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  1. He's the one who came into my thread for one purpose, and that purpose is to troll. Excuse me for giving him a slap.
  2. Oohhhh! A wordsmith! At long last, a worthy adversary....
  3. Barcelona and Real currently have midfielders who can make 5 yard passes and they don't break into a sweat when an opponent is next to them, so if he did join those two, he's be at left back. Do I have to dumb it down for you?
  4. Absolutely spot on. I'd also agree with your midfield line-up in midfield and attacking midfield. I don't care what anyone says, the middle of the park (both defence and midfield and attack) is the most important position on a football pitch. If you control the middle then you'll control the game. We simply are not in a privelaged position to play our best players either at full-back or on the wing. There's no point having players out wide if the players in the middle aren't good enough to feed them. We must play our best players through the middle. Not so ludicrous. He's getting better and better, and his assists are so that it'll be noticed. He made a brilliant tackle on (I think) Messi early on, and now almost an assist.
  5. Chripper


    I know. Everyone in Scottish football must take a share of the blame for not only the state of the Scottish national team, but also the state of Scottish football. If you attend a match below the SPL it's akin to watching a Volleyball match. The lack of basic skill is criminal. I agree with you, if these performance schools can arrest the decline then that'll be great, if not, I can genuinely see Scotland drift towards 100 in the world rankings. Because as it is right now I'm petrified for Scotland meeting any half-decent team.
  6. Chripper


    I'd take the latter. If there was a third choice of "Drawing up a proper blueprint, studying nations like Holland, France, Belgium and Spain on how they train their youth, etc. Then take 2-4 years to implement it. Forcing domestic clubs to play their homegrown players. And then seeing where it takes us" I'd rather take that. We've neglected our young players for too long. I mean, an example of this, Celtic released Andy Robertson as a youth, if it was up to them he would still be shelf-packing. It makes you wonder how many more Andy Robertson's there've been over the last decade or so.
  7. Hamburg and Celtic looking at Livingston keeper Liam Kelly. Kelly has been the best keeper in Scotland this season, the only reason Bain is Scotland No1 is because he's playing with Celtic. If Celtic brought Robert Douglas out of retirement and made him their No1 keeper, he'd be Scotland's number one. Insane.
  8. Chripper


    Nah. The fact that we suck has that effect on me.
  9. When Is the last time we saw Robertson bombing down the left for Scotland? I can't recall it. It would be an issue if we didn't have Tierney, but we do. Most people are saying that he's not had a stand out game for Scotland in so long. There's little difference between the bottom teams of the EPL and the Championship, so yes, I'm sure he could play for a team like Everton or Burnley, etc. Certainly not a top 6 team, though. Robertson is a better player. When I think of McGregor I think of him against PSG when all he did was pass back and dribble towards his own goal. You can say "Oh, it's PSG", but McTominay pretty much bullied Verratti for 90 minutes and drove forward with the ball and wasn't scared. McGregor played like a little frightened mouse, and that's a common thing with most of our players. Playing Tierney at right back negates one of our most potent attacking threats () as he has to check on his left when he wants to cross, which isn't ideal.
  10. Chripper


    Same here. I wish we lives in a world were we had two, or even one class central defender, if we did then I wouldn't hard on about three at the back... but we don't. Even the last time we did have a class center back (Colin Hendry) we still had to play with three. I just want us to be organized and hard to beat, at this moment in time that's all we can aim for.
  11. Chripper


    Yours, too, as I tend to respect everyone's opinion. While I respect the opinion to keep with a back four, I'm baffled with it. Absolutely baffled.
  12. Chripper


    People can cite teams who use 3-5-2 and lost all they want, nothing will ever eclipse our match against Kazakhstan. But no, let's continue with the 4-2-3-1. I mean, we won't meet the might of Kazakhstan every week.....
  13. Chripper


    Watching this match it's enough to make you give up on Scotland entirely. This is a club whose country is only three times larger than ours, and yet they're producing players (De Jong) who are joining Barcelona next season. (De ligt and Van De Beek will also be snapped up by giant teams) These players have thought process so quick that it doesn't even seem human. And as far as their skill and technique go... it's on another world to not just us, but to English EPL players. What are we doing? Producing players who can hold their own in the English Championship. As I said, it's enough to make you give up on Scotland.
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