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  1. I love you too. I’ve never quoted anyone’s mum or someone getting knocked down and I’m well aware they do a cost benefit studies. I’m more of the mind that there’s been consistent deaths on particular roads like the A9. oh and there’s been more than just one death and there’s certainly more than just a mother mourning. 5 million deprived of their freedom because a few want to break the law? let’s have a fee for all. Yippee!
  2. The BoE also has a war chest in case the UK goes to war. What about bonds held by the BoE.
  3. No emotion on someone getting killed then. Oh yeah.!
  4. That’s cause it wisnea even worth answering as my first reply covered your point was probably too much for you to comprehend.
  5. Woooaaah...let’s has free for all and see what happens. I wonder how you’d feel if it ever happens to any of your family, god forbid. 5 million drivers in Scotland??? More rabbling shoite from you. In fact let’s break all the rules of the land because it encroaches on people’s freedom.
  6. More than one and try telling that to the families involved.
  7. You’re talking keech. You can’t give a definitive answer to your claim that it was the currency argument that was the significant reason for yes losing, unless you want to go and ask every single no voter. The plan was there it was up to people whether to believe it or not and with the whole media north and south of the border spreading their scaremongering shoite about that, you cannot use sterling etc, then there was those who chose to believe the propaganda sound bites about that and other lies they peddled.
  8. What about losing your pension? The vow? Near to federalism? etc. etc. etc. The monetary issue wasn’t a concern when the polls were showing YES at 52% a couple of weeks before the referendum, then all the promises and scaremongering were ramped up. There was more than just the monetary one and I wouldn’t say it was as significant as fear of the unknown or any of the above.
  9. Not disputing, but was it not an article on reduced deaths due to average speed cameras on the A90?
  10. As we speak. https://wingsoverscotland.com/one-way-or-the-other/#more-108998
  11. Don’t forget that social media played its part in debunking bt scaremongering. Newspapers couldn’t compete with raw uncensored and uncensored articles. I also believe leafleting and the YES quarterly newspapers played their significant part.
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