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  1. mr mojo risin

    League cup final thread

    Think this is the flattest build up to a Cup Final ever, was more excitement for the Ebbe finals! Don't think we've got the players that could hurt Celtic going forward that we had even a couple of years back and they seem to be in form.
  2. They weren't, thought they were OK actually but we scored 3 of our best goals in a while, although the keeper probably should have saved the last one. I think they'll be clear of St Mirren and Dundee.
  3. mr mojo risin

    league cup

    Exactly, just need to have been at Ibrox in the early '80s or Celtic Park in the early '90s to know that.
  4. mr mojo risin

    league cup

    Hearts v Celtic should be good but our game will be something - 0 to Rangers, penalties our best hope like the last round I fear.
  5. Surely after that 1st half we can be downgraded to Category B and given a refund???
  6. We were £30 last weekend, no wonder they can sign 30 new players. :-)
  7. My thoughts exactly, still can't believe he's actually going to be on this!! Losing 9-0 at Parkhead doesn't seem quite so embarassing anymore!
  8. Meanwhile the rest of us have the excitement of trying to finish 3rd again instead of 2nd. Going by the transfer window you'd think it was Rangers who'd been in the Champions League year after year, seem to have a bottomless pit of money again.
  9. We need another 2 or 3 in certainly, we've gone backwards a bit from the early McInnes days. When he got Logan & Rooney we were a goalie and left-back away from challenging Celtic pre-Rodgers (pity we didn't have Lewis and Shinnie back then)!
  10. Hard to say since we've been woeful at selling players over the years (we did get almost a £1M for Archibald nearly 40 years ago though!). Probably £5m plus 2 from Allan, Christie, Morgan, any left-back they might have spare and a sell on. However I'd prefer he goes to England with a decent sell-on rather than Celtic benefitting from that in 2 or 3 years time.
  11. It was certainly full on at Pittodrie the other week, the complete works (wasn't a minority either). Love how we get the announcement saying it won't be tolerated before kick-off then it's completely tolerated for 90 minutes. You'd think they might have football songs to sing this season as they seem to have a better team.
  12. mr mojo risin

    Europa league qualifiers

    I remember a lot of us getting excited about the prospect of defending our trophy against Man Utd in the final, changed days indeed. I don't think we have a chance at all against Burnley, would have been an interesting tie before Sky bankrolled them.
  13. We better be getting a fee for him, I doubt we'll get someone else who knows where the net is for free.
  14. Aye, we're much better off with our non-scoring strikers instead.
  15. About time we started playing the same mad game as everyone else, young Scotland captain on a 5-year-deal. To be honest this is the time to cash in on him if we can. Apparently Swansea got £12M for Williams when he was 31 so if they're keen...