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  1. can't see another thread - see he passed away last night
  2. forget the IFA's - really are just salesmen - wouldn't take any advice from them - not so long ago a electrician/carpenter had a month's training and then was an "IFA"
  3. You would need to have a "legitimate reason" for the transfer and the tax planning would be a legitimate reason would be enough - even 3 years possible reading the website you gave - even 6 months - but that website if also prejudiced due to them looking to upsell their services I don't think the local authorties are that smart to be chasing aged transactions, and if the parents pay a rent, there is more evidence that the xfer was final
  4. I really don't know the details, so winging it with these comments But i think if you are 5-7 years down the line then should be ok
  5. why don't they just gift the home just now to children and take the chances that they don;t need to go into care home next few years, where upon it will become a exempt transfer ?
  6. Harald Bratbak was also an accountant Mark Reynolds is also apparently studying just now sounds like quite a smart guy https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mark-reynolds-insists-joining-aberdeen-1249050
  7. simple answer - wimmin are never happy & then when guys stop trying - they are like - why dont you make the effort - well because either way you are never happy if its black or white or yes/no so why bother making the effort to get the same answer - even see this with female friends, how they react to their husbands
  8. I thought at time he was a demon of a player, and didnt like him playing against aberdeen
  9. Strachan @ Middlesbrough
  10. working in private - any internal application is immediately flagged to manager I would be annoyed if any reportee didn't pre-notify me, because normally would expect to work with them to achieve their goals, and sponsor them into roles which may not go as far as being initially advertised - I've changed roles around 6-8 times internally in 15 years in Company and never applied for any until after the fact. + by Policy we can block someone unless they been in role 2 years - i was blocked for applying for promotion
  11. be as well getting it stamped at a local restaurant
  12. bollox - most aberdeen fans are likely protestant, but would not be able to prove, because it's not even a conversation that in Aberdeen have with friends or colleagues anyway's - one of the last times there was an Organge Walk in Aberdeen they got chased off by Aberdeen fans https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12142256.orange-marchers-jeered-on-return-to-aberdeen-streets/ Aberdeen fans bait Celtic or Rangers with whatever will get a rise out of them
  13. Gullivers Travels https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo_(Gulliver's_Travels)
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