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  1. I would like jack and victor fae still game with Isa as fitness coach.
  2. Same old names coming up I think we need a guy who is Scottish has a decent track record in europe or in management or both my ideal partnership would be Bobby Williamson as manager Ally McCoist to coach forwards, and Darren Fletcher for midfield along with Goram as goalie coach and big davie weir to organise defence. That way we got all positions covered as well as international manager experience in Williamson. Perfect.
  3. what is lost is lost...pals, hope, glory... a good laff it's all gone ....naebody wants to travel anymore apart from some guys with other interests.....for me it was 100% Scotland. it was never let's see Paris or let's see Amsterdam or let's cycle tae the hills ....it was 100% scotland. This summer will get back tae that... whoever is manager. Renfrewshire Crowd going tae Stornoway in June it's gonny be a riot. Mon the Scots
  4. We should throw empty beer cans
  5. A mutiny....its bounty happen.
  6. I assume if we play anybody ranked above us we would get humped. All the experience is out of the team...Mulgrew, Brown, Ritchie both Fletchers, Naismith, Miller, both keepers we are a young team of mainly guys with less than ten caps with a shit manager with coaches who have never coached at international level or even top flight. Scotland are a joke.
  7. Saying that I wish i had got blootered I was sober when listening to English post match comments...that was worse than the match.
  8. Its this sort of attitude thats rife in the SFA.
  9. Why don't you set one up? Instead of asking others.
  10. I feel sorry for Eck, the SFA need to act now one way the other, either give him full backing or sack him. And if they sack him they better have a plan.
  11. I never got blootered I was too fed up to drink. I honestly think Eck may have an underlying mental health problem he often struggles for words and in front of cameras seems unsure of himself, lacks confidence and at times can only put basic sentences together. If this is the case he will be in no fit state to be managing an international football team. We can all speculate what the cause is, lack of motivation, alcohol, early signs of dementia, apathy, tiredness, prescription drugs for an illness he is struggling with or he is just sick of working with his collegues at the SFA, whatever the reason it looks obvious he needs to go. Bring in McCoist with Fletcher and Davie Weir. Far better than Granny and Fuddy.
  12. What about Paul McCartney I would have had him in Yesterday we certainly need a bit of Help. If we canny get him we will just have to Let It Be, though if Mcleish remains it will be a Long and Winding Road to success. To be honest if we canny get somebody like Paul there could be a Revolution and bringing in Paul Dickov i can only see a Quick Helloo Goodbye and even though his first name is Paul he will not be getting All My Loving i certainly wont be Holding His Hand. Im sure we Can Work It Out and Get Back to we all Come Together and get a Ticket to Ride to the next finals. What about Neil Lennon Rex Harrison or Freddie Starr?
  13. Super Ally as Manager with Fletcher for his midfield knowledge goalie coach McGregor and defensive coach Davie Weir. Perfect. As for Ally being brutal canny be any worse than last three managers.
  14. My choice not that anybody cares would be Super Ally. International Experience 60 plus caps scored in a competition against switzerland, assistant manager to walter smith when they reached a euro final. Golden boot winner twice, still very aware of players in all leagues due to t.v commitments. If we had him against khazikstan mcgregor would have been involved and defence would have been more organised and Halliday would have come in at left back he had a blinder against Celtic and has been doing well in that position. He has also worked under Souness, Craig Brown etc. More than likely has back room would be strong not wee guys like Fuddy.
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