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  1. see enjoys cooking for folk - just had a 2nd knee operation, so up and down stair on a 3 storey house like a rat up a drain pipe + it's a farm so more people coming and going typically my brother gets his breakfast/lunch there every day
  2. wasn't speaking about you but if you think the hat fit's .............
  3. guess it's an aberdeenshire thing normally my mother (she's 82 ) gets following arriving un-anounced Friends Family Salesmen Typically all of who will get offered lunch/dinner if they arrive around that time (had to share my food back in the day) Lorry drivers as well who are dropping off loads, will also get offered tea/biscuits lunch/soup I rock up without phoning - I only phone relatives to make sure they are not out
  4. I can't work out who are all trolling, given the amount of ridiculous posts there are seem's some people are happy that people lied like kunt's as long as the result aligned with what they wanted
  5. built on lies and falsehoods, so means jack shit Under your guardianship, no one would be getting compensation for all the Insurance mis-sellling because "you agreed to it"
  6. no need to respect it - don't respect anyone who lies to me, and will not honour any contracts which are built on lies/fraud/deception
  7. euan2020

    Rugby World Cup

    see that is 4 of the South Africa winning team from 94 now dead Chester Willaims now at 49 https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/RugbyWorldCup2019/tributes-continue-to-roll-in-for-springbok-icon-chester-williams-20190907 I got told a lot of the younger Rugby Players in ZA at schools etc, are all on steroids, to beef themselves up
  8. just be cautious on what your expectations are - if you are expecting to live to a ripe old age, likely the defined benefit is better + if you have surviving spouse who would pick up say 50% of remaining yearly pension entitlement (+ defined benefit will pay out a lump sum as well, and start paying out early if you wish, at a lower pay out) Private Pension will allow you to be invested after taking out the lup sum if you want to , so still invested to grow next 20-30 years - Think this is called a living pension, rather than moving to conservative funds/treasury/cash etc - Obviously Private Pension pot can be inherited (As a pension to keep away from tax )
  9. ok I don't believe you will get any conservative party voter, trying to argue they are left or left centre -
  10. you would need to be cautious on what your investment strategy is - if this is a short timeline until you are 55 - balls out equity or more conservative Although - People are starting to consider their Pension as a living investment in that still allows or growth after you retire - worthy of taking look at 20-30 historical timeline, to see if want to participate in the ups and downs of the market
  11. are these the things you were using ? https://www.pride.com/sex/2016/10/04/10-things-you-should-know-about-poppers#media-gallery-media-0
  12. Frank Lefevre in the early 90's was pioneer of no win no fee - I recall seeing what their commission was from one of the helicopter crashes were in the early 90's https://www.quantumclaims.com/about-us/history/ Pretty sure that Public Bodies self insure, and will have a budget, to avoid legal fees
  13. well I don't believe you will get any conservative party member, trying to argue they are left or left centre
  14. any voter defines themselves by the way they vote - right,left centre middle etc - they make that choice themselves -
  15. is it inaccurate though ? + majority are in England, so i will hardly be upset if they are offended - I guess Scotland only has 1.2 Million of Tory voters or how would you define a Conservative Voter ?
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