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  1. Some of their performances have been dodgy but I don't remember anyone else beating them in the League. I feel we should have at Pittodrie, Cosgrove had a great chance at 2-1. Maybe that was the miss that put McInnes back into "game management" mode whenever we get in front?!
  2. Have Rangers & Celtic ever gone an entire league season undefeated against the rest?
  3. BBC also crediting someone with an assist for it. 😊
  4. Still doesn't seem like the level of player you would be going for on the back of winning the league? 2 or 3 weeks ago it never crossed my mind that anyone further up the food chain would want him and it was 50/50 whether we'd want to keep him. Hope you do the decent thing and reimburse us his medical bills, should put a fair bit in the coffers!
  5. I'd like to see us offer non Rangers & Celtic game season tickets for a lower price. Used to be the games to look forward to most, even in the high spending Souness days. Now they're just an inconvenience until the next meaningful game rolls round.
  6. and Stewart, Barker & whoever else - very random. He has influenced some games this season, which hardly anyone does for us (in a positive way) but as you say nae likely to play 30 games a season. Surprised he's gone from "will we keep him" to "he's going to England/Ibrox" in a short space of time. His absence from the team has probably inflated his value more than anything else!
  7. Bookies disagree heavily, think Rangers to win to nil is the bet.
  8. We've no money to do anything in January, even though in McInnes's words at the AGM "we got the guts of £4M for McKenna", yet St Mirren & Hearts do?
  9. Now we're 9 years away from a possible 10 in a row (do Celtic & Rangers have an unwritten agreement not to go beyond 9 & keep all the glory hunters happy?) where is the excitement going to come from next season? As ropey as Celtic have been nobody has beaten either of them in the League this season and 2 teams in the Champions League is only going to make the already massive gap bigger than ever surely? Dave Cormack has spoken about cross border leagues but I don't see how finishing miles behind the pair of them in an Atlantic League would be any better than the current set up? A
  10. First half was OK, 2nd half was truly awful. Only 1 defeat in the league outside Rangers but doesn't feel like it somehow. All effort and little skill apart from glimpses from Hedges and Wright.
  11. Minimum of 10 clear with 2 games left, impossible for you to lose it from here.
  12. Remember that day, 2 Scottish sides in European semis on the same day, and before kick-off both were expected to get through. So glad I got to see those times.
  13. Watching that today (missed the 1st half) hard to see Celtic finishing within 10-15 points of you this season.
  14. Neither were there when Aberdeen won the League Cup, don't know if it has happened since.
  15. I would have thought there would be some kudos in breaking the stranglehold and that someone could make a name for themselves? Do you make much money running an Aston Villa or a West Ham when you think of the constant outlay? Maybe you do...
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