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  1. Another one we haven’t heard of resigns. Chris Heaton Harris.
  2. You mean with the ten labour MPs who voted against it. https://wingsoverscotland.com/little-red-dots-2/#more-109306
  3. You don’t need to be on twitter to read his stuff there hampden. Just write his name and Twitter in google and you can see all the tweets.
  4. I think ukip will take some votes from the tories. Should make things a little more interesting.
  5. I actually stopped it just after the opening sequence then went on to read the tweets. No, I’m now not going to watch the full clip. 😂
  6. I think you’re phukin right. Sorry 🙁😃 It does a bit doesn’t it. Lucky I didn’t watch all of it. 😂
  7. Not only was billy boy and Tommy Robinson at the London brexit demonstration today, another attendee was right winger Aaron Brown of fishing for leave. He’s allegedly a member of storm front a white supremacy anti Semitic group. Nice old jolly gathering today by the looks of it.
  8. Mine too and that’s not taking anything away from the others that have been mentioned. Scotland is open. https://mobile.twitter.com/ScotlandHouseEU/status/1111557929201778688?s=04
  9. Couldn’t agree more. He is a class act. Maybe that’s why May walks out when he rises to speak.
  10. Not wanting to get involved in this too much, but things like this do not help. “Three Labour activists arrested by police over anti-Semitism” https://mol.im/a/6862547 Yes I know it’s the daily malice.
  11. Correct and votes would mostly come from tory supporters, but they’d be a few from labour too. On another note; I see billy boy Mitchell is doing a gig with his flute band at the brexit March in London today. I suppose a few hundred of an audience would be a rise on the usual crowd he plays for in Scotland.
  12. Labour are still behind in the polls, so it looks as though it’ll be a hung parliament. Then again anything can happen when a GE is called. Splits in the two main parties and Brexit revenge from the voters (both sides) could easily play their part.
  13. I’m not a betting man, but if I were I’d put the house on it not being your first point. The second and third yes.
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