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  1. The FBI just released a statement that Maxwell died earlier today after smashing her own head repeatedly against a blunt object. When questioned over the unusual cause of death they responded that it was because she refused to die by hanging herself.
  2. Rich, thanks, good to hear. Will be first in line for tickets if they make it to the US. I really only have myself to blame for not seeing them sooner. Ironically, my sister who dislikes The Cure and has the worst taste in crap pop music, has seen them live before.
  3. Of my favorite bands I think The Cure are probably the only one I have not seen. Hopefully they will tour again but mad Bob isn’t getting any younger and I worry he might knock it on the head soon.
  4. Just seen this. A lot of people owe the McCanns an apology if this guy turns out to be guilty.
  5. I don’t think he is a dumbfuck. But I am certain that he thinks that we all are.
  6. Can someone post in full, please? Not keen to sign up for the Telegraph.
  7. Oh no, if he did have a girlfriend he would be on here posting about her.
  8. “Take us to your leader!” Bojo appears. ”Really? Bunch of fuckin’ wind up merchants. Let’s get the fuck outta here, boys.”
  9. I guess so. It does bring to mind images of a little green man in a flying saucer. But also, I suppose some explanations for UFOs involve things that aren’t actually flying?
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