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  1. sjd1972

    Michael O Neill

    No surprise he got done for drink driving then. In all seriousness O’Neill would be a great appointment.
  2. No chance of Cumbernauld Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East going back to Labour at this election.
  3. sjd1972

    Next manager

    Try to tempt Lars Lagerback out of retirement.
  4. sjd1972

    Slovakia v england

    Injury time header. Last touch of the game which looked as though it was being played at Cliftonhill.
  5. sjd1972

    Draw for 2020 qualifiers.

    I had hoped that with Platini out the picture the Nations League would get binned. Oh well.
  6. sjd1972

    2016 Ryder Cup

    What about Beeeeeeeeef?
  7. Nice whataboutery there. Take it you haven't read Graeme Goodall's letter to the National then?
  8. So with Brexit are the fishing fleet going to dredge the depths of the ocean again, pushing species to extinction?
  9. Jezza on the ballot. The PLP will go into meltdown, must get me some popcorn
  10. The Scottish Parliament should declare independence. No need for referendums.
  11. Vote Leave will be hoping he submitted his postal vote before he murdered Jo Cox. Scum!
  12. The older guy in that ad reminds me of Neil Warnock, as if you needed any more reasons to dislike it.
  13. sjd1972

    U21` v NI on alba now

    2-1 Scotland now. McBurnie with the leveller although Alba pictures were down at the time. Great finish by Jason Cummings for the second, he sometimes struggles with those 1 yarders :-)
  14. If JK Trolling did take legal action I'm sure Natalie McGarry could rely on a crowd funding of her legal costs. I'd quite happily contribute, obviously the money should go direct to the lawyers rather than through Natalie to save any confusion.