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  1. Trans Siberian Express no running that week? 😂
  2. Jim Murphy is on the valium, greetin' but his neck muscles are still throbbing like the throbber he is. Trying to blame nationalism. What a tool.
  3. 87. Good innings for such a guy. Lost by 5000 which isn't embarrassing. Time to retire.
  4. Swinson was salty tears. Still had to get her shitey point in. Away 'n greet with yer hands waving in the air.
  5. Phone the Catalonian casuals. BBC are worrying we may call "an illegal referendum".
  6. We're fucked. Tories win and probably by a big majority. On the other hand... 😀 :-)
  7. It's unreal when Lib Dems get 12% of the UK vote and we're nowhere close but have 50ish out of 59 in the country. Pish.
  8. Awrite! BBC showing the whole of Aberdonia in blue. My mistake. Hardly any Scottish coverage apart from Sturgeon and a minute afterwards. I've nae other channels.
  9. Labour ruined it but Brexit Party played a blinder. I'm not reading 54 other pages btw.
  10. Can we break Aberdeen off and pretend we never had it?
  11. Pish. Israel at home then away in the final, if we make it.
  12. Is Farming Scotland Conference on this week?
  13. Ricksen was never sent off against Livingston according to this.
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