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  1. Am not trolling on the politics but am on ta board.
  2. My trolling was done on the TA board. On here these were my true views about the vote. Relax. Politics will pass and cease to be a topic soon.
  3. Not when it takes away democracy from countries around it!
  4. And milkshakes the standard object of choice by the lefties. At least the national front threw something heavy like bricks in their day. 😅
  5. Unfortunately brexit party attracts the nutters too.
  6. Politically to get Britain to leave the EU. They all lines their pockets.
  7. But have the "rest of them" done what he's done in terms of actually taking them to task and doing something? Of course farrage will be smeared and no body's perfect.
  8. Do you think Farrage was lying about how bad the EU is? He went in there as a young man and saw the corruption and countless things wrong with it and the way they operate. The money wasted, the self serving, the lack of democracy, the lavish life style of the members, the way they treat countries and that the EU’s accounts haven’t been signed off. He made it his life’s mission to get the UK out of it and boy has he succeeded! A pipe dream from the 90s has become a reality in 2016. All that is needed now is for the UK to act on the result of its own referendum and we’re home and dry!
  9. Correct. If only they had their own currency eh? Portugal and Spain were rumored to be next in line for a bailout for similar reasons.
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