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  1. Folk wonder about the demise of the TAMB when there are thread titles like this... Utterly bizarre game which had just about everything. Goodness knows how Pena stayed on the pitch and had he gone, Jack likely wouldn't have. Still, good character shown and one of the easiest performances with 10 men that I've seen. Accies were abysmal. Caixinha rightly banished Miller given his public release of info. You simply cannot do that and expect the players to follow. I imagine he's feeling a bit daft right now. I know for certain that he's been telling tales out of school to 'outsiders' so he deserves what he gets.
  2. Another Champions League home game, another defeat, another UEFA sanction imminent. You can set your watch by it.
  3. By seemingly backing one lone howling wolf, the spfl have given credence to the suggestion that Doncaster is nothing more than Lawwell's lap-dog. Rarely do I believe Regan but this would be a conspiracy of epic proportions involving multiple individuals/organisations, some of whom are not involved in football. This is why football is run by businessmen rather than bloodlustful dafties. It would be anarchy otherwise.
  4. Being completely honest, that's the main reason I kept away. I'm not overly sensitive, really, but felt that I couldn't engage in those particular threads because they were too subjective and unpleasant. It's our own fault really!
  5. Someone mentioned my old pal Domhnall before. He currently has the world record for joke telling, earns money for charities in the Western Isles with a joke book that he wrote, performs at old folks homes in a Gaelic choir, drinks in the Park Bar in Finnieston, was recently on Off The Ball and is genuinely one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet.
  6. Derek is still Japanning it up on Facebook and really seems to be loving the culture over there. Good guy, Derek. Another of the many drinking buddies I've met from here.
  7. I'd be up for this. If only to find out from Chas. Endell how the f*ck I got home from that beer festival we attended a couple of years back.
  8. I once suffered from a seemingly neverending sequence of stinking farts in a pub in Amsterdam and Paddy Capri outed me to the buxom barmaid who banished me to the street until the episode had passed. Paddy was a good lad. As if I wasn't sad enough about the news of the TAMB's demise, I haven't even made it into my old pal Scunny's list of good guys. Gutted.
  9. Flatty, Lamia and Andymac reflecting on the old days brings a tear to my eye! Like others, I've met some cracking people through this forum, some of whom are now friends and it's been a great help when planning trips away and arranging to meet folk in strange cities. I'm one of the guilty ones and haven't really posted in the last year or so, reducing the traffic to the site, but it was always nice to know it was there. Hopefully a phoenix forum can be set up instead.
  10. Thanks David, that's the 2nd shout for that one so I'll give them a phone. We are staying in the Northern Quarter so from what I can gather there's a few pub options!
  11. I'm heading to Manchester for my brother's stag weekend on the 1st September so I'm looking for an appropriate pub in the centre of the city in which to watch our game v Lithuania that evening. It's on at the same time as Malta v England so most pubs will likely be showing that instead. Any suggestions?
  12. Why was he sacked when you were joint top and if do you not consider joint top to be a success, what is?
  13. Win percentages as Dundee manager: Alex Rae 43.30% Very popular Barry Smith 38.24% Bomber 46.15% Paul Hartley 33.33% So, with the exception of Gordon Chisholm, whose percentage I couldn't find, Bomber is your most successful manager in the last 10 years. A more ridiculous decision was the one to get rid of him, it seems.
  14. But his results were decent, were they not? Alex Ferguson struggled to construct a sentence but he did alright.
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