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  1. exam results are worthless if everyone passes - no value to them my professional exams have a value because for the final series of exams the pass rate is only about 45/50% while we are at it - University is a shoe in as well - pretty much everybody passes and can be done without lot of effort
  2. another player with motor neurone disease - i read previously that athletes are more prone to this
  3. I reckon teachers are to blame - they were looking to give all their students great marks - sometng like an average 10% increase sound like an old croc - but suddenly these last 10-15 years students are so much "smarter" - either that or the exams are easier .....................
  4. We been working from home since March - Most people are ovewrorking, and not having a good break off from work time - rolls into the weekends as well - + losing a lot more time on "meetings" - whole day can be filled with meetings, but e can sneak off and work on the side on PC - we already have planned a back to work angle of working from homes on a friday if no meetings Although - I worked from home in Cape Town for 3 years also when they closed the office But for us just now - it's a downturn in industry so we have lots to do
  5. Clean your inbox you Daftie - been calling you 3-4 times, but not picking up
  6. so you are saying the selfish cunts might have carried virus there & increased the infection rate ?
  7. don't think about racism much lived in South Africa 8 years, and some of the afrikaners are raicist hoors - although Coloured in ZA can also be quite racist about blacks Been working in US now for over 1 year One of the Nigerian guys at work said something to me year back which i think i agree with. American black citizens do not have the same confidence, as the african black nationals. More i think about it - slavery etc is not that long ago - 150 years, and only a few generations for many people, and the 60's/70's are not that long ago - Then you get into, not been able to purchase property - incidents like below https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_massacre This one turns your stomach, about Mary Turner https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1918_lynchings
  8. Covid been rough ride Down 25% since March, and has now recovered back above that value I also bought some more Scottish Mortgage Trust - but outside Pension as simple share purchase - up 66% since Feb 19 (think they have grown 700% in 10 years if memory serves me correctly)
  9. My Company catches on cycles where they want to lose head count quick, and if guys are not familiar with you, due to being a big company, numerous geographic changes, and managements line changes, you end up reporting into people who don't really know you , so you can end up on severance list simply due to the people putting names on lists are not a sponsor of you. Anyway - twice they have tried to RIF me (Reduction in Force) these last 4 years,, and i fought with HR both times - still in same company now for 17 years (11 years prior company) - I would have been due around 18 Months pay due to contract, incorporating 1 month pay for every years service, based on cost to company - Both times they came back to me saying the process had begun in error - 2nd time around i actually jumped roles and got 40% pay rise - 18 Months pay would be good, but better to keep plates spinning, getting monthly salary, bonuses, & choose to leave when you want to leave - have friend in same industry, and he's only really worked 1 year since 2014 . My opinion is HR know jack, and you can dance around them often to delay or push for better offer.
  10. Advised yesterday we are to continue working from home until @ least 1st September (Could even be December ) - Been working from home since 16rh March Work longer hours at home, than office + more meetings
  11. Clean out your Inbox Did you hear about Big Davie ?
  12. euphoria of planning to go to Italy in 90, then all big mouthed mates backing out - watched it in local bar in Inverurie
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