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  1. Think of 2014 as a marriage. Your promised all sorts of things. For the last 5 years you've been lied too, not listened too, made to do things you don't want. So you believe because you made statements at your wedding service you need to stick with it?
  2. Don't really see an issue with ROI flags? Watching it today I seen, welsh flags, Catalonian flags, euro flags plus others. To me the more flags from other countries is a positive and supportive. If people make an issue with ROI flags then that say's more about them. Not having a go at you I get why you commented on this.
  3. Think it's headlining BBC Scotland news surprisingly. Unfortunately I couldn't attend but watched a live stream and was surprised with the turnout.
  4. A great turnout today for AUOB march in Glasgow despite the shitty weather and travel hassles. Organisers estimate 80,000?
  5. I know who wears the trousers in my house, not me.
  6. Stick the boot in. Missing the game and being abused for not paying attention to my Mrs. Cheers.....😭
  7. Got the dates mixed up. To be honest I'm not looking forward to going. As my Mrs would say "you never listen".
  8. Me, my Mrs and 2 stepsons all renewed our memberships in December. Bought 3 tickets for the Israel game, 1 step son won't make it working abroad. I was really looking forward to the most important game in 20 odd years, not missed a home game for god knows how long. My Mrs then reminded me that the week before the game we are going to Australia, gutted is putting it mildly. Need to find somewhere to watch the game at 6am? Stepsons pals took the match tickets.
  9. Watching the FA Cup game Arsenal v Leeds. Leeds are playing well and got me thinking about the Leeds teams from the early/mid 70's. I new at one time Leeds had loads of Scottish players playing for them in that era. Had a google and I wasn't aware that Leeds played in the 1975 European Cup final with 6 scots in the squad, 5 starting David Stewart, Frank Gray, Billy Bremner, Peter Lorimer, Joe Jordan and Eddie Gray on the bench. Leeds lost 2-0 to Bayern Munich in the Parc De Princes. Had a look at the Bayern team and they had some great players: Sepp Maier, Franz Beckanbauer, Gerd Muller, Uli Hoeness. How football has changed for Leeds. Not been in the top division for 15 years, Bayern still one of Europe's best.
  10. Not overly concerned. Going with the mother in law she's nearly 80 and watching too much BBC news.
  11. Was having this discussion with my Mrs yesterday. We are going to Australia in March and the flight path we take is over the middle east, stopover in Dubai.
  12. All the best to you and your family and the same to everyone.
  13. On Christmas day he will have a Christmas jumper on and I'm the one who has to take him out for a walk.
  14. I've got a West Highland White Terrorist (Terrier), Brodie. He's 5 years old and spoiled rotten. He won't eat any dog food apart from Caesar's Pate, fussy as fcuk but will eat anything you are eating. My wife has spent this afternoon wrapping up his Christmas presents, new coat, toy's etc worse than a wean. When I ask why I get he's part of the family but i reply "he's a dog"? then I get a lecture. He's spent the last week bouncing of the window tearing down the Christmas lights causing chaos. Wouldn't be the same without him, love him to bits.
  15. My son and his wife stay in Stratford Upon Avon (Tory area). I spoke to my son yesterday and he was saying his wife (she's English) was in tears with the thought of living under a Tory government again. She is expecting my first grandchild in May and they are seriously thinking about coming to Scotland to live as they don't want to bring a baby up down there.
  16. Thoroughly deserved by Japan. They have been excellent. Ripping Scotland apart. They will give the Springboks a game, wouldn't be surprised if they beat them.
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