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  1. Had a couple of beers today. See the newest member thread in TA specific.
  2. Thanks to you all for the congratulations. Great to have some good news instead of the doom and gloom.
  3. Already had that discussion with my son.😀
  4. Cheers. Maybe we could of qualified for a tournament by the time he is my age.😁
  5. Please excuse my language. The man, his party and the cunts that support him are a fuckin joke. Even the interviewer is a total prick. Fuck them all.
  6. !00%. I try hard to understand why people vote for them up here or anywhere to be honest and can't work it out. Starting to think I'm missing something.
  7. Think I read somewhere when BJ was asked about it he replied "ask him" (His father). It's ridiculous what these feckers are getting away with. They don't need to answer to anyone. The Dominic Cummins carry on was soon fish supper paper.
  8. Just want to introduce you all to the newest member of the Tartan Army. Odin Bryan Laird was born last night in Warwickshire. Posted by a proud grandfather.
  9. Bloody weather is interrupting my mid life crisis. Won't go out on my scooter if it is pissin down. Had my scooter for 2 weeks and I think it's pissed down for 10day's.
  10. Maybe going to have a potential dilemma if there is an issue with the border/isolation with the rest of the UK. My sons wife is having their baby this week and me and the Mrs are booked to visit at the end of July (They stay in England). Does this mean that we may need to isolate when we return 3 day's later?
  11. Got to admit it wasn't me who made it. I cook the dinner and my wife bakes, she made a banana bread as well. I'm fussy about the icing, surprise, surprise. She buy's it ready made in a tub and it is really nice. If I'm ever going through B.O.W I will drop you a lump off.🙂
  12. You would be surprised. There is a legal requirement to offer housing but some people refuse the offers and decide rough sleeping is a better option for differing reasons. usually single males.
  13. To be honest I didn't read the article. I just know that some of the individuals who are temporary staying in some hotels are being supported by the Simon Community who generally work alongside the street teams who support mainly rough sleepers. The 380 refugees is an interesting number as I'm sure there wouldn't be 380 (refugee) rough sleepers in Glasgow. I will try and find out were the figure comes from. As you said could be shyte reporting or probably manipulation of the figures.
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