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  1. debts payable is the interesting one - cash is king (no pun) and many profitable businesses (on paper) go bankrupt due to lack of cash flow From memory i think their 1st team wages went up 7M GBP from 16/17 to 17/18
  2. Looking forward to 31st October See how much debt is stlll due for player Xfers https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/rangers-international-football-club-annual-results-4/
  3. some debate going on here ............... http://www.afc-chat.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=44003&hl=parklife
  4. only enter the one's with staps then, so people advuise
  5. hoping they have sold him on getting career back on track - he should have plenty of money as it is year in Scotland, doing well, and he will earn a move back to England with a decent team in some ways I am surprised he has signed, & not just ran back down to Manchester
  6. I guess would depend on what was in contract - maybe development fee @ 5% When Sone ALuko went to Reading for 7 Million there was word of aberdeen being due a share of this for development - I did look into it quite deeply at the time
  7. Plenty of rangers fans can help you with this question
  8. sounds like process is simpler - no hotel voucher now I think If you are somewhere remote abroad, possible that process is easier I recall asking consulate in Angola about getting VISA for Russia, and they were quite chatty about process - as a guide my colleague also in Angola organised Cambodia visa,there & was entertained with tea & biscuits while they organised visa Tickets - guys are always able to pick up a ticket at the away matches ( I have never had to, but there are multiple people who do this regular - Personally i would take the chance - @ worst worm your way into the Russian end - Generally I have found russians quite friendly -
  9. jeezo - that decimated the housing stock & is one of the current issues - & people were unlikely to complain if they were getting houses @ 20% of value - but for me was act of folly
  10. don't feed the troll - everyone was ignoring him until you broke ranks
  11. perception of a cyclist being a dick doesn't stop them being a dick multiple times been walking on a path & cyclists push you off + rattling through red lights as though the highway code has no application for them I don't recall last time i see cyclist stopping at red light - normally they either go through red light or run onto the the paths
  12. must have changed - back in the day you had to have a "hotel voucher" or a certified letter of invitation, so even people visiting friends just bought hotel vouchers off hotels for around $20
  13. trying applying for a UK Visa - worst by far by a mile - have to give them 10 years of travel details which is nightmare if you are going abroad 5-10 times year
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