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  1. I bought two tickets yesterday over the phone with no problems, even gave me the seats I requested.
  2. Opening a box of After Eight mints and only finding empty wrappers.
  3. Hopefully done by email. Cheers.
  4. Only the second best hotel, that’s a right bummer. I guess with the money I’ve saved him by slipping up and not booking the best one,I’ll just cancel my seats on the Davy bus convoy and get him to book the hotel limo for the return journey.
  5. I'm in the Rogner, solely because my son said if I booked a hotel then he would pay for it. So Thursday to Sunday it is.
  6. Hi Davy, Both seats paid for this morning.Thanks again for all your work. I think it's bus 17 we`re on.
  7. Totally agree. Four mounted police at turnstiles 50-59 and only three were open anyway !
  8. C2405

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, Could you put me down for two seats please. Thanks very much.
  9. Why for a woman is freshly falling snow the same as first time sex with a new partner ? Because she doesn't know how long it will last or how many inches she's going to get.
  10. Why was Santa upset when he got a sweater for xmas ? Because he really wanted a screamer or a moaner.
  11. C2405

    Lack Of Songs

    No recollection either of You'll never walk alone being sung at this game.Mind you I was drunk as well.
  12. Just found out I'm only a 5 minute walk from Hotel Roma,so two seats for definite. Thanks.
  13. Hi,could I provisionally book 2 seats please,if there are any left. Thanks.
  14. My wife and I are on this flight as well and are staying in Albufeira until Wednesday.
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