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  1. Any know the actual date?
  2. It's easy to spot goal keeping fk ups though. I'm an expert.
  3. His dentist respects him.
  4. Thanks to my pressure group.
  5. Barney still got his eyes closed to the problem?
  6. Another master piece last night
  7. bonny78


    Hope one of his sons is good at free kicks tae m
  8. bonny78

    Get Kenny Miller back

    Vote for Farrage's new party
  9. bonny78

    Get Kenny Miller back

    Leave politics out of football. 😂 Get Miller back in.
  10. bonny78

    Get Kenny Miller back

    Steamy one in the snow.
  11. bonny78

    Get Kenny Miller back

    Cud dae a jobe.... Ken
  12. bonny78

    2020 Draw Thread

    1st game at 3pm on a Thursday??
  13. bonny78

    The next 3 years

    Naw it's business as usual
  14. bonny78

    Nations League

    Wake me up when this complex process is over