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  1. Probably add more pressure for a second referendum. http://www.thenational.scot/news/16414257.more-than-100-leave-backing-constituencies-now-support-remain/
  2. Looks like the hootsmon is quite happy to highlight what seems to me a bargain basement cost on how much Scotland should actually charge rent for trident. I wonder why!!! https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-fire-sale/#more-105292 I’m no opening that hootsmon link btw.
  3. Or just about to buy a house that’s desperately needed 😩
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    It seems to be working now, but I had to clear all cookies in settings before it worked. Thanks.
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    You mean restart as in powering down? ive installed this ad blocker double clicked the home button, removed all the old pages and it’s still not blocking. Im working with an iPhone 8. the one I found that works is R blocker (red background with a squiggly R) but you have to go through their app to access everything. Am I missing something here?
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    Me too. The TAMB page is jerking all over the place and now this cr*p 😡
  7. It would be the end of the Tory party as we know it. Maybot and others know this and that’s why she’s sticking with brexit means brexit line, even though she’s not proposing a true brexit. It was said over a year ago that the Westminster government will speak about brexit in two ways, one for domestic consumption and the other for European consumption. The chequers agreement was supposed to bridge that gap, but it obviously didn’t with the reaction from members of her cabinet, Michael Barnier and some members of the UK public who will only accept a no deal.
  8. Army put on standby to deliver essential goods for the vulnerable and no doubt the privileged tories.
  9. To all who think that these things are just conspiracy theories. https://stv.tv/news/politics/1424570-thatcher-s-blacklist-of-extreme-scots-nationalists/
  10. I think his lack of clarity in disputing the accusations is doing him no favours. His old Facebook comment. Backing for Palestine. I have no opinion on this. Not to sure on this, but did he not back ken Livingston (not his views) when he aired controversial views? Then there’s the NECs decision to approve a new code of conduct on anti semitism which the Jewish community doesn’t like, for reasons I’m not to familiar with. He doesn’t seem to want to clear up these matters quickly for some reason.
  11. Then Corbyn is handing out free sticks to everyone.
  12. Don’t forget he/the economist are working from figures supplied by Westminster in the first place. We all know how reliable they are don’t we.