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  1. Ordered 2 full total of badges on Friday got them on Saturday look great thank you for both the badges and prompt service
  2. faddy11

    TV Coverage

    Being checking to see what channel Isreal & Chech game are on and cannot find them on sky anywhere on web sites saying sky tbc,also checked tv magazine that shows no games for nations league on schedule plus checked virgin tv guide it also shows no games for next week.
  3. One question that i have not seen asked yet is who actually brought the proposal to the spl board in the first place ,was it a club member of the board or was it either or both Doncaster or Mckenzie and what where their motives.
  4. looking online at the pick-up place is it at the big debenhams on the out skirts of the tourist area,when i was in Paphos earlier in the year i travelled passed this area for 6 days as wife was in blue cross hospital and there is only 1 bus that leaves from the harbour that goes anyway near it and that does not run that much and finishes early.just wanting to check,if you could let me know as i am travelling on bus 3.thank you.
  5. sent £28 for payment for 2 for Paphos bus ,thanks for organising the bus,
  6. Can i book 2 seats Paphos please,
  7. Just booked a holiday for Paphos coming back on the Sunday that being the 17th be back for next match.
  8. just booked 2 tickets for 9 pointers no problem except gave seats 1 in 400,s other in 500,s strange.
  9. faddy11


    Just spent over two and a half hours trying to get 3 tickets for the 4 games what a nightmare why did they have an option for the 4 games separate.keep telling not allowed tickets for certain matches then if i tried to starting again it would pick another game ,shambles.
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