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  1. Surely that draw is the final nail in the coffin for Rangers claiming to be the same club. ☺️
  2. Hedges? Struggling to think of anyone else based on 2021 performances. Ignoring 2021 can only think of Lewis, Hoban or Ferguson?
  3. Nae on the same level as Brown but was shocked at the time. I remember him nailing McStay in one of the early games after he arrived and I warmed to him a bit more after that. 😃
  4. Really hope Glass came across best in a robust interview process rather than getting the job due to links with Cormack & Atlanta? As for Brown has he done any coaching badges? Can't see him playing, unless Ferguson is the next one to be sold off, central midfielders are the only thing we have signed up for next season as it stands. Bizarre!
  5. Never checked this season, oh well, we are unique in Europe then.
  6. Just used 1985 as the obvious timeline, Portugal have had 4 Champions since 2001 although Porto & Benfica are threatening to make it as boring as Scotland.
  7. "Hi Stephen, sorry but there's no need to attend for interview now..."
  8. Aye, they're the only one close but even they've had 4 champions since '85.
  9. That is what happened. Aberdeen were top in January '15 and minutes away from having a chance to go top in March '16 - had Liverpool not recalled their keeper for no real reason who knows how close we'd have got. To borrow from the posts above what we really need is for people to avoid the big supermarkets and shop locally again - that will always be the biggest problem, buses from Peterhead etc. heading to Glasgow.
  10. It's unique in Europe in the last 35 years, I'll have a look for my recent post with the data on the very subject.
  11. Brilliant financial support would have been getting a cut of sales to buy players. Some of his signings (and they've mostly been freebies) haven't been great but when you turn a player from £20k to £2M I think you're entitled to get some of it to spend rather than raking around for freebies and loans.
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