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  1. Chripper

    Players - Club v Country

    The thing that stumps me is how on earth did you manage 19 reputation points?
  2. Chripper

    Players - Club v Country

    I do understand why English-born Scottish internationals have their agendas question, as they're easy targets. But If anyone had anyone was deletional enough to think that it's only the non-Scottish born players who are CV whores, it's been blown wide apart as a result of the spate of call-offs. If people seriously think that 100% of Scottish internationals that were born here weren't seeing pound signs in their eyes as a result of their profile being raised by being internationals, those people really need to take their heads from the clouds. If you think we're bad just look at our Rugby national side. They've just called up a guy called Gary Graham. He was born in Stirling. Here are some of his quotes: (When called up by England) ‘When I came to Newcastle I thought I’d do well to play one Premiership game this year. Never in a million years did I think I’d be picked for England." ‘Around the same time Gregor Townsend called me about playing for Scotland. I told him I’d be stupid not to want to play for England. England want to be No1 in the world and I’m not sure Scotland will ever be anywhere near. I’ve grown up here so, yeah, I feel more English than Scottish.’ ‘I’d f***ing love to play against Scotland next week, make 1,000 tackles and shove it in their face — but it might have to wait until next year.’ (Now his attitude has changed since he's been called up for Scotland) 'I'm Scottish through and through but England asked me first as I'm eligible through residency. It would have been a silly opportunity to pass up.' See, just because you're born in Scotland doesn't mean that you can't be a mercenary.
  3. Chripper

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    I wouldn't say that it was controversial. He probably wanted to play for Ireland instead.
  4. Chripper

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    This is all having the hallmarks of The Simpsons episode "Homer at the bat", where all the baseball ringers begin dropping like flies because of various (and mysterious) circumstances. Someone please keep Andrew Robertson away from the Brain and Nerve tonic....
  5. Chripper

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    If the players aren't bothering then why should we? I talked about a breaking point for fans, for some this could be it.
  6. Chripper

    John Fleck

    It has not. I could be wrong but I doubt that Fleck will be called up this late in the week.
  7. Chripper


    Because the only thing the SFA care about is £££. They would rather rake it in than have a confident squad.
  8. Chripper

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    Updated... again.
  9. Chripper

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    I can accept that he's lost the fans, however, what I can't accept is him "losing the players". At the end of the day, the players aren't playing for Alex McLeish, they're playing for the fans, themselves, their families and their nation. If you are correct that the players are pulling out as a direct hit on Alex McLeish, those players should never be given the honour of wearing a Scotland jersey ever again, I have to say, though, it sure as hell looks that way. I suppose we'll know who's injured and who isn't, come their next league match. Of the ones who have pulled out injured; the ones who have pulled out to "work on their fitness" are long gone to us. "Working on their fitness"... deary me, you'd think they spent half their days down the mines or doing a real job!
  10. Chripper

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    Yeah, that sounds about right... watch out world, we're coming!! We'll take out two players, well, three if we can formulate a formation that uses 2 left backs... 😋 Actually that's not a bad idea, perhaps we can get special dispensation on the account of us being handicapped with being... ya know... a bit shit. 😜
  11. Chripper

    Under 19's

    Actually, that's a good point.. unless the lad is an anomaly and a complete fluke. Yep. You can always reply on me to let the air out off hope bubbles! 😋
  12. Chripper

    Under 19's

    I wouldn't get too excited, he's also eligible for England and Nigeria.
  13. Chripper

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    Nah, you're alright. Fair point about the midfield, which is refreshing to hear, as it would appear that there are certain people who think we have good midfielders. We're as weak in midfield as we are in defence, maybe not as weak, but it's certainly a weak area. That being the case, we should look towards the midfield as we do the defence (load up the middle) and see how far we get. If McLeish can organize us, enough that every single player knows their job and what's expected of, then we could do something. To be fair, you might be saying that tongue in cheek, but you aren't far off. We are weak in attack (it seems to be a theme) so we should play two strikers. As am I.
  14. Chripper

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    I know. It's really dire.
  15. Chripper

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    Okay. I see. The players you listed really aren't good enough, though. The only one of the players who have proved themselves (at a high club level) is Fraser. None of them have done a thing at international. Well, a back four would work in any league and any competition... if you have central defenders who know how to defend. We don't. With all due respect to Albania, but we're one of the original inventers of football. Do I have evidence? Can I use the qualification groups to '96 and '98? If not then sucks for me. Berti Vogts brought back the flat back four and every subsequent manager has followed suit. I can't point to any evidence, from a recent viewpoint, as it doesn't exist. Yes, McLeish has played with a back three, but only sporadically. We're on a par with Israel because we're in the same group as them. Plus they beat us, relatively easily, so you can hardly say that we're better than them. I don't think we should feel a sense of pride or schadenfreude because we aren't in a bad a state as Albania or Israel. We're bad and we're getting worse. There's no shoots of recovery on the horizon. As I've said previous, the SFA don't care, the clubs don't care and it would appear that the fans are happy to settle for the status quo as long as we aren't ranked as badly as Albania. 😋