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  1. Your best bet, if your still having problems is contact the SSC, they are usually pretty good at sorting out that kind of stuff.
  2. Just went and voted, and almost belted the brexit party campaign guy. I know the guy who is doing the leaflet stuff for the Brexit mob at the polling station, (I see him the shops most mornings, and he's for ever telling everybody, that he is one of the high heid yins, at one of the local lodges), and he knows I'm a big Rangers fan as well as an ex squaddie, so when I told him I voted SNP as always, he started trying to tell me that the SNP where just Scottish Provo's in disguise, and how could any Rangers fan vote for them. I tried to tell him my football and my politics are 2 different things, but typical ersehole he would not listen, and then said I should be ashamed to be a proddie, at that point I snapped, and I went to deck him, but the wife stopped me. The next thing I know his wife appears, (they stay across the road from the polling station, and she must have heard the shouting) and instead of backing him up, she said sorry to me and the wife, and then she got ripped into him instead. Everybody could hear her calling him all the fecking erseholes under the sun, how he had only been there 10 minutes and he had already started a fight, how he could not do anything without causing a fight, and if he was going start fighting with her neighbors, he could feck off back to his brothers. It was so fecking funny, watching this clown getting a severe public verbal kicking off his missus, I really hope somebody has it on video, because you'll pish yourself laughing. All I can say is that if that is the Brexit party's idea of a vote winning strategy, they are going to to fecked in more ways than 1 in Glasgow.
  3. What play off did McLeish get us to. I know wee Bertie got us to 1 in 2003 and Craig Brown got us to 1 in 1999, but McLeish did not get us to any play off.
  4. She is actually married to the son of Prince Michael (The queens cousin).
  5. Good, did yer da pass on my message, if so get my number from him, and phone me if you need anything.
  6. I was 4 year old when I started watching them, and that was only because my uncle John stayed there, and he bought me a Liverpool top for my birthday.
  7. I agree with you, and I had to laugh at some clown on 5 live this morning, demanding the game get moved from Madrid to Wembley, because it was 2 English teams in the final, and therefore cheaper for the fans to get to. My answer to that is very simple, feck aff, you knew the rules before the tournament started, if you don't like them, don't enter.
  8. I will agree with most people, that the old European Cup format was far better than the current set up, just due to the fact that it was only the national champions that took part, and not 2nd, 3rd or 4th place teams as well, but saying that, I think this years tournament has been really good, and both semis where amazing to watch. The final could be great or just turn into another EPL game (Which I think it will), and will cause utter carnage in my house, as my wife has supported Tottingham taxi driving scum fecks (Have you ever met a taxi driver from cockney land who don't support spurs), for more years than I care to remember, and I have watched Liverpool since the early 70's, so one of us will have to move into a tent for 6 months after this game, because I know one of us will make life absolutely unbearable for the other.
  9. Looking at the stadium lay out I think the £22 tickets are behind the goal, and the £48 ones are in the stand going up the side of the pitch.
  10. So the new Earl of Dumbarton is called Archie Harrison, I thought they where going to call the wean something like, Shuggie Hewitt or Deshaun Geronimo myself.
  11. Yep fair play to them, it seems as if the SFA have finally sorted out online ticket sales.
  12. That is not an unpopular opinion, more a statement of fact.
  13. Advocaat would not be a step forward, he would be a massive step back, because if you remember at the end of his time at Ibrox, he was doing that good, we brought McLeish in to replace him. If McLeish was seen as an improvement, that tells you all you need to know.
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