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  1. Going with the updated "Points" table the TOTAL membership is currently 18,879 TOTAL. That's an awful drop surely? Sure it was 30K+ when we were getting worried about not being able to get 2 x tickets per member and changing it down to one ticket only to avoid demand for home games. AM I CORRECT in this? Maybe the not filling Hampden any longer is looking a bigger task than we have always thought. And we moan about not having the 100,000 gates......…………………………………...
  2. hey Davy - going through the list I note 4 of the BillyQoS x 7 names are showing; Lowe x 2 and the Duffy/Young combo BUT none of "my" 3. Checked last name and QoS and B but cannot see- should be on L4
  3. Staying in Koper - site of a previous game I know but being a seaside resort with the best co-operative wine centre sort of decided the location of a week holiday. Staying one night in an apartment for match night and as daughter is returning to Glasgow on the Weds. can run her to the airport and go the extra half hour to Lake Bled - well that's the plan anyway. Throw in a reef and wreck dive - why suffer the football??? IF we can get tickets!
  4. Flying out on same flight as you - being transferred to Koper with accommodation provider (60 euros for 3 of us) and the apartment owner has said he would get train tickets for us at 21 euros return to Ljubiana. I haven't got accommodation reserved in the capital yet but will need to as last "day return" time is 5.45pm on Sunday so plant to stay over and return to Koper late on Monday (staying for the week for a late "holiday").
  5. 3 of us planning on staying in St Julians (got flights but not arranging accommodation until next month) so can you add our names - Bill(y), Susan and Craig (Doonhamers all!)
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