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  1. I heard OnePlus are meant to be best phones - guys on here were recommending few years back https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OnePlus_One https://www.gsmarena.com/oneplus_one-6327.php
  2. euan2020

    Spain England

    "It was the first time they had conceded three goals at home in the first 45 minutes of an international since Scotland scored four in their 6-2 win at the Bernabeu in June 1963."
  3. euan2020


    ok cleaned them out - thought it was you In Namibia just now heading here https://www.goodthingsguy.com/environment/etosha-wildlife-sighting/
  4. euan2020


    why you counting days - you should be counting hours worked - notwithstanding you don;t work all the hours (have seen guys in Nigeria on their 28 rotation never coming to office on Saturday/Sunday) Typical worker is 240 days @ 7.5 so is 1800 hours Offshore worker is 187 days @ 12 so is 2244 hours - 25% extra hours worked My pay is office based in Oil - has gone up 35% since 2014 although mainly loaded into last 10 months with 2 job changes - hadn't had a pay increase for 4 years from 2014 to late 2017. Have worked in following locations due to Oil, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Gabon, Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Russia, UK, Kazakhstan - now relocating to Houston
  5. euan2020


    got to eat the stuffed baked potato - great food
  6. euan2020

    league cup

    funny enough - when i looked up BBC Text - it showed him (ball) as Sent off after 105 mins
  7. Anyone drink following Macallan Edition 2 Macallan Edition 3 Macallan Edition 4 Edition 1 came out 2 years ago and the 60/80 quid is now auctioned at around 600 pounds 80 quid bottles of the above selling for 160-180
  8. Leeds 1 - Rangers 2 in 92-93 - remember watching that match on tv "battle of britain" ironically McAllister scored against Rangers in 1st game
  9. Dundee Utd beat Barcelona away 2-1 only a few weeks before hand
  10. aye keep on believing that buddy -
  11. Exactly getting a draw off some 5ht place team is no achievement which is why Aberdeen weren't running around after the game saying it was some great achievement getting a draw .......................................... how the mighty have fallen would you be bumping your gums as much if it was Wolfsburg or Lazio ?
  12. Gronjngen was a 2-1 away win - Rijeka was a 3-0 away win Mention of Burnley - that was a 1-1 away draw - Burnley never beat Aberdeen over 180 mates Saying that - If Aberdeen drew with Villareal woudl be crawing as well
  13. Smith was only 4 seasons ago in terms of competing I would say Aberdeen winning in Holland and Croatia is better than Rangers scratching a draw in Spain There is likely a Spannish journalist writing a story about Villareal being shit, due to only drawing with rangers, same way our journalists would be writing if rangers drew at home with Malmo, Marivor, Lveski Sofia etc etc Rangers drew with the Livingston of Spain - town is about 3 times the population of Inverurie - 50,000 inhabitants - Ibrox nearly holds as much Their rivals are CD Castell├│n I don't think it's anything to write home about - let's see if they beat Villareal at home reports i seen said they were getting humped and got 2 breakaway goals
  14. kind of a closed question though - only 2nd season in europe in around last 6 Man Utd 0-0 away in 2010 ?
  15. euan2020

    Independence Reminders

    sorry - i meant feedback from the politicians - there was that sneaky observations from Davidson etc about looking at the postal votes - at that time i didnt understand why they were confident 4 years ­čś× so deflating Not lived in Scotland in 7 years, but plan on coming back