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  1. Maybe time for a uk team and we ll dissolve the n Ireland, wales, England and Scotland. ??
  2. Leave the trolling to the professionals. Bobby really? Paul Dickov is the man
  3. bonny78

    Paul dickov.

    But we'll just stick with eck
  4. That team had no stars in it but they put on a show with ease. Get that guy to manage us.
  5. One name. Paul Dickov. Get this guy in now.
  6. This thread sounds a song. "if you're going... To san fran sisco..."
  7. bonny78

    Paul dickov.

    Could do a job.
  8. San Marino will win and that will end everyone.
  9. What do you want exactly? World class manager??
  10. The play off. A campaign can be affected by the early games as well as the late ones, but ultimately at some point the arse will fall outta it. This one appears to have a weak colon after a Mumbai holiday but the play off at Hampden could be our saviour. Get some other kunt in charge in the lead up to the play off.
  11. The Faroe's was a draw so obviously cannot be worse than any defeat. 😂 This is the worst in terms of margins and quality of opponents.
  12. Get gordon Strachan back as manager
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