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  1. The rate it's going am starting to favour Independence. Provided Scotland are also out of the EU.
  2. Yea.... Come to Scotland. We take every 2nd summer off.
  3. To claim we are just a small country and we re doing our best. Also say sorry.
  4. Am fed up. Looking forward to the draw on 22nd
  5. November and March will have no relevance to each other. Having said that, be good to win the games comfortably.
  6. No. Leigh gritthfis. That attempted joke fell flat on its face aye?, đŸ˜…
  7. Anyone heard of the thumb (he text with his face). Is this bawbag coming back for scotchland?
  8. bonny78

    Aaron Hickey

    Hearts would win the league if it wasn't for injuries
  9. bonny78

    Aaron Hickey

    Hearts are not a selling club
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