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  1. Good luck with Essen. A group of us stayed there for the 2-1 game and it was a bit pish.
  2. Info & links here: https://www.uefa.com/euro2024/app/ On the app it says tickets will be sent out end of May, which is good for getting swaps done.
  3. One Georgia ticket please. I have dosh. I'm travelling with a top pointer and he's doing my nut in about all the games. I came back hame fae 2 years in Thailand. I have mair fuckin' STIs ya dick. I'll prove it πŸ˜„
  4. FFS, beat Spain and we win the group. Don’t need formula nonsense. We have already qualified. It’s just not official yet.
  5. OLAS


    We flew to Kutaisi last time and went straight to Batumi then trained to Tbilisi a few days later. Was around 5ish hours and the scenery was stunning. Train stopped for 10-20 minutes during the journey and you could get off to smoke/get fresh air/stretch the legs etc Nothing was said about boozing and it was a reasonable price.
  6. After the match last time, a HiSo limo travelling group were promised a lesbian karaoke, whatever that is. But when we arrived to the location it was a spit and sawdust pub and we sat on a couple of tables sipping the beer and hardly talking. Double dejection. @Cove_Sheep are you organising it this trip? Davey was hopeless.
  7. Two arriving 10pm Tuesday in Kutaisi. Happy to share a joe on Wednesday πŸ‘
  8. But he wasn't that good. It was the Faroe Islands. I think Adams was pish, he was pish every time he played but he got the time to score. Griffiths is a good player no matter the opposition. He's proven that. I'd play him.
  9. C'mon. Yer grasping. Take the Celtic hat off. Is McGregor good enough to enhance Scotland? I think he's a good player but he needs guys that he knows around and ahead of him. He's the new shite Paul McStay.
  10. Tierney never scored the opener πŸ™ƒ
  11. Sorry, Kirk - I was talking about McGregor. He just doesn't have a cutting edge for Scotland. McTominay is possibly going to win a record amount of caps for us and I'll be happy to see him play them all.
  12. You might be on to something. Clarke taking certain players off pretty much cemented them in the Euro squad, which is pretty easy to predict at the moment. I don't think McBurnie is getting in that. It looks far away for Nisbet as well though. Would prefer Shankland.
  13. Yes. We're not playing fukkin rugby. Hardly put a ball wrong, but never put one right.
  14. This is the reason we've had this discussion for years. What I'm saying is Robbo is versatile. So is Tierney. When you are that good at your job, you typically are.
  15. Mate, we'll be buzzing after the Euro Championship win. Might have a hang-over, but sneak the 1-0 we need.
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