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  1. probably called him a treacherous Kent - I think this was not long after Brown left Motherwell for Aberdeen ( As i recall he had actually come out and said he was happy @ motherwell and had no intention of leaving) " So, what happened between you and Craig Brown in that infamous pitch-side bust-up? "I was annoyed with Craig Brown but what I said to him that day will be for his ears only. I was frustrated because I felt he had left Motherwell in the lurch. "I have a passion for the club and I didn't like the demeanour of Craig and Archie Knox's departure. I'm happy to say we have absolutely made up since, shaken hands and everything is fine." https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42114580 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/scottish-premier/8424847/Craig-Brown-hits-out-after-bust-up-with-Motherwell-chairman-John-Boyle.html
  2. Ferris kind of moves in different circles - not sure if you are familiar with him in england
  3. typically unless you want to be risky @ 55 (although depends on your planned retirement age ) you should be out of equities or have reduced amount of equities (qualification- i am 100% in equities @ 48 ) Your existing IFA should be meeting you 6 monthly/yearly to ensure you are investing in the area's you want to invest I track my pension daily, because i want to see where the trend is & ensure the choices i made 2/3 years ago are reasonable In last 10 days has increased 5% although that was recovering losses the prior few weeks
  4. Anyone got any recommendations on dash cams Been thinking on getting for a while + had bird cut me up 2 weeks ago on roundabout so bringing it to front of my mind again
  5. Agree with you - you need to make the assumption they are full of shit & bullshitting you (obviously some guys on here will be IFA's & will take offence - but hey ho)l Guys are in it for the commission & should always remember they are salesmen/saleswomen - As i said previously i know plenty of folk who failed their Chartered Banking Professional exams ( I passed obviously 😉 ) & have moved to wealth management & sailed through - Say 20 years ago - guys could pass their exams and be selling within a month - My IFA when 1st discussing told me he had studied fora year to pass UK standard exams - I'm like "yes - that's only cos you chose to take a year - could have been done in a month" & his answer was " yes ok you are correct" My best friend moved from RBS to Prudential so been around it a while + my uncle was IFA as well (moved from agricultural sales background in Saudi/Zambia ) I never take anything on face value from them - eyes need to be wide open
  6. Scott was buying gold - pity he doesn't bury it in his garden - will visit him this year in Toronto
  7. I was meaning multiple properties by spreading risk, rather than having money tied up in 1 type of property which may or may not be attractive for buyers in 10-20 years time + market might have moved due to lack of jobs in that area ( I know 2 joiners who built mega big houses with view to sell - but they never did ) + you could charge less than market if you want to be socialist & less than what the mortgage would be (I only have 1 property and moving from abroad to abroad - Rent we would be charging would be around 55-60% of what the person would have to pay as a mortgage on this property, even less when considering I will be covering council tax & expensive factoring fees ) I do't think you should make the assumption that House Prices will all go up - there should have been a house price crash in 2008, but government started all the quatitive easing and printing more money & didn't increase interest rates
  8. i'm no soothsayer - but likely you are better buying multiple properties rather than one - leveraging any credit you have and have expectation that tenants pay your mortgage I was always of the opinion that UK property was overpriced and was avid member of Houseprice.com so have an inbuilt negativity on "house prices must go up" Although i have always been debt averse and never owed more than 2K
  9. If you know what you want to do - go through a Platform such as Hargreaves Lansdown & Open a SIPP & choose your own funds (or just shares ) - risk based on your age & how ballsy you want to be Platform will charge a fee like say 0.35% and the funds you chose will have an embedded management fee of typically say 0.8%-1.2% word of warning - IFA's really are just Salesmen - I am now starting to see ex colleagues of Royal Bank of Scotland who have been binned after 25/30 years service jumping across to be "Wealth Managers" & they weren't the sharpest tools in the box - they don't have any investment experience - @ one time guys were jumping into roles from being joiners & were selling after 1 month of exams If i was to pick any pension company it would be Scottish Widows - thought that before i looked up net https://www.ftadviser.com/auto-enrolment/2017/10/04/data-uncovers-best-performing-workplace-pension-fund/ Although the returns shown in the website are pretty piss likely cos not fully invested in equities - seem's the auto enrolment funds from all companies are too conservative Funds I quoted above are one's referred to me by my IFA, which are the recommended options from De Vere- but always being based on my risk rating of 8-9 out of 10 This one has grown 100% in 5 years - Pretty much the Poster Child for Investment funds this last 3-5 years http://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/funds/snapshot/snapshot.aspx?id=F00000LK2Q https://www.fundsmith.co.uk/
  10. euan2020

    Scotland Goals From Direct Free Kicks

    John Collins v Latvia in 96 ? or was that a touch to the side ?
  11. Likely best to keep it in Final Salary Scheme & not even sure now you can Xfer to Defined Contributions Lump Sum - Beleive you can delay withdrawals - have read of this https://www.gov.uk/personal-pensions-your-rights/how-you-can-take-pension Xfer - Possibly if you think you can grow quicker than the yearly inflationary increase - + preserves the pot of money for future inheritance - If you and wife die, then pension will die as well - but if in defined contributions you can bequeath the pot tax free into another pensions (if define benefit payout is more than 30K will need to have the xfer reviewed which costs around 800 pounds) - Typically payout is 22-23 times what your annual pension would be in today's money - sometimes some pension funds want rid of liability and will give 28 times - for 22 years service your Pension should be roughly 1/3rd of that person doing your job is getting paid today - for sake of argument if current pay is 30K your 22 years service would be worth 10K * 22 = 220K Pot + I guess in a private pension you could make withdrawals @ 55 (25%) when for company define pension you might have to wait until say 60 or 67 (or i guess thinking back i do think my prior employer would pay out earlier but at a reduced yearly rate - cannot remember if that age was 55 or 60) Personally I wanted control + my defined contribution was only 25% of my 2 pensions - so moved it across to a platform where i could have choice of 8000 funds - my employers defined contribution platform only gave access to 8 funds from Blackrock
  12. Just an opinion If you Xfer out of a defined benefit (final salary scheme) you will likely get 22-23 times the annual pension (todays annual values ) ie If you are are due GBP20K a year will get give circa GBP400K which you can then invest, & hopefully have growth in excess of what the inflationary increase is yearly from your defined benefit scheme Depends as well if you are married - If you pass typically (I think) your wife would get 50% of the defined benefit Pension as income & then itdies with her - If you have a private pension then you can bequeth 100% of what remains (avoiding death duties on pot by bequeathing this in to a further pension pot for her to manage) & which she can bequeath to further family/children etc If no wife - then you can bequeath the Pension Pot into another Pension Pot for your inheritor, so not losing what you earned I moved my 12 year service Final Salary scheme into private because it only represented 25% of my total pensions, and i thought i could beat the 2.5% average inflation - have grown this by 25% since i did this 2.5 years ago (full on equity funds though ) Anyone interested - these are main one's I settled for - Fundsmith & Scottish Mortgage & Lindsell have excellent 5-10 year growth (although whole market has grown in that period as a qualifier - although what they do - is not churn shares + low management fees + pick good companies with good cash flow ) Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Plc GBP Fundsmith Equity T Acc GBP Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund B Baring Europe Select Trust I GBP I Funs
  13. fair enough- although i read he left uni rather than flunked it