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  1. Let's blood some youngsters and try new tactics
  2. Christian Dailly get him back for Norway game. Whhhaaaccckkk tackle. That will work
  3. Will this affect world cup draw later this year?
  4. But none of these group games matter Pete. Why we bothering?
  5. San Marino effectively don't exist. Everyone gets 6 points v them.
  6. Just wondered. Be quite rough if he did.
  7. Paul Dickov would turn it around Get the dick in
  8. Depressing. Soon San Marino will be better than us
  9. Give Clark a chance ffs. Only lost 3 games to good teams and won the other.
  10. We do. Great performance last night and a passionate manager
  11. Watched them tonight and they did awrigt apart from bizzare own goal. Fight about them and fearless.
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