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  1. Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire are sadly no different than the rest of the country (take a walk round Peterhead, Fraserburgh or Torry if you don't believe me). On top of that walk into any oil company in town and there are more weegies, scousers & geordies than locals - guess who they support & how they voted in 2014??
  2. The Rangers have more midfielders than we have players full stop!
  3. Our injuries always pile up. Do you think our squad is big enough/good enough now?
  4. Can't understand loaning out Wright & Anderson if nobody coming in??
  5. mr mojo risin

    Pick the top 3 now.

    It might look close points wise but the bookies odds are a better reflection of everyone's chances. I don't think Aberdeen are even at the level we were 3 years ago when we were good to watch and dangerous going forward. That team (with this team's goalie & left-back) might have had half a chance, sadly can't see anyone ending the 35 year wait any season soon. 😞
  6. mr mojo risin

    Pick the top 3 now.

    After watching that at Pittodrie yesterday, safe to say 1 & 2 will be Celtic & The Rangers.
  7. I was going on the assumption that 4 (at least) were coming in when you already have a big squad, who would miss out if everyone was fit? Surely a couple more heading the other way?
  8. Has King convinced the 3 bears or whoever is paying for all this that there's a pot of Champions League gold at the end of the rainbow? Must have a bigger squad than Hearts now and most will be on a decent wage I imagine.
  9. mr mojo risin

    League cup final thread

    Think this is the flattest build up to a Cup Final ever, was more excitement for the Ebbe finals! Don't think we've got the players that could hurt Celtic going forward that we had even a couple of years back and they seem to be in form.
  10. They weren't, thought they were OK actually but we scored 3 of our best goals in a while, although the keeper probably should have saved the last one. I think they'll be clear of St Mirren and Dundee.
  11. mr mojo risin

    league cup

    Exactly, just need to have been at Ibrox in the early '80s or Celtic Park in the early '90s to know that.
  12. mr mojo risin

    league cup

    Hearts v Celtic should be good but our game will be something - 0 to Rangers, penalties our best hope like the last round I fear.
  13. Surely after that 1st half we can be downgraded to Category B and given a refund???
  14. We were £30 last weekend, no wonder they can sign 30 new players. :-)
  15. My thoughts exactly, still can't believe he's actually going to be on this!! Losing 9-0 at Parkhead doesn't seem quite so embarassing anymore!