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  1. I'll watch the 2 on BBC as I still believe you need 2 teams to make a football match, other than those at the game how many people actually want to watch Rangers v Stranraer??
  2. I thought Campbell was OK but yes, even if everyone was fit we'd lose tomorrow. However hardly any midfielders are fit, and it's hard to tell what formation we're playing a lot of the time, so sadly this will be a humping. We'll be lucky to cling onto 4th, let alone 3rd, by New Year when you see our fixture list this month.
  3. For a support who are British, to the point of being anti-Scottish, they seem delighted with their 54 regional titles. I've never seen them campaign for a UK League.
  4. Anyone can look tremendous in a training exercise against 11 cones. We gave a masterclass in how NOT to play against a team with better players. Ever since Van Dijk we've been allowing Celtic centre-half's to wander up the entire pitch at walking pace unchallenged, surely it's time to try something new next time!?
  5. You'll get 6 at Pittodrie and Easter Road pretty comfortably (and I know Celtic drew at Hibs).
  6. No, it was crap, Hibs played a bit when we first went down to 10 men but generally it was poor stuff all round. Between today and the last home game v St Johnstone I can't believe how bad Scottish football is right now. Although I've seen Hibs and Livi play a little bit of decent football on TV recently so maybe it's just Aberdeen games.
  7. Based on our "effort" v St Johnstone (and new injuries) & record at Tynecastle he could well get one in the League Cup Q-Final if he is still there by then.
  8. Finishing above Rangers twice was punching above our weight but I get your general point. This is his 3rd shot at rebuilding since his decent team broke up, looked encouraging against the Georgians at Pittodrie but worrying signs that we're slipping back to how we played last season. Maybe we'll see Bryson one day and he'll improve the ability to control and pass a football in midfield. Last night the Croatians were simply better at controlling, passing, dribbling at a decent tempo. We would probably have released their number 8 when we was young for being "too wee"!
  9. 1991 in the Premier League / SPL or whatever it was called at the time. Hearts have thought about it a couple of times since and Aberdeen might have had another chance 3 years ago if we'd had a Goalie in the 2nd half of the season but that's about it.
  10. I'd be amazed if it didn't turn out the exact same way as the previous 34 seasons - in fact it's almost 30 years since there was even a genuine challenge at the top. The Highland League might be exciting now that Cove have left however, fingers crossed anyway. 🙂
  11. Summer signings don't seem to be tying in with Gerrard's comments about going for Quality over Quantity this time - looks like the exact opposite to me so far? That said there's little sign of Aberdeen reversing the slip in standards of the last 2 seasons yet and overall it gets harder year on year to determine what is a good signing in Scottish football. Must stop living in the '80s! :-)
  12. The Rangers v Hearts; Hibs v Killie & Hearts v Hibs before the split - we need to sort ourselves out and get 6 points from our games. However if we finish 3rd with our quality of football this season that would say more about the current state of Scottish football than anything. I would have hoped Wilson, May, McGinn, Stewart, GMS would have given us enough creativity going forward but doesn't seem to be happening.
  13. Partick Thistle must have the most sectarian support in the country going by some of the things I'm reading, how does that song of their's go again???
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