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  1. Absolute legend of a man. Met him a number of times from when I started going on Scotland trips and since then. RIP Ricky. Oh the wallpaper sticks to the wall.
  2. So with this game being cancelled it means our next game will be against Israel again ????. Cue Bill Murray
  3. Can I just take this opportunity to ask everyone (if they haven't done so already) to check their points total. My total was 13 which I thought was way short considering I have been to all of the last 10 home games. 5 of the last 10 away games and have renewed my membership and have been a member for more than 4 campaigns making it 22. Sure enough I emailed the SFA about this and they confirmed it should have been 22 and have amended it accordingly. Apparently 9 of the last 10 home games were not included in the total๐Ÿ˜ฌ. So just a heads up if not sure email them at supporters@scottishfa.co.uk i
  4. He does have an argument based on reason you slabbering tory cunt. You however support a racist, homophobic,sexist, peadophile loving twat of a man. Well done.
  5. According to the attached link Russia may face ban from all major sports events. States that "Russia now faces the prospect of being excluded from many other events, including next year's Olympics in Tokyo and football's 2022 World Cup." so presumably may be booted out of the euros. Still would have to finish 3rd though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/49805296
  6. Money sent thanks again. Philip Wheelwright
  7. Hi Davy can I reserve 1 seat Thanks Philip Wheelwright
  8. And yet here we are 8 days later and still no decision. SFA still dragging their heels and unable to make a decision.
  9. So basically the SFA have brexited it and kicked the can down the road for a future date., hardly unexpected from this rogue of cowards.
  10. If they are half as good looking as these women it will be a fun time. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  11. Aye got exactly the same email. Absolutely no use the day before because the hotel I have in Tirana the rooms are non refundable. Cancelled flights and as mentioned flying from Gatwick to Tirana on the Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately the hotel I had booked on wednesday night in Luton was non refundable and I have also had to cancel the flight from edinburgh to luton on wednesday night and I am now flying from edinburgh to gatwick early on thursday. Won't be flying with wizz air again.
  12. Hi Davy could I book 1 seat please Thanks Philip Wheelwright
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