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  1. what is strange is if you go into the fund doc - the risk rating is 3 - says GBP 4.5B under management but none of the L&G Future Funds i looked at were greater than 280M - size of the fund surprised me compared to other ones i am familiar with. https://www.pensionbee.com/resources/future-world.pdf I think their platform fees look high unless the Fund OCF/AMC is included - Typically L&G seem to be 0.5-0.66%, and nothing about volume discounts, so think PB are pocketting the 0.95%
  2. what i read is that Pension Bee bakes in the AMC inside their fee of 0.5%-1.0% so that might explain why you see a refund coming through from Aegon -so on a nett basis should not be above 1% - Pension Bee say they charge a fee and share this with the fund which i thought meant cover the AMC - then again those might be weasly words, and you are paying the fund AMC + an additional fee to them - look up the GB reference, and you will find typical fees ie http://tools.morningstar.co.uk/uk/cefreport/default.aspx?SecurityToken=E0GBR00R1S]2]0]FCGBR$$ALL https://www.morningstar.co.uk/u
  3. does Pension Bee bundle in the Management Fee's from the individual fund inside their fee ? never seen that before - i was going to say their fee's of 0.5%-1% looked high until seen that - either/or - options on funds look low - interactive investor have very low SIP fee's
  4. You will need an Adviser as i understand to sign off, that it is the correct action to exit from a a Final Salary Pension (which they might not do ) and i don't think is possible if from a state employed final salary scheme , think it is around GBP 1,000 but i did not pay this cos Financial Consultants paid it out of their commission I think they are few and far between - Gerard Associates in Bristol was who my financial consultants used I'm not sure if you have to have further advice on investment platform/investment choices etc - coming out of a defined benefit, you could lose
  5. Only observation is take a look at what funds those pensions are invested in - possible they are all skewed in favour of UK, because our bias is to invest in something we know - FTSE has not done much in last 5 years if compared to US Market - I believe this is because there are very few Biotechs in FTSE100 compared to other markets & problem with some private pensions is limitation of choice of funds versus as example if someone has a SIPP likely has choice of 8,000 + Once you leave an employer some funds charge larger management fees, than those agreed for employees
  6. not necessarily - ok and it maybe a bit dramatic - but in some overseas jurisdictions - pensions on money earned abroad are not taxable or not taxable for 1st 5-10 years of residence - which is then kind of giving an extra 20% boos to Pension Portugal/Spain/South Africa type thing - I have apartment in South Africa having lived there 8 years
  7. Pension now up 15% since June & 80% (no contributions ) since switch in 2016 Scottish Mortgage Trust is up 120% since Feb 19 - Mainly driven by Tesla where they have/ad GBP 1 Billion invested Seem to spend more time reviewing as i get more tired of work - turned 50 few months back
  8. Tory Party Manifesto - nae wonder why Thatcher, was Thatcher Thatcher Milk Snatcher
  9. Joe Miller Aberdeen/Celtic - had expectations of him being superstar at 17
  10. Big Clubs can - But what about Rangers ? https://www.statista.com/statistics/271581/revenue-of-soccer-clubs-worldwide/#:~:text=During the 2018%2F2019 season,generating approximately 840.8 million euros.
  11. modern businesses run on cash flow many a profitable business with paper profits, have went into liquidation due to lack of cashflow generally share prices are based on cashflow turnover means nothing without profit, because you are tying up capital that could be invested elsewhere, and there is a cost of capital associated with that investment currently football teams get away with the cashflow thing, by having loans from directors which are converted to equity, but from a business point of view they are not well run - that and that banks really have to roll over current
  12. was double lucky - 96-97 was 1st away campaign started going to - so got tickets for all 3 + voucher for next round for France 98
  13. I remember nothing on 78 surprisingly - remember the 77 jubilee but that's about it - was only 7 @ time of WC
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