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  1. Since people can’t act like adults I’ve turned the emoji reactions off.
  2. I've added a new section for Euro 2020 and the first three matches so everything can be kept in the one place. I'll add further sub forums once we qualify for the knock out stages.
  3. Also for info that’s me just seeing this thread sorry for the delay! Any technical stuff give myself a DM or use the contact link and it’ll get my attention faster.
  4. I’ve fixed a few issues regards the header colour and notifications and PMs on mobile. If anyone still has issues then let me know.
  5. I'll try and make the link more obvious when I get a chance.
  6. Following a suggestion from a few users we've added the side bar to all pages on Desktop, This lets you click on the most recent posts without going in and out the forums so much. It's a bit different so we'll give it a go and see how everyone gets on. We can revert if it isn't popular.
  7. Because for the 2nd time the thread became people personally abusing each other and just name calling. There is far too much of it going on, people need to learn to grow up and behave and stop the playground stuff. If the thread had stayed constructive, it wouldn't have been an issue.
  8. Can we all calm it a bit on this thread please. Far too much abuse flying about and it’s descended into nonsense. One user has been warned and next step will be to lock the thread completely.
  9. For Info. Sections have now been created in the away section for all the away games so fill yer boots.
  10. While deleting some wrong information on the Euro Draw thread I accidentally deleted the whole thread. My apologies.
  11. The Tartan Army Message Board are delighted to announce it will be supporting The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal by sponsoring the first drink at their 2019 Burns Supper. TAMB is the spiritual home of the Sunshine Appeal and where it all began and we have continued to support since. We hope our users will support this event too by coming along and enjoying the free drink on us! Tickets can be purchased HERE TAMB and the Sunshine Appeal Being part of the Tartan Army is more than a love of football or representing Scotland abroad. It’s about making friends wherever we go,
  12. Last 10 Away matches and Points Table Uefa Nations' League - all you need to know FIFA International Match Calendar 2020 3rd March 2020 - UEFA Nations League draw - Amsterdam Scotland will be in League B and will draw one of the following: Pot 1 - Russia, Austria, Wales or Czech Republic Pot 2 - Scotland Pot 3 - Slovakia, Turkey, Rep of Ireland or Northern Ireland Pot 4 - Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary or Romania Nations' League Play Offs 26th March: Isreal (H) 31st March: Final Norway or Serbia (A) Euro 2020 12th June to 1
  13. I've moved this out of the away games section and onto the main page. If there are any other changes anyone thinks would be useful let us know. We don't always see all threads so anything like this in future feel free to drop us a PM, means we'll see it better
  14. I'm trying to recreate some of the problems people are getting and struggling, some depend on what you have previously visited online. I get the Sky Witness one to come up but it's at the very bottom of the screen and doesn't block any content and is easily closed, Others may get a different version which is why screen prints are useful to try get to the bottom of any issues and help solve peoples problems. As others have stated ads are vital to the board to keep it running, costs are high and ads help cover some of this cost, although not all of the costs associated with the board. We wa
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