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  1. No brainer Darren Fletcher
  2. paulc76

    New kit

    On the subject of health, I work as a Chef. I tried to make a go of it back in Scotland 18 months ago but ended up heading back to London. I cook for all sorts, including footballers. In Edinburgh I had international footballers ordering burgers on a Saturday night after a league game. Thats not right.
  3. paulc76

    New kit

    Don’t know about the Tunnocks, might as well be Irn Bru. Promote health and all that. I would like to see the declaration of Arbroath incorporated in an away strip.
  4. paulc76

    New kit

    I’ll get my man to have a read of this. he did the Wales Euro 16 top (proud moment) someone mentioned they like this. I would like simple design with tartan trim.
  5. paulc76

    New kit

    Can’t see adidas doing that
  6. paulc76

    New kit

    Think most would agree with you. I think it’s just the home one he is doing. I’ll find out though. I have spoke more about practicality, I.e no sleeves clashing (pink against England)
  7. paulc76

    New kit

    Hi all Never post on here but... I happen to know the guy who is designing the new kit. he works for adidas in Nuremberg, he’s Welsh and he wants our opinion. let me know what we fancy and I’ll pass it on
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