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  1. Wales matches are live on S4C and also on Sky. There must be some kind of subcontract deal on the go there.
  2. Alan Rough, George Wood, Billy Thomson etc. Bobby Clark and Jim Blyth were back up to Rough in Argentina.
  3. And with VAR in operation any goal to put us 2-0 up would stand.šŸ˜
  4. Due to the Crimea situation dating back to 2014.
  5. SFA, and the other associations, need to be all over the mechanics of this play off draw to ensure no shady goings on that ensure certain teams are kept apart. I'd be asking for an inspection of the equipment and multiple rehearsals for a start.
  6. Callum Davidson is proud that one of his players is called up for their country. Robbie Neilson will turn his phone off to prevent a call up. This he said on Sportsound after today's games.
  7. It was an impressive swing but nowhere near the swings the SNP achieved against Labour in 2015 in the central belt seats, I remember the swingometer getting broken by those results.
  8. Teams will have a 50/50 chance of a home game for the play off finals. Iā€™d imagine each of the semi ties will be allocated a number 1 to 6, and then those numbers will be drawn for the final. If we qualify unseeded there will still be a chance of a home final.
  9. He will only do that if he can play regular football and there appears to be no chance of that happening at Ibrox unfortunately.
  10. World Cup 1974,1978 1982,1986 and 1990
  11. A Denmark win over Russia tomorrow would swing that group for us, even a draw would be OK. Denmark could end up finishing second on 3 points.
  12. Turkey are dire at the back and the Swiss aren't much better. Could be more goals.
  13. Probably going to gave to beat Croatia by at least 2 goals now.
  14. Joe Craig? Scored on his Scotland debut and was never capped again.
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