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  1. Benkovic went for GBP 13M was that within budget ? Why would they wait on Schar ? It was a buy out clause of 3.5 M Euro - or they were hoping to bid lower ?
  2. euan2020

    Ben Stokes

    I got the impression the 2 guys had been hassling 2 gay guys, who stokes had been chatting to
  3. euan2020

    Scottish player transfers

    I think a point that your analysis is missing is that many players will play better/be better with game continuity ie The same player is actually a better player in Scotland, because gets regular game without the chopping and changing - I think you see this with international squads where smaller nations play the same guys regularly - Iceland would be a good example of this. This is possibly why some players excel in Scotland but not in Championship - due to smaller squads they are getting regular time to hone their skills & build up their confidence & I think confidence has a big impact on performance. You see this with players going to Rangers - same guy for another team is a good player, but with the chopping and changing at Ibrox, he is regarded as poor player
  4. euan2020

    The Mighty Rangers

    yes I agree with you - they are obsessed
  5. euan2020

    The Mighty Rangers

    Jeezo Bigger mopes than Celtic > All over the internet tracking down the touchline assistant referee (Apparently "must be a Tim" ) > Making requests to contact the boys empoyers, in Ireland who apparently abused Novo > Want full inquest into why Dominic Ball was not sent off 101 other ongoing complaints, but apparently "we are rangers, we do't care" (apart from when we get upset & cry )
  6. euan2020

    The Mighty Rangers

    The original & only rangers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Ranger_Division although there are similarities A famous phrase associated with the Rangers is One Riot, One Ranger. It is somewhat apocryphal in that there was never actually a riot; rather, the phrase was coined by Ranger Captain William "Bill" McDonald, who was sent to Dallas in 1896 to prevent the illegal heavyweight prize fight between Pete Maher and Bob Fitzsimmons that had been organized by Dan Stuart and patronized by the eccentric "Hanging Judge" Roy Bean of Langtry, Texas.[28] According to the story, McDonald's train was met by the mayor, who asked the single Ranger where the other lawmen were. McDonald is said to have replied: "Hell! Ain't I enough? There's only one prize-fight!"[29]
  7. hypotheically even if Aberdeen were interested to sell to the Tims, they would be better off selling to a smaller english club with a bigger sell on clause
  8. euan2020

    Europa league qualifiers

    I took a look at Burnley 2017/2018 results Only kept a clean sheet at home 7 times in the league out of 19 matches - & only 7 wins - So 12 times were a draw or lose which is what Aberdeen are looking for (although two 0-0's) - Admittedly better teams than Aberdeen visiting - but Burnley aint no world betters 7 Home Defeats (same as WBA who got relegated)
  9. euan2020

    Europa league qualifiers

    Only played 6 seasons out of 18, & only 14 home times in total including tonight, beat at home 4 of those ties
  10. euan2020


    Feel like i had Botox - front lip 3-5 times it's normal size this morning
  11. euan2020

    Europa league qualifiers

    Hibs 2 -0 down to the Puffins
  12. euan2020


    I think some of its genetic - my mother had all her teeth removed at 22 Always felt my teeth were a bit weak Just out of Dentist 90 mins ago, & had 3 Dental implants (front teeth knocked out when i was 9 ) Recently seemed to have problems with cracked teeth through to the root - might be guilty of grinding teeth in sleep
  13. Although I appreciate his mother is English - I am surprised that Gunn, as an ex scottish international did not drum into into his son to play for Scotland
  14. euan2020

    Europa league qualifiers

    did well to get a 2nd - game in Macedonia this time of year will be very hot i would imagine
  15. I watched match in bar in Cape Town - even here everyone was sick of the arrogance & "it's coming home" bar of around 25, & only 2 were supporting England (1 saffer english descent) (1 was French & wanted France to hump them in final) all the rest including Kenyan's, Congolese etc were punching the air supporting Croatia - now what i found funny is that these guys actually support premiership teams, & in there all the time watching Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Saturday I will be watching game at Belgian Consulate - France/Belgium i watched @ Alliance Francaise, but was a bit lame