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  1. Happy New Year, lassies and lads. Awrabest and 'mon! As an aside; since England kicked us out of Europe, shouldn't we return the favour? Additionally, I am looking forward to winning it so we get automatic re-entry. That's how it works, no?
  2. Found it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/8306472350/ Might need to join the group or something. Not sure why I'm not a member already.
  3. Gies a link! For the record, I enjoyed OAE. I normally do.
  4. Parklife only supports Aberdeen because they were always on the telly and decent when he was susceptible to glory hunting as a wean. He is the reason why other teams can't compete.
  5. Fixed. As for 10 or 1 in a row... it's Sophie's choice and therefore don't give a flying one.
  6. Hope it's no Rome. I gave up my ticket as I expected that I wouldn't be close enough to make it worthwhile. Life goes on. My mate has a final ticket from the ballot. I think he should punt it once the finalists are known. Not a fan of touting but he'd get a pretty penny if he was to go down that route. 10k or watch Holland v Switzerland?
  7. Self isolating so stuck in. These videos are tremendous though. Watched it that much I'll be hearing Whigfield on Monday morning resonating in the ears like is typical for any game yer at. No Whigfield though! Loving Christie's video! What a player he is for us.
  8. Link them if you can, please. Not grassing them up - just want to see more!
  9. Were you having a dream or something?
  10. Shhh, don't tell him the score until Saturday! 😅
  11. Whit? Gilmour? Let's lighten the mood. This makes me so happy.
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