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  1. you waiting until you arrive to get accommodation? I'm similar late - only booked flights from Cape Town last now to Scotland, couple days then to Germany for 2 weeks - got tickets for all 3 games
  2. problem nowadays due to IT, is you never get peace to work and never get fecking peace - folk booking meetings at 7am to marry APAC or 8pm at night to marry them when WH Side or 8/pm to marry US side when EH side - 3 weeks back I had calls finishing at 11.30pm/12 midnight Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday + people are virtue signalling by always calling meetings - 10 years back had about 2 main meetings a week - not it can be 2-3 a day - and everyone throws the lame excuse they never been trained - so the people who never got trained but worked it out have to lose time to train folk who are not self motivated Be glad to see back of it - cheerleading myself out I'll find plenty of things to occupy my time - like going on holidays
  3. StubHub USA have tickets for 560 quid (including 35% fee) - USA site - prices have dropped $60/$80 this last week or so
  4. there are tons of hungary tickets - scots holding to trade and resale sites for around 250 quid - need a USA VPN or non europe to access this -
  5. not booked flights yet - coming from Cape Town - toying straight to Germany or stopover in Scotland 1st - - Can get ABZ - Munich return flights for $400 so not bad
  6. 240 Quid now for a Cat 2 (150 Euro) Ticket - STUBHUB USA site - likely needs a US VPN
  7. Stubhub - USA - might need to use a USA VPN - i can access with USA/Australia VPN Example = add on 35% for fees
  8. Stubhub has tickets for 270 pounds - can get Cat 1 (200 Euro) for 365 - Needs to be their US SIte
  9. I am looking at availability on 31 listings - you are likely getting redirected to Ireland/Europe site I did wonder if only folk USA based or on a US VPN were getting access to that site, why getting access to cheaper tickets
  10. Stubhub USA site - i bought 2 Cat 2's yesterday for 310 each - whatever price you see its 35% on top so those cat 3's are 326 quid just now - there is more listings than these prior few days but prices were lower 1 week back when Cat 1's were around $340 base price 1 week ago i think - CAt 1 is $367 base just now
  11. i got offered 750 GBP for Brazil match - Bordeaux - our guys who did not have tickets didnt get tickets - St Etienne they got tickets off a Czech tout on the train fo around 75/100 Euro - seen same tout in Prague 1 year later for the Czech game
  12. I'm thinking needle in a haystack - i talked to folk i know have been going 25 years i know from 96, and nobody had a sniff of spares - & you are going to be competing for a ticket with everyone else who is going without a ticket - who knows how many people travelling 20k-40k ? & this is not like 98 for example like 98 where locals had tickets to sell but were paper, so they were on the walks to stadium - they will all be throwing on ticket sites - I'm sitting next to the german lad who sold me tciket for germany match
  13. Seeing GBP290(including 35% fees) for a Cat 1 for Hungary - not cheap but at least a 200 EURO ticket rather than 60 Euro - I just paid GBP300 for Switz Cat 2 which is 150 EURO tickets
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