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  1. TAMB1

    General travel thread

    I've moved this out of the away games section and onto the main page. If there are any other changes anyone thinks would be useful let us know. We don't always see all threads so anything like this in future feel free to drop us a PM, means we'll see it better
  2. TAMB1

    Dell gaming popup

    I'm trying to recreate some of the problems people are getting and struggling, some depend on what you have previously visited online. I get the Sky Witness one to come up but it's at the very bottom of the screen and doesn't block any content and is easily closed, Others may get a different version which is why screen prints are useful to try get to the bottom of any issues and help solve peoples problems. As others have stated ads are vital to the board to keep it running, costs are high and ads help cover some of this cost, although not all of the costs associated with the board. We want to have as little ads as possible and finding the balance between user experience and trying to cover costs is a very thin line unfortunately.
  3. TAMB1

    Dell gaming popup

    Can you send me a screen print example of exactly what you are getting? Some adverts are an necessary evil unfortunately to keep the board running but we don't want them to make it unusable. We can't recreate the issues others are having so if we get as much info and screen prints we can then work on it for you.
  4. TAMB1

    TAMB Ads

    Might not see these threads if anyone has issue with any of them could they DM me a screen print and device info at the time so I can look into it better?
  5. TAMB1

    Dell gaming popup

    Is this still happening? We are working with the ad people to remove the ones that are causing issues. If anyone has issues can you possibly DM me screenshots with your device etc as it helps us recreate to remove anything that is too annoying. I might not always see these posts till a few days later, by which time usually it's fixed itself or moved on to next ad cycle.
  6. TAMB1

    TAMB Ads

    If anyone has any further issues could they give me a PM so I see it and i'll look into it further with our ad partners. Settings might just need tweaked on the ads.
  7. TAMB1

    Dell gaming popup

    Can you send me a Screenshot and let me know the devise please.
  8. TAMB1


    As you will all be aware from the 10 million emails coming to your inbox on an hourly basis the new GDPR rules come into force tomorrow. We've updated the privacy policy and also put into place an acceptance for the ads we use on TAMB. Please accept them both, the privacy policy must be accepted to continue posting while the ads are vital to keep the board running and cover the high server costs associated with the board. Everything is explained in both parts.
  9. TAMB1

    Screen jumping to app store

    How has it been working since?
  10. TAMB1


    Everything on he site is opt in, we only send transactional emails not marketing ones and we don't use a third-party to send them. The server is located within the EU. The personally identifiable info we hold is your email address, date of birth, TA club and a short history of your IP addresses and the logon/session cookies. Most of this was covered by the existing data protection legislation. Posts themselves aren't covered by any "right to forget" unless they also contain personally identifiable information (like your real name - and our registration form always has stated not to use real names as your userid) No data is passed on to any third parties and all data is stored securely.
  11. TAMB1

    Screen jumping to app store

    We hope to have sorted this. It should take a short while to take effect. If you still have issues pleas let me know.
  12. TAMB1

    Screen jumping to app store

    We're looking into this. Trying to recreate it and work to fix it. Sorry for the issues.
  13. TAMB1


    We're looking at fixing this issue at the moment, however a plan is in place to switch ad providers at the end of the month which should permanently sort this issues experienced as well as reducing the number of ads on the board.
  14. TAMB1

    TAMB Blog

    Since taking over we've tried to improve things around the board, making the board somewhere people want to visit and spend their time on. On top of this we've had a number of bigger ideas that we are looking into to try and give Scotland fans somewhere to come to and interact about the Scottish national team. One of these ideas is a TAMB blog where a team of writers would have the opportunity to write pieces to be included giving their opinion on a variety of topics, from old games and players, current goings on or even their favorite Scotland kits. Would this be of interest to people? Is there anyone out there who would be interested in writing for it? Let us know your thoughts!
  15. Interesting stuff. We've installed some analytic stuff to keep an eye on things and see if we can use it to improve things, it's quite early to try and pick out any patterns but always interesting.