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  1. Panic over have found email with ticket pickup details
  2. Have deleted the email regarding where we have to collect match tickets from , name and address of hotel
  3. My whole trip with was cancelled last week because of the stopover in Kyiv . Said I wanted to keep the flights going out but they refused so had to book the whole lot again. Get another email from saying they can only get a flight voucher for the flight home from the sky up airline . I don’t want a voucher !!!!!!! Want my money back FFS
  4. Got my figures wrong ; stadium holds 14500
  5. So we are getting 900 tickets for Armenia away in a stadium that holds 54000 , shades of Moldova again
  6. Got my new flag from barmy flags, cost £300 but was worth it. I have just phoned them and they do post out to Canada hope this helps
  7. Just had a message from a pal in Montrose , he says wallpaper Ricky has passed away , anyone confirm , condolences if this is true
  8. Hi Davy, looking for 3 seats if possible , thanks in advance Graham
  9. Flight & accomodation all booked, fingers crossed I get a match ticket
  10. Does anyone know if we are playing in the Home shirt or the away shirt on Sunday ? Thanks in advance
  11. No idea what my ticket number is , booked just after midday so pleased that I got a ticket
  12. Now down to 4 points , sweating on Monday now
  13. On 5 points so have no chance of a ticket, flight and hotel booked months ago so will travel and see what happens,
  14. Nobody putting blame at the SFA over the ticket fiasco ? I was in section 13 ,most of that home end behind the goal was full of scots , why did the SFA not push for more tickets, they must have know that lots of us would buy tickets for that part of the ground anyway . Talking to other TA ,and like me they were on 5 points and did not get tickets for the game. Hence why we bought from the Slovak FA.
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