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  1. It's not coming to Scottish games is it??
  2. Yes yes yes Can take time for goal line ones but nothing else
  3. VAR slows the game up too much.
  4. So the ref has to run off everytime there is a var??
  5. well not looking good for this month....
  6. So we play England no matter? Why is there a draw then if teams know who they r playing
  7. Anyone want to see a slow motion replay?
  8. Looks like sausages or toad in the hole
  9. It’s great that I can watch a slow motion replay of my dinner going past.
  10. wasn't on the wind up. Didn't realise we play England if we get there. cool
  11. So we’ll play England in June 2020 in our group assuming we qualify via the play offs? Someone else if we come 1st or 2nd from the group.
  12. So 1st December we’ll know what group we are in should we make the Euros??
  13. That's how useful it is. The camera loves you darling.
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