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  1. euan2020


    thinking about Peru - Can do flights from Houston/Dallas t LIma for $350/$180
  2. Not answer to your question but still interesting - played in Brazil/Japan/Croatia/Italy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazuyoshi_Miura getting odd game at 53
  3. Souness would know - he narrowed the pitch against Dynamo Kiev in 87
  4. was it not Mcleish bar the Semi Final Penalties ?
  5. exam results are worthless if everyone passes - no value to them my professional exams have a value because for the final series of exams the pass rate is only about 45/50% while we are at it - University is a shoe in as well - pretty much everybody passes and can be done without lot of effort
  6. another player with motor neurone disease - i read previously that athletes are more prone to this
  7. I reckon teachers are to blame - they were looking to give all their students great marks - sometng like an average 10% increase sound like an old croc - but suddenly these last 10-15 years students are so much "smarter" - either that or the exams are easier .....................
  8. We been working from home since March - Most people are ovewrorking, and not having a good break off from work time - rolls into the weekends as well - + losing a lot more time on "meetings" - whole day can be filled with meetings, but e can sneak off and work on the side on PC - we already have planned a back to work angle of working from homes on a friday if no meetings Although - I worked from home in Cape Town for 3 years also when they closed the office But for us just now - it's a downturn in industry so we have lots to do
  9. Clean your inbox you Daftie - been calling you 3-4 times, but not picking up
  10. so you are saying the selfish cunts might have carried virus there & increased the infection rate ?
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