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  1. Now I could really fall out with you for calling me Tommy Robinson, (Read previous of what I think of that fecking knuckle dragging nazi supporting moron and his mates) I do think it fecking Ironic, that him and his followers call black people monkeys, when most of EDL are walking about like fecking baboons (Sorry to any baboons reading this). Anyway, need to go and get the wife. PS: Happy New Year
  2. Well thank's for that Ryan, (You just saved somebody from getting a wee chap at their door), and it is also nice to see somebody has the ball's to go public with a name, and not to just hide behind a keyboard. Although I'm still a bit puzzled, how you think you know me, as I don't know anybody called Ryan fae the port, as the only Ryan that I know comes fae Dumbarton, but there is another 1 of life's little mystery's.
  3. Ok if you are hiding feck all, whats your name then, and If you are who I think you are, you are more Italian than Irish, but that is not the point, I will talk to you at the next game.
  4. Well since you seem to know who I'm, (It would be nice to know who the feck you are, or you just another sad fecking internet troll, hiding behind a keyboard),
  5. You are correct in assuming that I am referring to the plastic paddy, (If I could write I would be a lawyer, since I can't I'm a chef), you know the mob I'm talking about, the one's that once heard that their granny saw somebody drink a Guinness, and that makes the Irish, as opposed to people actually born there. As previously stated I am half Irish myself, and my father was also half Irish, and this must make me more Irish than the fecktards that sing the party songs. If they want to sing Danny boy, the Rose of Tralee, Paddy Maginty's goat, feel free to sing away, I might even join in, but as soon as you start sing sectarian shit, that crosses a line with me, and who ever it is can feck off, back to where ever they consider their cultural homeland.
  6. I really could not tell you, as I have never seen an African or an Asian pished out of their minds, singing sectarian songs and trying to cause a fight, but if I do, I will let you know the results.
  7. I tried to read the first paragraph, but gave up when my brain imploded.
  8. If you want to sing song's about Ireland (North or South), why don't you just feck off back there, because your not wanted or needed here. And before anybody starts, giving me the old "you need to be Irish to understand" sh*t, or the "it's our cultural heritage" crap, my mother is from Belfast and my dad's mum came from Dublin, which must make me, more Irish than most of the fecktards, who sing Sean South and the Sash.
  9. Just watched OAE, still trying to find the funny bits, people where talking about.
  10. I think that most people, would consider the inclusion of the guy's skin color, in the comment as racist. If the said person only shouts "ya useless barsteward", it ain't racist, just a comment on the players lack of talent.
  11. My ex son in law is being an absolute fud where the gran weans are concerned, (Totally blanked them at Xmas, despite saying he would be up), so as I plan to do up the garden this year, I want to know what do you recommend, concrete and paving slabs or quick lime and paving slabs.
  12. I have to be honest and say I personally have not heard any Racist chanting in Scottish football since the early 90's, however I do believe that it still go's on at a low level. Racist comments however, are still very common in the game, everybody at some point (If they are being honest) has heard the guy behind him at some point shout at a player "Ya useless black barsteward", or some other equally dodgy statement, but thankfully it is now very rare, but it still happens. However in Engerlund it seems to be on the rise again, and from what i can gather, mainly fueled by the EDL mob. Thankfully they have only a very small presence in Scotland, but a presence all the same, and that is slightly worrying that some teams supporters, seem to glorify them, and give these racist scumfecks a home, where they are not needed or wanted. On a lighter note, if there can be such a thing discussing racism, the generational aspect of racism, did give me one of the best laughs I have ever had, when Scotland played Nigeria, at Craven Cottage, a few years ago. I am standing outside this pub with my wife talking away to a couple of Nigerian fans, when these 2 old dears out doing there shopping, stopped and asked us what we are all doing in London. I explained that we where all down for the game, one of them turned to her pal and said, "See I told you, the Jock's where playing the Sambo's", before just wandering off. Me, my wife and the Nigerians, could only stand and laugh at them, as there was no point in getting upset at 2 old dears, who looked like my granny, and who where so set in the way's, that they in all probability did not know what the had said was racist
  13. Totally agree, Man flu is deadly, wummin folk just don't understand how bad it can be, it's like Ebola and bad Juju mixed together. The only known cure is 6 cans, a hauf bottle and a day watching the fitbaw on the telly, and if it is really bad 12 cans and a full bottle, but under no circumstances are you allowed to peel tatties or carrots, as this has been scientifically proven to make it worse, and washing dishes turns it fatal.
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