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  1. Chripper

    Scott McTominay

    True. I hope the next manager takes a shine to him, otherwise he could be punted out on loan or sold. Saying that, though, I'd rather he sold than him getting splinters on the United bench. I know. It's unfair that with some clubs home-grown players have to prove themselves more than a foreign export. With Fletch I think it spurned him on and made him even more determined to prove the detractors wrong. Let's hope McTominay does the same.
  2. Chripper

    Tennis 2017

    I'm not saying that the aforementioned names should be all dominating the Slams, but if they really were world class then they'd be challenging. None of them ever make an impression at the slams. The top 4 are ageing, Murray is going, Fed will be next and then Rafa and Djokovic, so you'd think that the younger players would be pressing them, but they aren't. Alright, Tsitsipas beat Federer, but it was a bit of an anomaly. How many times have you seen Federer have 12 break points and not take any? Not many.
  3. Fair enough, I may have presumed wrongly. Why would I ask around? Ask around for what? Whether or not you're a coward? No, you're a bible-thumper so I'm sure you're the new Mike Tyson. (Yes. Why did you do that? I thought you were coming onto me) Errr… OK. I'm not into that. Thanks, though.
  4. Chripper

    Tennis 2017

    Osaka is the only player who has a winning record against Serena. She has a 2:0 record against Serena, which includes a Slam Final in Serena's own doorstep. That to me trumps all of the three players you mentioned, combined. In this day and age up and coming ends when you're 21. Not saying that you should be winning slams but you should at least be appearing in slam finals, etc, on a consistent basis. The players that I mentioned will take up the mantle when "top 4 retire", the standards will drop, as neither of those players will end their careers being labelled as "one of the best ever". It's definitely a mental issue. He was strolling it against Chardy, 2 sets to love, and for some reason he just switched off and allowed Chardy back into the match. Yes, Zverev won the 5th set to 1, but it should never have gotten to that stage in the first place. Nishikori did the same thing with Karlovic, but Nishikori's situation was worse as he had to win a match tie-break.
  5. Chripper

    Darren Fletcher (The coach)

    The Pulis thing was a joke. Fletch's calming influence and general nous would be invaluable. I don't see what Peter Grant would bring, apart from collecting the cones... parking cones, not ice cream. You got it!
  6. Chripper

    Tennis 2017

    And it's a complete false equivalency anyway as those 3 players are at the later stages of their careers. Besides, Serena is the best ever ladies player, that didn't stop Osaka. Let's say we compare it to when Murray was a "young, up and coming player". Murray was what, 21 when he got to number 2 in the world? He was 24 when he won his first slam. And bear in mind, this is when Nadal, Fed and Djokovic where 7+ years younger and more into their prime. Reached his first slam final at 22. Borna Coric is 22 and his highest ranking is 12. He's as of yet, to advance past the 4th round of a slam. Alex Zverev is 21, highest ranking is 3rd. Best result In a slam is quarter final. Domic Thiem is 25. Highest ranking is 4th and he got to one slam final. Kygios is 23. Reached two quarter finals and his highest ranking is 13. If you want to further the conversation then you might want to provide a wee bit more than sarcasm.
  7. Chripper

    Tennis 2017

    That's a defeatist attitude. So what, "the three best male players in history are still playing" so I might as well settle for second best? That wasn't Murray's attitude.
  8. From anyone else I'd take it, but from a person who is holier-than-thou? Nope.
  9. Doesn't he work in the Church? That would assume "life and career".
  10. Chripper

    Scott McTominay

    It's a strange one. How on earth can a player be offered a contract extension when their club have no manager? Yes, there's football people at the club, but suppose the next manager doesn't rate McTominay? And I'm guessing the majority of the fans will be groaning at the news that McTominay has signed a new deal, generally they don't rate him... at all.
  11. Quite right. I've seen a little bit of the young lad McLennan and he looks a handful.
  12. Nah. I have nice pearly white. I'm not a fan of hypocrites. Scott's entire life and "career" is centered around Christian values of treating all human beings equal. But apparently, people who get caught in the dark web of class A narcotics are no longer human, and shouldn't be treated as human beings. For all he knows I could be a drug addict, so he deems me an "it" and not a human being, simply because of my alleged addiction. I find that extremely unchristian like.
  13. Nah, I wasn't directly addressing you, I was talking in general. All of the slings and arrows that were cast my way have been muted, simply by doing a simple psychological trick.
  14. He's a coward, though, who thinks it's funny to mock the less fortunate. And the things that he alleged about me "my teeth looked as if they were treated by acid", ya know, because of all the methadone I'm taking. I'd wager top money to suggest that he wouldn't say that to my face. Scott is a cowardly, hypocritic classic keyboard warrior who obviously doesn't practice what he preaches.
  15. Typo: Suggesting that "it" is me, and that yes, methadone has rotten my teeth. Pretty weird thing to suggest to someone who you've never met or seen.