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  1. Aberdeen - Bayern Munich on way to winning European Cup winning 3-2 after being 0-1 and 1-2 down ? featuring Breitner, Aughethaler, Rumennigge, Hoenness Although i would give it to Dundee Utd - 3-0 down after 1st leg against Borossia Moenchengladbach, then won 5-0 at Tannadice Lets see what the 2 legged score is - both above teams went through
  2. my mates grandfather then father used to own "The Cabin" in Northfield - folk coming stealing in loafs of bread
  3. Liquor Store next to Murdo's was only one i knew in Aberdeen that was behind steel bars, wehn serving customers ........ what about CheerZ Bar - won't find any football bother - also close to train station
  4. would imagine that it will keep on happening now that 1 person has done it hopefully someone recognises the tag
  5. mince and tatties - made this last night - so just off to have seconds Must use Comptons Gravy Salet though - used to be Burdels until got banned https://www.uncleroys.co.uk/gravysalt.html https://www.amazon.com/Comptons-Gravy-Salt-128G/dp/B00B17HST2 + Haddock & Chips & Haggis
  6. nae really - only around 1680 bottles on each release (some 300) - quoe on the bottle is that it is rarer than rocking horse shit https://www.tyndrumwhisky.com/daftmill-2005-inaugural-release.html
  7. just bought botttled of 18 Year Old Glendronach - 2019 Bottling so apparently this is a 24 year old whisky in the bottle https://wordsofwhisky.com/glendronach-is-a-lot-older-than-the-label-says/ 2022 - the 21 Year Old should have a 27 year old in the bottle
  8. As a former Man City fan who supported them in 2nd, 3rd Division Glad to see - money has taken over football too much, and this is when i lost interest in them
  9. good - i was online last night US time, and latest at that time was he was fighting for his life
  10. was taking a look - now up 54% from investment 3.5 years ago - but at October was sitting around 44% so roller coaster of growth and negative growth - I think as a 49 year old i am invested for 30 years - not going to conservative choices/options such as treasury/gilts/cash/bonds
  11. still believing that pish ? If i don't count 60% of my salary I am losing money every month, but then again i do earn that 100% and save cash every month .............
  12. not sure that is true - sexual assault is now used interchangeably with rape - not sure if its because it's a nicer word - but many times sexual assault is used, and then find out it is rape
  13. Anyone been drinking Daftmill ? https://www.daftmill.com/
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