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  1. United starting with 3-4-3. A manager who isn't afraid to experiment. Must be nice.
  2. McTominay Vs Robertson in an hour of so. Should be interesting.
  3. Doesn't really help that Hearts play Rugby. I stumbled upon a French stream and I swear the commentator was stifling laughter.
  4. Rangers not even bothering with their "One eligible Scot" policy anymore. Don't fret, though, the SFA will spring into action and introduce a cap on homegrown players (the same as dozens of countries have done) in thirty years...
  5. I don't think I've ever been less than polite or cordial to everyone on here. To be honest, i think that's one of the reasons i wind people up. I've literally lost count of the times people have gone at me, in an aggressive manner, and I've faced it with politeness. That annoys people more than being equally as aggressive. If you fight fire with ice you get a much better reaction. My attitude to life is "Just do you". Translation: Be yourself and let others be themselves.
  6. Obviously they don't if they actually think I like three at the back. I'd play it as a last resort. You know what I think it is? I think I'm more tolerant than most people here. I mean, we have a guy who has Paul Dickov Tourettes and mentions Dickov many times a day. A guy who says, like clockwork "James Forrest - What a player", every time he scores and we have a lad who quotes Whoscored.com every single time a Scottish player steps onto a pitch. I notice all those things, but I've never lost my temper over it or said anything. People are free to say or to do what they want.
  7. Yep, i need to get to get the hell out of Bizarro world!
  8. Victim? Well, it's not exactly how I would describe it, but yes, I'd definitely say that there's a mass amount of miscommunication. People think I wanna ditch a four because i prefer a three? That's not right at all. People bitch about me being repetitive about a three, but maybe that's actually because no one really gets it. And obviously they don't, if they think i like a three. I'd try it as we've pretty much tried everything else You think it's frustrating for everyone else? How bad do you think it is for me? We play two matches, ship eight goals, and people want to continue down the same route. It is actually quite insane. I do live in Glasgow. Maybe. I'll think about it.
  9. As per usual, person X (you) brought it up and person Y (me) is answering. Honestly, that's always the pattern lol God, why else do you think i wrote the q & a sheet? Bored of answering the same old questions time and time again.
  10. If person X (the TAMB) brings up a question, and person Y (Me) answers it x 100 times, it's silly to call person Y repetitive as person X is bringing it up just as much. Besides, it just underlines how slow people are in this place that they actually think i like three at the back.
  11. I covered most of this: Here There's really no point having amazing fullbacks if the middle is as soft as a bowl of porridge. Plus Robertson has been taking pelters from people in this place for months, so it's not like people are being blown away from having a world class fullback. A football match is won and lost in the middle. We need to play all our best players where they can actually influence matches. If we play Robertson as anchorman and Tierney as a central defender we won't be losing their attacking influences, as they aren't able to attack for us anyway.
  12. I mention it every five minutes? Search my posts, you'll see that that's a misconception. Also, you're the one who brought it up. Just go back one page. You said that i look down on people who want to play four at the back. That's actually the way that it goes, quite regularly. It's a misconception that i bring it up, in reality i rarely do.
  13. I know. But that's what annoys me, why am i the only one who actually sees that our central defenders can't play in a four? Even if McKenna and Souttar are both fit, those two are English Championship level players. Both Strachan and McLeish got the point were they tried a three (strangely enough, only for one competitive match each). Strachan almost beat England with it and McLeish lost to Israel. But you're right, Clarke will never deviate from a four.
  14. Ummmmmmm.... Reverse psychology? Same. It would cease to be a discussion board it no one discussed things. And oh please! You love my three at the back mantra. Everyone does. Honestly, though, in an ideal world we would have two world class central defenders... And i would never have to mention the words "three", "at", "the" and "back" ever again.
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