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  1. euan2020


    I think some of its genetic - my mother had all her teeth removed at 22 Always felt my teeth were a bit weak Just out of Dentist 90 mins ago, & had 3 Dental implants (front teeth knocked out when i was 9 ) Recently seemed to have problems with cracked teeth through to the root - might be guilty of grinding teeth in sleep
  2. Although I appreciate his mother is English - I am surprised that Gunn, as an ex scottish international did not drum into into his son to play for Scotland
  3. euan2020

    Europa league qualifiers

    did well to get a 2nd - game in Macedonia this time of year will be very hot i would imagine
  4. I watched match in bar in Cape Town - even here everyone was sick of the arrogance & "it's coming home" bar of around 25, & only 2 were supporting England (1 saffer english descent) (1 was French & wanted France to hump them in final) all the rest including Kenyan's, Congolese etc were punching the air supporting Croatia - now what i found funny is that these guys actually support premiership teams, & in there all the time watching Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Saturday I will be watching game at Belgian Consulate - France/Belgium i watched @ Alliance Francaise, but was a bit lame
  5. euan2020

    Croatia support thread

    You reckon in an independent Scotland we would be paying & watching BBC ?
  6. euan2020

    Croatia support thread

    national tv channel where subscriptions go towards supporting TV coverge in Scotland rather than the license fee's being spent on coverage in rest of UK
  7. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    can't really remember - likley i seen it after the damage & somebody told me it was a bucket seem to recall it was one of the barmens from the old alliance
  8. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    https://www.vecernji.hr/sport/pogledajte-kako-bahati-englezi-placu-nakon-sto-su-izgubili-od-hrvatske-1257874?page=1 montage of "crying photo's" from Croatian Newspaper Croatians as well, come across strongly about England being arrogant
  9. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    I might be wrong - but i think was a dumped car, which was laying there might be wrong & was just delapidated - & was being used either/or - still should not been jumping on it - remember seeing the car like
  10. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    I heard tongith the fat bird was scottish
  11. I think he is coming out of the closet, if he is saying he has seen them in the flesh who has the biggest tadger ? worth bringing up this again https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=bfb386a6-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7
  12. I was going to ask similar question about Legia Warsaw & Malmo - but i dont think those pair really have internationals in the current squad - will go take a look
  13. didnt even realise Celtic were playing this week - Crazy that they and teams from Sweden & Poland are having to enter at this stage of the tournament
  14. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    answered my own question - can still get FAN ID & ticketing system not linked so folk are using same ticket for multiple fan ID's - guess are screwed if asked to show their ticket i guess
  15. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    I'm seeing news reports of england fans booking up last minute But I am thinking if they have no fan ID (or confirmed ticket/accommodation) they will get bumped back at immigration by the Russkies Russia immigration alongside Algeria & USA are normally the most pedantic in my experience could be quite a few crying selfies..................