it comes to this. The ref is usually watching when a penalty is being struck so it should be his sole jurisdiction. If they're going to take all power away from the ref then why not just introduce VAR Drones to officiate the match.
  3. No, I agree. Generally the standard of referring (both male and female) is pretty poor. Normally I don't like to criticize as it must be stressful having tens of thousands eyes on you and tens of thousands of people pointing the finger (usually the middle one) and giving you dog's abuse for 90 mins. I wouldn't do it. But in this tournament the standard of referring is sticking out like a sore thumb. Another positive about women's football is that there is very little/no playacting. There's no rolling around half a dozen times and hitting the deck like they've been snipered. The pen against England sticks my mind. It was harshly given, but the Scotland players accepted it and didn't verbally abuse the ref. The Men's game could learn a thing or two from these female players.
  4. I've watched a dozen or so matches, it's honestly happened in every single match. A French match, the ball was a yard out, and a couple yards away was the linewoman, she didn't flag it. The quality of football has been of a high standard. All the teams play football on the deck (Which is more than you can say about Scottish football), but they really must improve the standard of the officials.
  5. I've enjoyed the Tournament. The football has been good and there's definitely a lot of talent in the women's game. All in all it's been a successful tournament and I'm sure women's football has collected a lot more fans as a result. However, the officiating has been absolutely woeful, from start to where we are now. Refs give fouls when they shouldn't and don't when they should. Last night's debacle pretty much summed it up. Next season penalties are not going to regulated by VAR in the EPL, as they're leaving it to the sole discretion of the referee. Which makes sense. I mean, where was the ref looking when the player hit the penalty? Was her eye closed? Was her mind drifting off to what meal she was going to get after the match? I read people saying that the 3 pens that were given against us were "100% penalties". Errrrr….. No. The first one against England, our player stuck out her leg to block the shot and her arm was out to balance her body, which is a "natural position", therefore, it should never have been given. People don't play football or run with their arms vertically downwards. I have no complaints about the other two pens. Not that I'm saying the ref cost us last night, she didn't. When we were 3:0 up we should've shut-up-shop. Kerr should've put 5 defenders behind the ball and parked the bus and made three subs as soon as possible. The best teams that I've seen are USA, Holland and France.
  6. That is ridiculously harsh. We get mauled by Kazakhstan, we sneak a win against San Marino and Cyprus and you expect our fans to be choc-filled with optimism? Take Robertson, Tierney, McTominay and Fraser out of the equation and we'd have be ranked in triple digits. The SFA are pathetic losers, the Scottish clubs are, too. The fans are the only thing we have.
  7. I've watched a few matches so far and I haven't seen the cheating, the diving and the play-acting that you see in the "men's game". No rolling around 15 times like they've been squashed by a tank, etc. When England got the penalty, I didn't see one Scotland ladies player bark at the referee or the lineswoman. If this was a men's match the ref would've been surrounded by abusive players. Plus a wee tip for the people not enjoying this tournament: Enjoy it, as we probably won't see a Men's team at a World Cup again in our lifetime.
  8. And Ross McCrorie, too, by all accounts. And yet Rangers fans are crying about not having any players called up for the Scotland squad. Not too bright, that lot.
  9. This year the ladies French tennis open was way more entertaining than the male equivalent, which included two teenager in the semi-finals and a first time am winner. Everyone knew that Nadal was going to win the men's. Plus, with ladies football, the more that Hope Solo is on screen the better.
  10. Back on topic. The clown clubs (Celtic and Rangers) looking at more foreigners. Celtic being unwilling to shell out peanuts for potentially the best player that Motherwell have ever produced. Another day another bout of the Old Firm showing contempt towards the Scottish national team.
  11. After this match I'd make Liam Kelly the number one. I wouldn't do it in this match because it could ruin him, as Belgium will probably score 5+. Also, Marshall is more experienced. He's better than Bain, Marshall and Alan MacGregor. It's only a matter of time till he's playing in the EPL.
  12. Citing "He who is without sin cast the first stone". There appears to be quite a few Angels at Hampden and here, who have never did or said anything wrong. Must be boring never making any mistakes, plus it deprives people of an opportunity to learn and grow into a better human being.
  13. Apparently Japan are in transition and not at their best. I can see a Scotland win.
  14. I don't care what the team and formation is. If Belgium are up for this they'll score at least 5. It'll be entertaining at the very least.
  15. So, you're another piece of the misogynist mob? Good to know. We're witnessing the worst ever Male Scotland side in history (that is not hyperbole ) and yet people have the brass neck to diss women's version of the game. Ah well, if they think misdirection works then fair enough.
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