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  1. You’d hope that someone from the SFA would maybe speak to the lad and let him know he is still in their thoughts. The next cycle for the 21’s begins this year and Banks should be involved. Obviously if he has developed a love for leeks and Max Boyce then that’s too bad for us.
  2. Unlikely to be cancelled as UEFA have too much exposure in terms of TV contracts and sponsorships. They made sure the Champions League and Europa League were completed last season for those reasons. They may well move it all to one country , Russia has been mooted, rather than the pan European hosting. Hopefully the vaccination picking up pace will help matters.
  3. Greece lost 2-0 in Lithuania which does us a wee favour. Croatia beat San Marino 10-0 😬
  4. Get him capped in the Nations League and tie him to us. I'd imagine Northern Ireland are already rifling through birth records.🙄
  5. Glad we avoided group B3 with Russia and Turkey as that would have been a serious uphill struggle.
  6. Turkey are a class above the others in Pot 3 and need to be avoided. They took 4 points from 6 against world champion France.
  7. Kinda what I was trying to say until dohadeer took it and extracted something totally different from it.
  8. Yes that is correct. Just as I would expect Wales, NI and all other countries to likely view Scotland as the weakest in Pot 2.
  9. Not disrespecting them, just saying that they are a less difficult prospect than playing Russia and Turkey.
  10. Group of death - Russia Scotland Turkey Romania. Group of life - Wales Scotland N.Ireland Bulgaria.
  11. Switzerland beat them 5-2 in the last Nations Lesgue.
  12. Not England fortunately
  13. True but he is threatening to become Italian if we don't pick him. He'd be better trying to get picked for Verona first
  14. Liam Henderson wants to play for Italy apparently.
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