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  1. The women showing how it should be done, 3-0 up on Ukraine after 20 minutes.
  2. Nations League is now shit according to Sky Sports News, too many games apparently, nowt to do with England getting an utter chasing from Hungary of course. 😄
  3. Vladimir Petkovic, ex Switzerland manager, would be a decent shout if he was interested and if there was a vacancy.
  4. Same here. If he does go the the SFA need to think outside the box like Celtic did with Postecoglou. Taking someone off the Scottish managerial merry go round will lead to the same old issues.
  5. Vladimir Petkovic is available.
  6. Surely there would have to be some sort of cessation of hostilities or a ceasefire for Ukraine to host any matches?
  7. Dont know if it enhances our chances that much. The chances of Iceland, Israel and Albania being in pot 2 are much increased though and would be decent draws to get if we dont make pot 2.
  8. If Russia are allowed into qualifying for Euro 2024 then they will either be the bottom team of league B (pot 4) or bottom of the entire competition (Pot 6). This presupposes they will not be allowed to play in the Nations League.
  9. The final standings in the Nations League determine seeding for the Euros. If we top our group or are the best second place then it will be Pot 2.
  10. 1958 maybe, depends who was eliminated first in 1974.
  11. Yoonatics on twitter blaming Blackford for the death of Charles Kennedy. You think they’d let that one go and let the poor guy rest.
  12. UEFA inviting Conmebol teams to the Nations League is part of the power play to scupper the ridiculous World Cup every 2 years plan. Infantino has the votes from Asia, Africa and Concacaf for it to pass but knows without Europe then there is no World Cup, or any World Cup that will be taken seriously.
  13. Boo. Was looking forward to Bolivia away.
  14. That's my big fear. These lockdowns are open ended, it could be we won't get a sniff of a pint until summer if last year is anything to go by.
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